Guardians Of Thunder Book 1 WIP Updated 3/11/21 Chapter 5 complete

Ok. I am still working on the next update


ok and by the way you dont have to do anything about the middle option that one is working fine its just the top and the bottom options.

fixed it but have not updated the the demo yet

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ok i go check the game and see if i can find any more errors in your game for you just to get it out of the way before the next update, yea ok i checked the two line errors are still there so i guessing they be fixed in the next update then?. :thinking:

Yes they will be fixed in the next update. It will be awhile because I plan on making it a big one.

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:thinking:…oh yea did you also fix the problem with the queens meeting uh btw that on the first Rout were you dont go into space like the glowing person tells you to but instead you go to the meeting in the cave the queen comes later on when you playing as her along with her Guards.

I will look into it. Thanks for telling me about it.

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no problem i dont mind helping out with you game ,:thinking: oh yea and uh do you want me to go play the game and find the location of the problem and describe to you were the proble is at or do you wanna go find it your self instead?.{made a mistake in my typing so i re-edited it}

I am fine with either option really. So any help is appreciated.

just though of a idea for the game now when it just starts and you making you character they ask you what type of eye colour one of them says grey like an eternal thunderstorm.,now also when in the game scarlet says later on they have no idea how strong he gets when hes going all out or well something like that now how about this we already know he has superhuman strengh by he fact he can break human bones and shatter windows with a clap of his has hands but what about for when he all out without restraining himself like for example he can control the weather like a thunderstorm with the clouds forming as his rage grows along with claps of thunder and lightning in the sky and you can only notice it when his eyes begin to glow and sparks like lightning show in his eyes, well use your imagination on how it looks and if you enjoy this idea you can use it in your game…

It is either this next update or the update after it. That will start to actually show just how powerful the MC really is. You also have to consider the fact that the MC was shattering bones with only one percent of their real strength.

Post #179 gives a bit more insight to just how strong the MC really is. They had to carry several dozen industrial sized crates that weighed between 300lbs and 900lbs. To a service elevator two hundred feet away from the medical bay, load the elevator and then manually pull the elevator to the surface. If that is not impressive enough they had to do that when they were 8 years old. The MC you know is 18 years old.

no problem and found the page so here the description before the error shows up and stopt me from going to the next page, You open your eyes upon realizing what the intruders want. It only takes one glance at you for scarlet to understand just how serious the situation is. The two of you quickly jump down from your perch and race to tell the high royal guard about the impending attack.

By the time you reach the main gates you are too late. The attackers have already broken through and slaughtered everyone they could get their hands on. All around you are the dead and dying. At the time you thought things could not get any worse. Oh how wrong you were. The worst was yet to come.

As you watch the images flash by in your minds eye. You fail to notice that things are starting to happen in the real world. Gravity begins to increase and once solid cliff faces have began to crack and shift. Long dormant volcanoes begin to awaken, sending shockwaves around the entire world. The ground bucks and heaves like a wild bull trying to dismount its rider. Thunder and Lightning clash with each other. Both trying to be the dominate force in the coming storm. Meanwhile back in your memories…

“Trevor can you hear me?” a female voice asks.

You turn looking for the source of it but do not see anyone or anything. You are by yourself with no help in sight.

“Trevor ANSWER ME!” the voice shouts.

‘Wait a minute… I know this voice from somewhere. But where?’ You ask yourself.

“Come on Trevor this is no time to take a nap we have to get out of here.” the voice says

‘Is it Ginny? No she is far to young to even remember what happened that day. Let alone be by my side during it. Maybe it is Ashley? No she was with the children at the time. There was no way she could have reached my side so quickly.’

As you stand there contemplating whose voice is speaking to you the memories start to shift. They jump to events that happened later that same day.

It has nearly been one hour since the attack ended and your kin are still looking for survivors. So far you and a handful of others managed to get away either unharmed or with reltively light injuries. Your group even manged to hook up with doc half an hour ago. You are taking turns between resting, looking for injured, and burying the dead. Excluding your group. You have found nearly seventeen hundred survivors, almost all of which are in critical condition.

“Doc we found another one.” A female voice says before walking in. You regonized the voice that belonged to Scarlet. Her being one of your closest friends and all means that she can tel what you are thinking with just a glance. The moment Scarlet steps foot inside the hospital you notice she is carrying a small girl in her arms. Girl might be an over statement, she is more like a new born child. Even with the towel wrapped around her body, you can still see some of the cuts and burns that most likely run across her entire body.

“Can you help her doc?” Scarlet asks while gently holding the young girl in her arms.

