Guenevere (WIP)


@jeantown @wolfsra I still like to picture the story taking place in a Shogun Era version of Camelot, so everyone smells like incense and cherry blossoms. More specifically, though…

Arthur: Fresh-baked cookies, because he’s so sweet :heart:
Lance: Um, something manly? Oak?
Morgana: I agree, spiced apples seems fitting. :apple: Or maybe pine trees and herbs.

Maybe we could have a chance to pick what Guen smells like.



I have the feeling Arthur would smell like the sun. I don’t exactly know which is it, but it’s associated to kind, warm, cheerful and positive people. I read it somewhere, but I don’t know where :laughing:

Lancelot would be something manly, maybe spices? Or musky.

And Morgana… well, Morgana makes me think of rain. I don’t see her wearing flowery scents, but earthy ones.



I’m not actually sure what the sun smells like, but Arthur has the sunniest disposition in all of Britain.

For Lance, I take back my manly idea. Lancelot is the epitome of the knight in shining armor, so he smells like whatever the embodiment of chivalry smells like. I’m thinking wood with something related to water.

I can totally see (or smell, whatever) Morgana resembling rain. I’m also picturing something oriental, like spices, woods, and incense together.

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Im really late to this postm but please make senpi merlin a love interest!



Notice me, Senpai!

throws cheese wheel at Merlin

(Achievement Unlocked: “The Flying Cheese”)



People have adopted Merlin as a senpai? …Time to start calling him Merlin-Senpai XD



I can already imagine Guen-Kohai.

“Muuoh, Merlin-senpai you meanie. Stop teasing me with that carrot!”



Dear Jeantown-senpai (…I picked this up as a habit, apologies) I HAVE A QUESTION! Because I can not, for the life of me, fully remember (and don’t feel like replaying Guen right now its freaking midnight), did Arthur pull Excalibur from the stone (as in some variants of Arthurian legends), or did he pull a different sword, which then broke, which then resulted in him getting Excalibur from the lady of the lake or whatever she’s called (as in other variants. The one im most familiar with because ‘Lol Fate stuff.’ and ‘thats what im most used too thanks a lot Fate series and thus giving me this bias’). I for the life of me can’t remember, and I didn’t see it in the FAQ and can’t remember if it was mentioned in the game itself. (Again, its midnight and im bored so I wonder stuff like this).



@Illmaster That would be fun to write!

And yeah, it probably would go a lot like that. :slight_smile: A bunch of different doppelArthurs could be interesting too – they might show different degrees of the “hardening” process that he’ll be able to undergo.

@Ponku I only played Creatures Such as We once, too! I liked my playthrough so much that I didn’t want to change anything; I just wanted that to be the story. And I think you’re right: Arthur would be somewhat freaked out to encounter a bunch of doppelgangers of himself, but Lancelot would take it in stride and try to find a way to have fun with it.

@bellamyb If Guen doesn’t tell Arthur about her and Lancelot, Arthur will find out in part 6. His reaction will depend on different factors (his relationship with Guen, his “hardness” level, previous events).

As for the smells… @Mirabella @Lycoris
My favorite suggestion so far is pine and herbs for Morgana. It makes so much sense, since she’s always using stuff like that in her spells. And the pine is just… kind of sharp and pleasant at the same time, seems perfect. For Lancelot… applewood, maybe, because the apple trees of Avalon can just kind of get into your blood, and maybe a sort of metallic smell along with it. Arthur: maybe he really would smell like baking sometimes, since I have a feeling he still tries to hang out in the kitchens the way he did when he was a child. Anyway, this is a great discussion; I don’t think enough about smell, and I should try to work some of this into the story.

