Guenevere (WIP)


The issue of using Elaine of Astolat/Shalott is that IIRC she dies of unrequested love for Lancelot/a curse placed upon her (in Tennyson’s poem).

Elaine of Corbenic is the one who seduces him by impersonating Guenevere (I can’t find any mention of them being married, but I’m only conducting a cursory search), and subsequently gives birth to Galahad. When Guenevere finds out, she (hypocritically, given her own affair) has him exiled, which causes him to go insane until he has a vision of the Holy Grail.

That said, the game isn’t an exact retelling and I can see how Elaine of Astolat and Elaine of Corbenic could be easily amalgamated - for instance, Lancelot could meet Elaine at a sword-fighting tournament and she falls in love with him as with Elaine of Astolat, and things subsequently proceed as with Elaine of Corbenic - exile and insanity presumbly depending on Guen.


Keep in mind, this game is not just a retelling of stories already told. It takes inspiration from existing stories, but just because things happened a certain way in one story, it doesn’t mean it will happen here.

And yes, @darkwolf76, there will be Galahad. I’m not spoiling any details, but he will appear in later books.


True, I was just about to add that myself.


@Lys I have listened to a lot of those artists/songs while working on Guenevere! :slight_smile:

As @darkwolf76 says, much more than a cameo! She will be a fusion of Elaine of Astolat/Shalott and Elaine of Corbenic, and she will be marrying Lancelot. The plot surrounding her will (as @OtherGrimm says) be loosely inspired by both Elaines’ stories and by Tennyson’s famous poem, but will differ from the medieval source-material in many ways.

There are definitely Reasons, but you’ll have to wait until part 4 to find out. :smiling_imp:

Yes, definitely. Galahad will be Elaine and Lancelot’s son. In my current plan, he will play a major part in the endgame, which will also involve the Grail.

Yes, both will be possible.


You just made me all the more excited for future parts. :heart_eyes:I love Arthurian legends/tales and I am excited by how you’ll adapt it to your story,

I also have a question to ask you.
As you said Guen will have a child. Therefore I was wondering if it was a possibility that child would be Lance’s? If Guen chooses to have an affair with him of course.And if so what would be the consequences and would Arthur find out about it?


It has been said that Guen will be able to have a kid with either Arthur or Lance, depending on your relationship with them.

@jeantown can give you a better estimate of consequences. :stuck_out_tongue:


Depending on how closely it follows Elaine of Corbenic’s tale, she seduced him by impersonating Guen and had a child out of wedlock. I’m not sure what the Gueneverse’s stance on such matters is (jeantown mentioned that nobles with magic bloodlines frown upon affairs due to wanting to preserve their powers, so presumably the same could be said of pre-marital trysts - whether the same is true for other nobles I don’t recall), but IRL such things were taken very seriously, especially for nobles.


The rape/impersonation version is definitely not happening, I believe it’s somewhere in the thread.


So then the only part Guenevere would draw from Elaine of Corbenic would be her being Galahad’s mother.


haha, glad to hear it!! :slight_smile: I’m really excited to be able to put my own spin on this stuff. As for Guen’s child, check out the FAQ on my blog for more information. The consequences of Arthur finding out will depend on how he finds out!

Uh… well… depending on the circumstances, Arthur might be totally okay with it (maybe even happy about it) or very surprised? Beyond that I’m not going to say right now, except to note that Guen will be accused of infidelity in part 6, and the accusation will be weaker or stronger depending on all sorts of factors.

This is correct. There will be some debatable circumstances surrounding the marriage, but they won’t be impersonation in this case.

:sweat_smile: Ah, well, a couple of other elements may be very loosely inspired by Elaine of Corbenic… but yeah, Elaine of Astolat is much more well-known, thanks to Tennyson, so she will be somewhat more recognizable. But I’m also going to be giving the character, and her circumstances, my own particular interpretation, which I’m very excited about.



Guen with Morgana vs Guen with everyone else.


It’s completely unrelated to anything Celtic or Arthurian, but I like listening to this on my playthroughs all because of the lyrics and the melody (and the fact that I recently binge watched General and I). It would fit a Guenarthur romance the best IMO.


I don’t know if anyone’s suggested it yet but…what if mordred wasn’t the spawn of Arthur and Morgana but was the child of Gwen and Arthur and named after Morgana who is Gwens lover? Could that be something.


Not in this story. Mordred is 100% the child of Morgana and Arthur. That got mentioned various times in this topic and the impact of the circumstances of his conception will be important in the way it influences both Morgana and Arthur and Mordred himself (it’s really not pretty as far as we know, really, really not).


@matt_smith There are plenty of Arthurian retellings in which Mordred isn’t Arthur and Morgana/Morgause’s son, so absolutely, that can work! For my game, though (as @Sammysam says) it’s deeply embedded in the plot and themes – most of the plot from part 3 onward hinges on Mordred inheriting the Pendragon bloodline, and on the tension surrounding his conception. I know that the latter won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so I won’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to play for that reason (or any reason, really!) – though I hope that even people who find the incest squicky will give me a chance, since I think my way of handling it is going to be pretty different from how it’s normally done (not that I’m going pretend incest isn’t squicky).


Stupid question since I could probably search for it and all but why does Morgana sometimes have the name Morgan Le Fay? That seems to be name most people give her in the numerous fandoms like Marvel and DC where she’s a villainess.


As you know, there are a lot of stories about the Arthurian cycle, most of which conflict/vary with each other.

In some of those tales, Morgana is either part fae, or else she was trained in the ways of fae magic. And if you look at the tales that predate the arrival of Christianity, this is certainly more common.


That said, in a lot of versions (including, IIRC, the original stories) Morgause and Morgana/Morgan le Fay are separate characters, with Morgause being Mordred’s mother. More recent stories, including Guenevere, amalgamate them and stick with Morgan’s name since she’s more famous.


Just because I like doing it here’s what my Gwen would do if she walked in on them.
Gwen walks into Arthur’s chambers. There she sees Arthur and Morgana. Horror stricken faces at what they have just done._
M: Gwen… we didn’t know what was happening we just blacked out and then…
A: She’s right I wouldn’t cheat on you.
M: Gwen please believe that I love you. And I would never sleep … with Him
G: Get out
Morgana gets up and leaves with her undercutting on. Gwen stops her.
G: I don’t blame you but we will have to talk about this later.
She turns to Arthur
G: And you…
A: Gwen please i- what are you doing with Excalibur?
G: Nothing… I’m just going to make sure you never touch Morgana ever again.
Gwen levels the sword at Arthur’s groin
L: Aw come on. I’ve gotta be a part of this shit.