“Sorry but I just ran out of medicine to treat the injured with and all of the reserves were destroyed during the attack. I am afraid there is nothing that can be done at this moment” Doc says with a sad smile.

“Trevor!!! A group of outsiders from the attack have returned.” Riley calls out mere moments before she busts through the hospital doors which are still working by some miracle.

“Great… just great. How much do you want to bet that they have come back to finish the job?” Scarlet says in a sarcastic tone.

“If that is the case then we must ensure that no harm comes to our young. Doc! You and Scarlet stay here and look after the children and injured. Riley! Show me to these outsiders.” I say in a deadly tone.

“Of course High Dovah.” the three of them say before you all split up.

As Scarlet and Doc set about looking after both the children and the injured. You follow Riley to meet with the outsiders that have returned.

[Now playing as Queen Sarah]

"My troops and I have slowly been making our way back north towards our unknown enemy. With every step we get closer to our faith. I know it, and I know that all my soldiers know it too. This is the last chance I have to save my kingdom and I have to make it count.’ I think to myself as we continue marching north.

“Your majesty. We are approaching the point of first contact.” says the female general.

“Let us hope that these people are as forgiving as you believe.” says Sir Cole.

‘Sir Cole has surved the royal family for years with complete and utter loyalty though I cannot blame them for their skepticism in this case. We did just attack these people, and we are now asking for their forgiveness.’

“As much as I wish to disagree otherwise. I cannot help but be afraid of how they might react to our return. Especially those two kids I ran into.”

“What kids?” your faithful knight asks

“Oh that’s right. I forgot to tell you about my little walk didn’t I sir Cole?”

“Considering that I have no idea what you are talking about I am going to say no you have not told me.” Cole replies.

“While we were still engaged with the ‘enemy’. I wanted to get a better look at the unique building style of the kingdom we were attacking. While doing so I accidentally wondered into the basement of a building that was nearly untouched during the initial attack. It was then that I came across two kids. There was an eight year old and the other looked to be either seven or just turned eight. Anyways I came across the children and for some reason I do not know why, but I did not attack them. It may seem dumb now. But at the time it felt as if someone or something had taken over my body and forced me to run. As if attack those children would doom us all to an unimaginable fate.”

“Can you at least tell us what the children looked like?” a private closer to you asked.

“Well one of them was definitely a Man while the other was definitely female. I made I contact with the younger of the two first. Her eyes were filled with nothing but complete and total fear. But there was something strange about them. Her eyes did not shine with fear for her safety, nor the safety of her family. No they shined with the fear of the safety of the one standing right next to her. I could tell just how much the Man next to her meant to her.”

“Really and what were you able to tell cause of that?” Another voice cuts in. This time it belonged to a major who was suppose to be keeping an eye on the supplies closer to the back of the column.

“I was able to tell that the girl loved the Man with all her heart and would have thrown her life away if it meant that her friend could live even if for only a second longer than herself.”

“And the other child?” your major prompts

“The other child was a Man who had Grey eyes. The color of them must have been so beautiful prior to our attack but now all they held was a deep and unending hatred for us. They looked to be eight years old, and about six foot eleven inches tall. Even though the room was nearly triple His height. He still managed to be quite intimidating. just from the look on His face I knew that if any of us survived this. That their kind would hunt us down and make sure we could never harm them again.”

“With all do respect I think we are capable of handling a single child.” General Nicole says

“If they were a normal child yes. However, I highly doubt you or anyone else for that matter is capable of handling a child from a place like this.”

“Your majesty I have some bad news.” One of the engineers who was suppose to be with the supply column says.

“What has gone wrong this time?”

“The atmosphere is causing the oxygen tanks we brought with us to rust at a extremely fast rate. We have already lost almost half of our remaining supply cause of it. If we do not reach safety soon, none of us are going to make it back alive.” The engineer says

“Very well. Then we will have to sparingly use what we have until we reach are destination.”

“As you wish your majesty.” the engineer replies.
{p.s i fixed some of the spelling for you some of the typing was wrong apartly}.

Oh that’s because that is where the current demo ends

well yea as scarlet said they have no idea how strong he realy is so i just putting this idea out therefor you is all it took me awhile to figure something out plus my hands hurt after typing all of that writing.

In that instance scarlet is referring to her classmates not knowing how strong the MC is. Scarlet grew up with and trained along the MC her entire life so she knows just how powerful the MC really is.

uh i doubt it when the currant demo ends normally it says play again and then it restarts the game but it didn’t it just said ignore line 569: Non-existent command ‘hide_resue’ so uh yea thats a error

okay then I was misunderstood what you meant.

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I just read the demo from 1 to 5, cant wait for the next update ^^

proble gonna have wait awhile till he sorted out the game

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