Guardians Of Thunder Book 1 WIP Updated 11/30/2020

If that’s true, wouldn’t all the animals have adjusted as well? In which case taking down a mountain line with your bare hands would still be impressive.
Also how do you get the gravitational pull that high on a plan at the size of earth. Multiple time the iron core?
Also, that means that you are quite tall then? The scene with Scarlet said she was around 7 feet, and a bit shorter than you.

The gravitational force is extremely high in your homeland. AKA the place your PC is from. While it is just like earths everywhere else on the planet. You are currently outside of your PC’s homeland. Meaning that your body is only experiencing a fraction of the gravitational force it normally would. And no the planet has the same amount of iron in its core as earth in real life. The reason for such a large difference in the gravitational force between the rest of the planet and the PC’s homeland is because of a special type of metal that is only found in large quantities in the PC’s homeland. Actually your character is short for their kind. The average height of their kind is around nine feet. But this is because they are not fully grown yet.

Nice read so far, however this happens when I pick either of the two options in the screenshot

currently working on it. dashington might have uploaded it here before i wanted it to. oops

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I hate to be a killjoy but the available evidence suggests humans would be shorter if growing up in higher gravity. The opposite, like growing up on the Moon or Mars, is what would make humans taller. The only way I could see it working is if the PC’s race were basically giants but adapted to high gravity over time.

Actually you are real close. The PC’s homeland use to have the same amount of gravity as the moon. At some point in the past the gravity started to increase. and as it increased the skeletal structure of the PC’s race adjusted to deal with it. So as the gravitational force in their homeland steadily increased. The strength of their skeletal structure increased just as fast. Allowing them to retain their giant like appearance in the process. Granted the shift in gravity occurred over the course of several million years which is what allowed them to adapt.

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Okay the bug should be fixed.

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The new added bits to this story are making me like this a whole lot! :heart_eyes:
Why teasingly leave cliffhangers :pleading_face:, oh well it’s definitely got me hooked so far :smirk:

sorry i don’t mean to leave cliff hangers. I type when the need strikes. If it ends in a cliff hanger so be it

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It’s fine as long as there is more to come I can wait but as I said before you really got me on the edge of my seat wanting to to see what happens next :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That reminds is your childhood friend height supposed to be 7’2 or 6’2

Actually both you and your childhood friend are short for your age. The average height for the MC and their kind is around 9’

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So what’s all the different races?

@AMER1CANN1NJA09 found this.

I will fix that after I get home from work

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Okay the lore is interesting. I sensed some avatar vibes in the beginning, which is good, but there are some stuff that threw me off like the character names and the pacing in chapter 1 was kinda too fast for me, also I hope you can give some more personality to the MC. All In all I’m looking forward to what you plan for this in the future.

The MC is the strong silent type. They rarely talk but can kick someone’s butt into the next century if needed. I wanted to make it so you would have to figure out their personality on your own. There will be hints to it depending on the choices you make.


Hi everyone I am still working on the rest of chapter two. It is coming along slowly but surely. There are some hints as to what will happen later in the book and what has happened to the MC. When I update I will try to create a poll so you all can guess as to what is going to happen in the next chapter, and how this chapter ends. The poll will also contain a section for you to suggest a character of your own you want to see in the story at some point. Not saying when they will appear though and I will not say whose character won.

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Done with poll and can’t wait to read ch.2 got me on my seat with phone on charger cable, wifi on and notifications on lol. But do take your time don’t burn thyself out. :wink: