Guardians Of Thunder Book 1 WIP Updated 11/30/2020

I’ve begun work on my first game Guardians of Thunder book 1. In it, you can play as a young child who lost everything and everyone they had ever known. Without any faith in the world you set off to bring those responsible to justice.

Please beware that one of the RO’s has not been updated yet.

Currently only the prologue and part of the first chapter is done. this is the alpha version of the game. I would like any and all feed back that you think would be helpful.

To play the demo, go here:

About: You can play as male, female, or non=binary.
Your choices will affect the story in the later versions. I am currently just focusing on the main story line. There will be multiple RO’s.
Just added three RO’s all of which you can meet in chapter two.
Also added a little snippet near the end that gives some clues about just how different the PC is from everyone else. Well except one of the RO’s


I was really suprised about the character creation! You didn’t have much but what you had was honestly enough for me to be impressed. And THANK YOU for having such a variety in skin colours :pray:t4::heart: usually they only range from “pale, light, tan, black” and while that’s still good, it just doesn’t give me the range I want.

Happy we got to save mom (I assume) from Voldemort Potter :relieved:


Interesting story I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes from here definitely a must save

Even though its just the beginning, I despise Cliffhangers! But this is really good!

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Hi everyone just wanted to let you know that I just updated the demo. It now includes part of chapter two.

gives insight into your characters past and why they have lost faith in the world around them.

and for those of you who hate cliff hangers. you will just have to sit down and wait patently like everyone else. I am looking at you Bulk_Biceps.

P.S. I hope you are all feeling well.


May I ask, who is Jenny? Somehow Jenny and Julia makes completely no sense?! :thinking:

Enlighten me please!

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Jenny is the mother of the person you play in the first chapter and the grandmother of the MC. Julia becomes the wife of the person you play as in the first chapter. Basically Julia is the mother of the MC. The first chapter is just to establish more of a background for events that take place later on.


You mean to tell me where killing and eating mountain lions for breakfast without a weapon no scratch That weapons are we still human?

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Ok so far but to short to determine if it is any good.

Remember the PC comes form a place where everything tries to kill you so you have to be able to take down every possible threat with your bare hands


In order to understand this I’m going to assume we have been training Our entire life anime style after what ever happened to us happened to us or we know some form of martial art I really hope this gets explained in Game

It will be explained in the later chapters

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Well I can’t wait for the later chapters I am curious and for some reason I really want to fight the MC

They would beat you thirty days from sunday, or back to the stone age.

If I was in this world without a doubt I would be roaming around looking for strong warriors to fight i’m actually grinning like an idiot thinking about it

It would be like you verse all the monsters in the titans pit. Not going to go very well for you. but you can still give it a try.

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Now I’m really excited as long as I can escape with my life I will train and I will get stronger I can guarantee you Of that

How will you manage to escape when every bone in your body has been turned to dust?

if I can’t escape I will just die fighting I’m not really one for giving up unless this is like a sparring match

I love this world already it’s dangerous me like