Guenevere (WIP)


I’m pretty sure my poor Guen is just going to mentally scarred forever by the thought of her BFF and the husband she loves having… done stuff, even if it was against their will. Will depend on the context. She’ll likely try to comfort both of them as much as herself though.


I can’t help myself, I want to add to the pool of all the different ‘Guenevere reactions’.

My Guenevere will be sad and hurt at the news, yet her rational mind would kick in immediately (this also being her defence against unwanted emotions and painful situations) and she would try, and succeed, to forgive both of them and reunite them. Though not without a few frosty words shared (a mild argument?) with one or both, just to give the frustration within her an outlet. For she is - madly - in love with Morgana, whilst she wanted to be a good and kind wife for Arthur from the start, and had grown to be truly fond of him over the years. Thus Guenevere would never willingly part with either of them, despite this weird predicament.

Also I have got a question, or several. All which will probably not be answered since they could be easily seen as spoilers, but, alas, I can’t seem to stop typing.

  1. Will there be any sort of interaction between Guenevere and Lot (Morgana’s husband)? Since my Guenevere is head over heals for the woman she would be… interested… to see who got lucky to marry Morgana and how he treats her.
  2. Are we going to see more of Morgana’s current children in future books/chapters? And do the choices Guenevere make throughout the game have any significant outcome for the boys? (besides their mother ‘turning evil’ or ‘staying good’.)

I am sorry if these questions have been asked and answered before, but I searched for the life of me and couldn’t find anything between the comments.


It was explained at the end of the demo that we will see more of the boys in later chapters.
As for the interaction with Lott…who can say.
(probably Jeantown)


Now I have an image of a light-magic oriented Guen closing wounds while standing on her head :wink:

Perhaps less seriously, I wonder if we can turn Lot into a pillar of salt. I mean, nothing wrong with having some condiments handy. And maybe he would be worth more than his weight in gold, then. I mean, there is nothing wrong with making dark magic useful…


Is Morgana freestyling in the background?


lol Maybe we could have Arthur do a musical number if we all agree on Chris as his face. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really a song with Arthur, but I could see a more Celtic, pagan feeling Arthur maybe having a ceremony like in this song.

It’s called Rite of Passage by the Three Weird Sisters:


Like the one in Pendragon Rising? (Which I would love to see a crossover - at least in fanfic form - with this game).


That would be a fine fit. :slight_smile:


@jeantown will it be necessary in the plot to unveil the actual father of the kid we had with Lance or can we finish the story without it ever being found out?

And if the reveal happens will there be any direct repercussions on guen because of it like getting put on trial or execution or banishment?


As far as I remember at least Lancelot will always know if it’s his child and Guen will probably know too who’s the father :thinking: I think it’s because of the way Guen will conceive a child? If Guen will have a child will be a deliberate decision she has to take.


Your kid with lance wont have The Pendragon Blood powers . It will be evident as hell to anyone when he grown up


As @Lys says, it’s just an acknowledgment of her magical/otherworld connections – fay/fae/faerie/fairy

Ummm… possibly in part 3, but I’m not sure? As the plot is currently conceived, interacting with Lot isn’t an essential part of it, so the question would just be if I can work it in without bringing things to a total standstill

Yes, definitely! :slight_smile:

Ah… kind of indirectly?

Guen is going to be on trial, regardless, in part 6. The accusations will have more or less (or no) truth. No, she won’t be executed as a result. Guen can achieve any of the happy endings regardless of the results of the trial and regardless of having a child with Lancelot. But yes, the child’s parentage will eventually be revealed because it won’t have Pendragon powers.


Am I the only one who likes pairing Guen up with Arthur? Not that Morgana isn’t awesome when she’s with Guen (I realize she’s awesome anyway) and I do enjoy the pairing. Lance/Guen is a bit meh for me. I think Arthur is adorable and whether Guen keeps him in check or is as trusting as he is, I actually want more of their relationship.
Does anyone else actually like Arthur for Guen even if they like Lance or Morgan better? I can’t possibly be the only one.


Oh don’t worry, I’m firmly on the Guen-Arthur train myself. My Guen was immediately taken to him for his desire to do good, handsomeness and how adorable if occasionally irritating his navity about certain things can be. She also enjoys flirting with him and seeing his evident embarrassment. So I’m definitely on the same page.


Hippie is too hippie, and Barbie loves bang everything that moves. I am waiting for Mordred


No, certainly not! Indeed, I don’t particularly ship Guen with Morgana, and am undecided as to whether I prefer Lance or Arthur. Or both - which only happens in less serious playthroughs for me though. Both have their (dis-)advantages.

I love how idealistic and genuine Arthur is. Such a pure puppy, omfg. Then again, he’s a bit too innocent for my liking sometimes. Only sometimes. My Guen (during Guen/Arthur playthroughs) still finds him sexy af in their royal bedchambers. Plus, I love to make him smile. Adorable puppy…

Lance is the forbidden thrill and the steamier romance. That sums it up pretty well.

It depends on my mood, really, who I choose to romance.


For me it’s always like:

Me: Okay, ready to play Guen for the 129506th time cracks knuckles. This time, I will NOT romance Morgana. I can do it. :relaxed:
Morgana: hi


No, you’re not alone. My first play through of the game found Guen head over heels for Arthur. I do greatly enjoy the Lance relationship and the Morgana one is wonderful too (they all are!), but there is something about Guen/Arthur that is undeniably sweet. My Guens usually have some variant of a romance with Arthur, even if they are involved with another character.

My favorite storyline follows much of the traditional narrative I’m afraid, where she finds herself drawn to Lance rather quick, while frustrated by Arthur, but then falls in love with Arthur’s kindness and hope by the end of part one. And then she’s torn between equally strong feelings for both these wonderful men for different reasons. Melodramatic, yes, but I love drama and conflict!:smiling_imp:


Exactly what I think😃