Greenwarden [NO LONGER ON COG]

It’s here! Saw this on Dashingdon a while ago and absolutely loved your writing. The gender options are great as well :purple_heart:


I really enjoyed this so far! I’ve been kinda slacking on checking out new WIPs lately but this kept my interest. I have some question/suggestions? Suggestive questions?

I like the how the MC’s personality is written, however, are there any plans for a bit more diversity of personality? I understand the stats are going to be in flux until much later in development, but I am curious if that means personality flavor text, too. Again I like the aggression and ego of the protagonist so far, but it feels very defined and my go-to MC, for example, is a charismatic bumblebee who’d rather not get into violence or conflict (I’m kind of a sucker for the reluctant warrior trope, I guess lol). I just wonder if there will be room for MCs who react and interact with the surroundings and characters in different ways than what’s displayed so far!

Looking forward to more of this demo!


Kinda short but I enjoyed it while it lasted and also it seems like the MC hates the RO’s so far lel :v


I played this earlier and loved it! I was so disappointed that you didn’t seem to be on the forums. Welcome!

I’m not usually a fan of an MC that already has a set personality or being told how they feel about other people (especially if it’s negative), but it really works here. I’m impressed!

I really looking forward to seeing how this develops!


Great job! I’m blown away with the options to see scars, as well as the option to be intersex. Very inclusive and I hope more WIPs in the future offer such inclusive options as well.

I usually don’t play with MCs like this, but I found it fun! Keep up the great work!


thanks for playing!!! :heart:

and there definitely will be more room for diverse personalities; the MC is kind of a grump in general due to years of built up trauma but as time goes on and they meet and interact with new people and the ROs, they have the opportunity to develop a personality beyond “i hate everything and want to die” lmaoo

chapter 1 will have much more room for the player to wiggle a personality around, i hope!!


the mc kind of hates everybody but eventually (eventually…) they’ll come around. probably. depends on the player tbh!!


Ooo, I can’t wait for those hate-to-love romances. Bautista better watch out, I’m about to slap him in the face with my love :triumph: :heart:


what got you to make Greenwarden

i had a similar story to Greenwarden floating around in my head for about two years before this and only recently decided to do something about it!


lol I’m very excited for some hate to love romance, there’s not nearly enough of it in this format! how can I know the extent of my MC’s love for a character without first knowing the depth of their hatred for them :relaxed:


I stumbled into this on dashingdon. Loved it. Sought it out here to give support.

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I was scrolling through Dashingdon and the title got me curious. Although the demo is short, for me this is a promising story. I’m really looking forward for more of this game. Keep up the good work!


can anyone die if we fuck up on are choice

I really like the premise and the idea of starting the game having characters who dislike you. Often, you start having best friends or not knowing anyone but I tend to like relationships that grow from dislike to friendship. I love the option for albinism.

Your writing feels descriptive and yet crisp, to the point. I really like that and feel like it matches the feel and tone of the actions and characters. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

I have a few remarks on the start when choosing your gender. Under the cut, because it’s a bit long.


The start comment is “You always feel like there’s something off about your body” but if you choose male, one of the options is “Maybe I’m just having an off day.” …so which is it? Do you always feel like there’s something off or are you having a bad day? (Also, despite my knowing what the question means and intends to track, the way it is phrased and answered makes it sound like cis men never have body issues).

For women, the first answer (I sneer. My cup size is too small. My shoulders are too broad. Looking at myself without clothes on doesn’t do anything except make me upset.) is something that cis women also feel, so I was confused at first. Then I code-dived and realized it wasn’t also tracking the player’s body issues. And there is no “Maybe I’m just having an off day.”-like option for women despite some women feeling fine in their bodies.

This isn’t really a commentary on the choices themselves, btw. I think the expansiveness of them is great, but a bit of work in the phrasing can reduce some of the confusion/discrepancies. Then again, perhaps it was actually a story-related choice to mention it like this. I only wanted to raise this, just in case you were looking for this sort of feedback.


i haven’t decided on whether or not the MC can die depending on your choices, but it’s unlikely that any of the romance options will die along the course of the story. there will definitely be points where you can choose to save civilians or let them die, which ties into a hidden stat that will effect some of the endings.

all that saying, things could definitely change in the future!! nothing is set in stone :heart:

i love this kind of feedback!!! (୨•̀ᗜ•́)୨ gives me a chance to build off it and interact with folks

the MC struggles with a lot of issues, which tend to manifest as issues with their self-image (in addition to dysphoria, if the MC is trans) and intrusive thoughts. i realized that the option for cis men was a little lackluster after i already published the link to the prologue tbh. it’ll be fixed in the next update, to better reflect a cis male MC’s discomfort with Being Stuck In A Body And Existing

that’s also why there’s really no option to be ok with looking at yourself, besides a top surgery positive trans MC looking at their scars, since the MC is pretty distinctly uncomfortable with being alive (for now!!)

now that you mentioned it, i’ll probably also change the option for trans women who haven’t done top surgery to better reflect the Specific Sort Of Dysphoria felt by trans women, rather than it register as being issues with their appearance :heart: :heart_decoration::heart:


So a corruption stat got it, I guess there’s gonna be a lot of death in 1st playthrough.
Also glad that you explained the morning scene and are going to change it a bit, cause I personally also found it a bit jarring(I did see what you were going for but still).

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What about trans people that don’t have gender dysphoria?


i dont see a reason why i shouldnt or couldnt add a non-dysphoric trans option tbh!! i’ll see if i can wiggle in some more variables and choices for the next update


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