@Nukeboom123 hahaha; I’m afraid I must be the bearer of bad news. While Senpai Merlin may notice Guen, it won’t be in a romantic way. I suppose there’s always fanfiction. :smile:

@Fallaner Actually, I don’t think anyone’s asked that yet! The sword Arthur pulled from the stone is Excalibur. (Vivien may dispense a sword from the lake in part 4, but if she does, Arthur won’t be the recipient. :slight_smile: ) Only those of the Pendragon bloodline can pull Excalibur from its stone – that’s one of their special magic powers which will be revealed in parts 3 and 4. In part 1, Guen thinks something about how “the Goddess showed Arthur her favor” when he pulled the sword from the stone – that’s actually a euphemism in Guen’s culture, one which will be explained in part 4. Unless, of course, I change my mind about everything, which I reserve the right to do. :smile:



Dear Jeantown-Senpai, in response to what you previously said to my question: Will it be Gawain who gets that (or a similar sword) sword? From what I hear/have read online, Gawain was the person who originally used Excalibur, before it later got attributed to Arthur and became his thing. Also, in Fate stuff (…I like making comparisons to the fate series apparently) Gawain had a sister sword to Excalibur. …Basically will Gawain get a super duper cool sword?



@jeantown The more I hear about Arthur’s hardening process, the more curious I get! :smile: What are the degrees of hardness?

…Or, if that’s just too spoilery, can you tell me how hardened Arthur can get?

Thanks! :smile:



I don’t know how many levels will be. I hope that will be a Poison queen level of it. Where he becomes something like a Elizabeth style of king, I suppose they will be an Alistair level where you only make him less naive and more aware of his surroundings. Really the normal Arthur here live like in a feminine hygiene eternal tv advertisement.

My question is if I become mad and made a play where Guen romances Barbie :cold_sweat: could an evil Guen hardened him to kill both Pendragon bullies and become the new French conqueror Barbie the First? That could be hilarious, imagine an alternative history when ingland is part of France.

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@jeantown !!! The lake sword won’t be going to Arthur…is this the mysterious light side weapon Guen might be getting, perhaps? :wink:



@Fallaner I would say that @thesunfloweramazon’s suspicions are closer to the current plan, but Gawain will get some cool stuff/powers of his own. :slight_smile:

@buggygirl11 I’m going to have to develop that as I go. I don’t think I’ll know what / how much I can do until I’m fleshing out the smaller details of the later parts. All I know right now is that I’m committed to trying it, and I’m just as curious as anyone to see what difference it will make.

weeeeelllll… not quite in the way you’re imagining, but… my current plan is that it will indeed be possible for Lancelot to make a claim to the British throne (reasons why this won’t come off as utterly crazy will be revealed). So the answer is… sort of? :stuck_out_tongue:



:open_mouth: WHHAAT?! :open_mouth:

Wow, seriously didn’t expect that one.

(1) Lancelot actually has a claim?! :astonished:
(2) I thought Lancelot would always support Arthur’s claim, because, you know, that’s his best friend. (But then again, he is willing to sleep with Arthur’s wife…)

Unless he has some secret ambitions and/or a ruthless streak that we haven’t seen yet, I’m guessing it would take something major to make him go that route.

Mmm…I wonder what that could be…

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@buggygirl11 Come to the dark side my friend, Hardened characters is so much fun than see their naive lovingly crap banters. Corruption for all!!!



Yes! It would be an interesting challenge to see if guen could decide who is the real lance and who is the womanizing lance.disregarding the physical reaction between guen and lance.Since the womanizing lance wouldn’t mind lying to guen about how much he is in love with her and the original lance would probably be jealous. It all plays out in my head weirdly. But I think being able to see a less loyal and sincere side of lance would put me off of his character a little and give me more reasons to like Arthur’s natural sincerity.



Lol I’d just like to see how womanizing Lance would act around Guen. …My Guen might actually like it XD Possibly.

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Well, more like, with the right support (like from, say, the queen), and once more information is publicly known about his origins, he might end up in a position to take the throne.

We’re all remembering what the working title of part 7 (and traditional title of the last chapter of tons of Arthurian stories) is, right? :grin:

@Illmaster That really would be fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a way to work it in somehow? There are still a lot more details to add to the later parts!

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Ah, the Battle of Camlann, right? Im pretty sure that’s the title too. …Hasn’t Lancelot typically killed Gawain’s siblings by then and NOT be on the greatest terms with Arthur anymore? XD It’d be pretty easy to see why he wouldn’t be supporting Arthur. (In fact, in the Fate series, Lancelot doing that is considered the start of the end Arthur’s rule XD, and if Lancelot got punished like he wanted [In the Fate series he never was by Arthur, and he went freaking mad as a result], that wouldn’t of happened or been as bad as it was!)