Guardians Of Thunder Book 1 WIP Updated 1/22/21 Chapter 4 partly uploaded



Sorry let me fix that

It is fixed


That last one was NOT fixed yet…

Eric route…
And…lol you put that ch4 is partly updated in the title but ch4 isn’t even started yet…

Chapter four in the heed path is partly up and the bug should now be fixed

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You mean accepting the warning route?!?

That ends with the young girl/boy trying to stop you…

I just tested it and I was able to continue but let me double check

Okay it should be working now

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:smile_cat::smirk_cat::joy_cat: oops and G’Day…

Shielding - Spelled wrong twice
Accelerated - Spelled wrong

And lol figure that next one yourself…

Empress I appreciate all the nightmares you keep sending my way but all they do is say oi over and over thanks for OI pointing those out

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Every single time,not just the marked one,
field is spelled as feild

And Taste is spelled wrong…

okay at this point I am starting to think you are saying oi either on purpose or subconsciously. nothing wrong with that just a little repetitive from my view. Anyways thanks for pointing those out and OI back at you.

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Yo if you’re ever feeling up to it I would love to follow the lives of more people from this universe

Eh most likely subconsciously and it’s just saying hey or hello though…

think me and fire people going to have words :japanese_goblin: :fist_right: