Guardian of Time WIP (Posted on January 28 2023)

Hi everyone. I’m cat_toes (aka Reagan) and this is my first IF called Guardian of Time. It currently has a prologue and the first chapter. I’ll try to update as often as I can, but as I’m working on this as a hobby, updates will likely be sporadic.


In the heart of the Silver Empire, you, a small orphan girl become bonded to the dragon of time. Much too young to understand what it means you continue to survive on the streets, oblivious to the power living within you until a strange encounter with the emperor himself leads to your adoption by a power noble family, and betrothal to the crown prince.

Eventually you find a scholar who knows what you are and offers to teach you to unlock the secret of your bond with your dragon. When you’re old enough he tells you of the Order of Dragon Seekers, a group dedicated to finding and protecting the dragons that have been missing since an attempted genocide took place 200 years ago. Meanwhile the emperor is trying to lead the biggest war the continent has ever seen with a race of beings that aren’t supposed to exist.

Now, its time for you to take your place, both in the Dragon Seekers, and in the court of the Silver Empire. There are numerous forces trying to stop you, but they all lead to the same place. The Cult of Evanyrid, the one who led the original draconic genocide, has made you their next target. The problem, however, isn’t that they want you dead. It’s that they want you alive.

  • This is game is genderlocked to a female protagonist, but several aspects her personality and appearance are customizable.
  • Bond with an ancient dragon of time.
  • Discover the secrets of the past, both those lost by Dragon Seekers, and those the Empire is trying to hide, and possibly stop a war in the process.
  • Form strong relationships with many different characters including your foster siblings, and mentor character.
  • Fall in love with one of six men who help you on your quest or keep your heart to yourself.
Romance Options

Note: None of the ROs have appeared in the current demo. The first two will appear in chapter 2 in the next update.

Lukyan Feylorn: The Crown Prince of the Silver Empire, and the man you’re supposed to marry. As children you remember him being distant, but that’s nothing compared to how withdrawn he’s been since his return from war. Despite the distance he’s always been protective of you, but is it merely the duty he feels for his future wife or something more?

Tzesar Feylorn: Lukyan’s younger brother, and your childhood best friend. Unlike his brother, he’s always happy to see you. When he returns from attending university in another country, its as if he never left. Unlike the others, Tzesar doesn’t have a reason to be joining you other than simply wanting to help you. Is this a loyalty for a friend, soon to be sibling, or does it demonstrate a love that’s existed since childhood.

Sentinel: The Witch Hunter has no surname which is just another thing to add to his unnerving presence. He’s been tasked to keep you alive during the final test of your Dragon Seeker training. All the other apprentices are afraid of him, but he seems to have formed a peculiar attachment to you. Even when you’ve finished your training he remains by your side as you face everything thrown at you. What is it that keeps him by your side? Duty, loyalty, or that soft affection you sometimes catch hidden in his eyes?

Naxok: A pirate captain of a race that should not exist. All logic says you should be afraid of Naxok, but when he treats sea monsters like cats and sings way off key while hanging from a rope that may or may not be important, you can’t help but see a much different side of the man who should be your enemy. He’s saved your life several times, but is there something special about you or is he just a good man?

Albien: The young king is the leader of Erdholyss a land filled with people you were told were myths. Regardless of how the Empire has treated his people, he immediately offers you hospitality, and seems to be one of the few who hold the answers you so desperately seek. In spite of his amiableness, there’s a sadness that follows the king around like a cloud, but is it your place to try to brighten it?

Gaderous Archon: You first meet the physician when he’s stitching up your wounds, but all you really know about him, is that he’s medically trained, the single most attractive being you’ve met in your life, and all your companions strongly dislike him. Still, he doesn’t disguise his interest in you, nor the romantic nature of it. The only questions is: can you trust it?


January 28, 2022: First demo posted including prologue and chapter 1.

Tumblr: Guardian of Time on Tumblr

Once you play the demo I’d like to know:

  1. The things you liked and didn’t like. Don’t be afraid to point out things you didn’t like as this is a WIP, things are subject to change, and I’ll be keeping feedback in mind even if I don’t end up using it.
  2. Anything that felt jarring or out of place.
  3. Any grammar errors with screenshots if possible. (Especially tense issues.)

Can’t wait until I am able to read your story :revolving_hearts:


I’m going to wait until tomorrow to read it, but this looks really good! Definitely up my alley


I’m in love already. Can’t wait for chapter 2, and loving the dynamic between the characters so much I’m almost sad to think that the MC will have to grow up eventually. I’d be totally down to read 100 chapters of Sami and Oren taking care of MC.

It did give me a small sense of melancholy to view the story from the lens of looking back on someone who died generations ago


I love it so far but I will have to see more to know if it is gonna be one of my favorites

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@Cat-Toes havent gone to deep into it yet but i shall defintly be keeping a eye on your story for you have something here :smiley:

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So no time travel? Awww.

Also, only male ROs?

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I love the demo so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.
Can’t wait to meet the ros.

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@Alley_Cat they might be only into males and might not be comfortable writing romance for ppl there not into themselves


Aww. Thank you so much. I’m glad to hear it.

I’m glad this came through. I wasn’t sure if people would like this way of story telling.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope to have more content soon.

Theoretically time travel could be a possibility. It just won’t happen within the story.

Yes, all the ROs are male. There are a few reasons for this. One being the world state of the two countries the story takes place in, and the other big one being my own confort level.

Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I can’t wait to write the ROs, and two of them will be introduced in the next chapter so hopefully you shouldn’t have to wait long.


This story has definitely got my curiosity. I am looking forward to how it will unfold.
If I may ask, why did you choose to gender-lock it to female? While I have no issue with a gender-locked story (indeed, some of my hypothetical story ideas are gender-locked), I am only curious.

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There are two reasons I did. When I was first coming up with the idea, I did consider having the MC be gender selectable, but the more I fleshed out the plot the more I realized that certain plot events just worked better with a female MC than a male one due to certain worldbuilding things. I also noticed that I was having a hard time picturing a male MC. This is really what made me decide to gender-lock the MC, but it made me think more about why this is, and I decided that some of the themes of the story are less impactful/might get lost with a male MC. Due to the sexism the exists in world, and which will become more apparent as of chapters 3/4, a male MC would have enough more agency that themes such as how much influence a person has to control their own future, or overcoming limiting expectations would be less impactful as they would with a female MC. (I hope that made sense. Please let me know if its confusing or you have more questions.)

TL;DR: I think a female MC is a better depiction of the story I’m trying to tell.


Ok, I’m in love with this story! I think it’s really interesting, and I love our little family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Keep up the good work


I’ve enjoyed my reading of your demo @Cat-Toes – you are off to a good start with your WiP. :revolving_hearts:


fantastic read, cant wait to read more :grin:

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I like the plot and the story seems to be off to a great start! I cannot wait for more!


Monthly Update: March 2023

I want to start getting better at communicating my progress with you guys, so I decided to start doing monthly updates on the 1st of every month.

February kicked my butt, and I didn’t get much written, but I’m hopeful that March will go better, and I can start really progressing into chapter 2. I was able to get some snippets featuring the ROs on my Tumblr, which was probably the most productive writing I did all month as I was able to accomplish for chapter 2 was most of the opening scene. I hope to have better news next month.


Monthly Update: April 2023

This month has also been a slow writing month. Some personal things came up that kept me from writing as much as I wanted, but I’m still working through chapter 2. I ended up deciding to move the beginning scene of chapter 2 to the end of chapter one. It was taking me so much effort to get through, and I kept getting frustrated that it wasn’t coming together. After thinking long and hard about it, I decided to move it to the end of chapter one. I’ve decided to leave it where it is until I finish the chapter then I’ll move stuff back around where I want it.

In better news, my tumblr reached 250 followers. I’ve asked people to leave a comment with their favorite character who has appeared and the character they are most looking forward to meeting. I’ll write a snippet for the characters who get the most votes.

I think that’s all I have for this update. I’ll be back next month with another update, but I’ll also be around on the forum or on tumblr if anyone needs me.


Monthly Update: May 2023

Sorry this is a few days late. I had my exams this week which took up most of my attention, but the good news is I’m done for the next few months, so I should have a lot more free time to write. I will be doing a lot of traveling this month, but I’ll try to spend as time writing in between that as I can.

Progress on chapter 2 has been coming along slowly. I a little bad that I don’t have more to show, but I had some unforeseen personal problems come up this month, so mostly, I’m just glad I made it through. I have high hopes for the summer, and will keep you guys updated on my progress.


Please take care of yourself first and foremost. Stay hydrated and rest as much as you can. :heart:
I’m happy you got through your exams, hopefully with good thoughts.
We’ll wait for the next update :grinning::blush:

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