Guenevere (WIP)


I was also like that when I first played the game. I knew Guen cheated on Arthur with Lance in the original tales, which led to Arthur’s death and the eventual downfall of Camelot, so I wanted to contradict that. I love Lance, but Arthur seemed so sweet and endearing. Still, I ended up falling for Morgana… If I could have both, I would, but they’re also (half) siblings, and we don’t condone that here at Choice of Games.


I try so hard every single time but it’s just Morgana is THAT good


Every. Single. Time.

Not that I’m complaining… :smirk:


Why not? :joy: I sometimes just romance all three for the hell of it.


I however even If I tested All romances . I can’t help to adore my main role-playing character Poison queen. She is totally loyal to Arthur she can’t cheating on him any single time. But they she still make both Lance and Morgana fall for her. She will make Arthur lost all he cares about. And will become the queen Camelot needs a strong queen focused in protection of commoners and frontiers . And create a right bill for commoners


Which romance/couple I ship really depends on WHICH Guen I’m playing as. (As you all know, I have MANY.) Some Guens are great with Arthur, some with Morgana, some with Lance. Some with more than one, or even ALL of the above. :rofl: Poor Ruthless Guen is probably the loneliest of the bunch, too pragmatic to risk her position with an illegal affair despite (secretly) hating Arthur’s guts. And it’s going to be a long wait for Mordred.

That’s kind of a thing for me when I play a COG-all the romance options, even if I hate their guts, get at least one character who will fall in love with them. Because it just seems mean to have a character be miserable and alone in EVERY universe I play (though every character undoubtedly will be that way in some). Though a certain character in a different game is currently tempting me to make an exception to this policy. :sweat_smile:

@Lexa Your post was hilarious! :rofl:


And aww…the Poison Queen really does have a good heart underneath all of the manipulation and poison. :astonished: It’s just buried deep down…way, WAY down. :laughing: :purple_heart:


You know that’s excatly what she wants you to believe until you lose your worth and get assassinated?


Poison queen. Is manipulative, but Really has the very best interest for Camelot common people in heart. She just believes that Arthur way only will achieve is a internal revolution of bloody barons and invaded by French and the rest.And poor population will starving, being slained and forced to abandon their own territory.
So Poison queen will made a strong nation proud of itself and with laws that protect normal people

@Sammysam This is Guen poison no a Mara. Mara would give a damn about commoners. But Guen poison do.


So who does poison Guen romance usually?:wink:


Greetings game creator and fellow fans of the Guenevere game. I would like to offer the opportunity to provide and/or inspire analysis, conversation and general fun regarding the game in connection to story, characters and mechanics. Personally I enjoy the game for the opportunity to occasionally play through politics, influence the course of battles, invest and use a variety of potential skills and most importantly engage in the dynamics of characters who are clearly well developed.


Welcome! It certainly is an amazing game with a lot of nuances, variety, and opportunities. @jeantown really is a brilliant writer. What kind of skills and relationships does your favorite version of Guen have? Mine tends to start as a light magic wielder who’s gained an understanding in politics and strategy in her adolescence and she goes on to gain interest in dark magic after meeting the lovely, amazing Morgana.


Can i, as fans of Guenevere to request your analysis about the good and bad part of Arthur, Lancelot, and Morgana?


I will gladly do so as soon as I respond to darkwolf76 what my favorite version of Guen is like. In other words, how I personally prefer to play her.


My personal favorite version of Guenevere is the one who from a young age learned how to specialize in politics, and constantly attempts to prove herself as a consistently competent leader. In addition she secretly learned how to use dark magic as another form of study, curiosity and for the practical matter of having a means of defense. For this reason she was initially reluctant to be married to Arthur, but planned to seize as much power as possible to rule her kingdom into prosperity. However she does steadily open up to Arthur overtime especially from learning how well intentioned and kind he is. Thus her skills contribute and usually reveal themselves when in a council meeting or inspiring the troops. However she is bisexual, and is also attracted to Morgana due partly because of their shared interest in dark magic and intellect. Although she develops a romance with Arthur and admires his vision for Camelot she does demonstrate impatience, and has rather similar reactions as Morgana towards his more foolish mistakes. She also has a cat, though that’s more on me. (I like cats.) Regarding Lancelot she does her best to keep their relationship as that of friends, seeing his usefulness as a loyal warrior and is quite determined to break the unwilling magical connection that seems to inspire a sense of infatuation between them. This unfortunately resulted in her reacting quite violently at the surprise kiss, lashing out at him with his sword and having him address her formally. In summary, my favorite Guen is a politically and strategically savvy individual with a studious interest in dark magic who wishes to rule her kingdom through competence into prosperity while balancing a relationship with her husband and half sister in law.


Considering how well the characters are presented in the game I will attempt to not focus on aspects consistently present in the game.

(Good) His sense of justice most likely comes about as a result of a reaction from the injustice common among peasants and the common people of a royal city, and so being given a position of power most likely allows him to indulge in the feeling of being able to make a major difference and impact in the live’s of his subjects. Arthur seems like the kind of king that if no one reminded him that he needed to maintain the security of his allies, and needed a castle to provide allies with a good impression then he would probably break the castle down either selling it by piece or giving them away to citizens who needed it then use the bare necessities to provide a living place for his court and himself. His willingness to accommodate the requests of potential allies and hear others out provides him an openness to every possible opportunity to forge an alliance with anyone who even considers it. Every other virtue of his is consistently clear including kindness, optimism, excellent leadership and providing for the good of the people.

(Bad) Much of what is considered good about him is also a very serious flaw. Aside from qualities his enemies have already taken advantage of in story it is also a flaw that he tends to be easily influenced and his optimism could eventually suffer a serious blow especially if he realizes he can never bring about peace mostly because his subjects will never be satisfied. It is also possible that Arthur places so much importance in his vision and his ideals because they are an aspect he has consistent control over, and therefore attempts to extend into action as a reaction of having been told that as king he would loose much of his independence because of royal responsibilities.

(Good) He is a charismatic individual, most likely due to the awareness of how a variety individuals are very distinct from one another and trying to maintain good grace whenever possible thus he has a remarkable attunement to his emotions and passions. There also his skills in the direct application of warfare. While Arthur specializes in organization and the theory of what should win a battle Lancelot has more knowledge when it comes to being in the midst of battle, spy networks and methods that contribute to being prepared for whatever the enemy has to throw at them which demonstrates a need to be in the middle of the action and adventurous as possible to fulfill the dream he always had before having to handle his responsibilities. Yet it is clear that his loyalty is stronger than the force or armies.

(Bad) He doesn’t handle new or unfamiliar territory well. After being used to a lifestyle in which he would commonly flirt with ladies and seek their affection his behavior changes quite dramatically and becomes a bit uncharacteristic according to those close to him most likely due to the sudden forced infatuation between Guen and himself. In addition to this his desire for adventure seems to have also left a sense of dissatisfaction within him despite doing his best to be in the middle of the action and seek all available adventures. Despite the fact that he feels keeping certain secrets is for the good of anyone involved, if taken to the extreme his skills and practice could present potential for him to be a remarkably effective liar and deceiver.

Morgana (Personal Favorite)
(Good) She is the most studious, focused and determined to do good for those she cares for. Although she is motivated by an intense interests in her studies in dark magic, and if possible would devote all her time and energy to that much in the same way that Merlin does she is happy to be helping Arthur and Lancelot out of a begrudging respect for both of them deriving from their talents and vision. Despite her slight to mild annoyance and/or distaste towards men(I’m still trying to figure out how severe this prejudice is, if any since her occasional remarks may simply be out of occasional frustration.) she is no radical feminist and is willing to work with them and develop at the very least a friendly relationship with them.

(Bad) Her work also creates a sense of isolation and distance towards most people. It seems to inspire more impatience towards others, and not demonstrate as much empathy with most individuals. Thus she is not exactly the person you want to rely on to win over a potential ally at a fun party that requires a decent amount of charisma. There are also many varieties of intense emotions she keeps bottled up inside her, not feeling comfortable in sharing or discussing certain feelings even with the likes of Arthur and Lancelot who are very close to her. Causing an intense amount of inner turmoil she seems only comfortable handling with someone who is very close to her and her interests. Considering she engages in intimate intercourse with a Guen romantically inclined to her on a crew occupied boat despite the clear risks.


Thank you for your analysis @TheAnalyst, this certainly going to help anyone who wants to make ally or/and romance Morgana, Lancelot, and Arthur to have a better perspective of them. This may can also help the author him/her/themself, @jeantown.


@jeantown What exactly would Mordred’s opinion on Guen be? Does your actions influence his opinion on you in anyway? I think I read somewhere that you’ll meet him as a child ( I think ) so when you interact with him will that change anything?


Keep in mind this is far in the future and could change, but my plan right now is that (adult) Mordred will start out wanting to manipulate Guen no matter what. He will find an outgoing, popular and/or respected Guen more useful, so he’ll be happier if she fits that description. In terms of his real opinion and what it might take to gain his genuine respect, or even love… we’ll have to wait and see. :smiling_imp:

Yes, you’ll see him as a five-year-old in part 4. There’s nothing Guen can do to influence him away from ultimately becoming the villain, but perhaps her actions will have some other long-term repercussions?


Maybe this too early to ask, but what Mordred capable of?


A song that I think feels would fit my canon Guen almost perfectly is Elaborate Deception (the theme song to the Royal Trap by Hanako Games)

You wear a smile to gloss over all the shame
dolled up like a decoration
Just a guile all for show to entertain
you’re a walled up aberration

Til you abandon this facade
underneath it’s all a fraud

You’re slave to the succession
to make a good impression
Obsession it’s the truth that you’ve denied
it’s killing you there’s no place left to hide
So how long can you keep it all inside
elaborate deception

Verse 2:
You bare a rose, conceal the dagger up your sleeve
until the plan’s set into motion
Been coerced to feel you’re brainwashed to believe
trust betrayed misplaced devotion

Prechorus 2:
The wool’s been pulled over your eyes
misled under the guise

Until you lose it all