Greenwarden [NO LONGER ON COG]

Hey everybody! My name is fiddles, I’m an animation student in BMore currently working on Greenwarden!

Game Summary

Immerse yourself in the world of Greenwarden as a reluctant monster hunter, assigned to a mysterious case of a missing child deep in the Appalachians. Surrounded by enemies on all sides, you must play a cat and mouse game with something beyond your understanding. Just try not to lose yourself in the process.

  • Marc/Marianna Bautista: Your partner in the field. Grumpy. M/F (Player chosen)
  • Asad/Asiyeh/Amir Nazeri: An annoyance, and a Hunter – a human enhanced by a mysterious serum developed by the agency you work for. M/F/NB (Player chosen)
  • Devin Graves: The scion of a powerful family with their own motives. NB (Gender locked)
  • Trace: Something Other, not like you, and not like anything else you’ve ever encountered. M/F (Player chosen)

Some things you can do in Greenwarden (either already implemented or planning to be implemented in the future):

  • Play as a non-binary, trans, intersex, or cis character, sometimes more than one at the same time!
  • Trans, intersex, and non-binary characters have the option for top surgery!
  • Romance four (4) unique NPCs, 3 of which are player-chosen genders!
  • Canonically non-binary romance options!
  • Hunt down a cool monster in the woods
  • Evade your old enemies
  • Remember a bunch of stuff about your mysterious past
  • More to be added in the future :shushing_face:

Stats are currently a bit unbalanced, which will be fixed when the game nears completion. Feel free to leave suggestions, comments, or concerns below!

Please read the Content Warnings list before you play if this is your first time playing.


As of May 30, 2019

The Prologue is finished! It’s quick, since Chapter 1 is still in development, but feel free to go ham!


Hey there everybody!! Since June is Pride Month, I did a line-up of all the ROs with their respective pride flags. From left to right:

Trace, with the pansexual pride flag!
Asad and Asiyeh Nazeri with a variation of the queer people of color pride flag, and some pansexual pride face paint and a nice pan pride headscarf!
Devin with the non-binary pride flag and some bisexual pride face paint!
Marc and Marianna Bautista with the bisexual pride flag!

Happy Pride Month everybody!

JUNE 28, 2019
Part of Chapter 1 is here! You can now meet Devin and contemplate the beauty of Warden Forest, where you’ll be spending your time. Deeply contemplate it. Some might even say you’re entranced…


  • Added part of the first part of Chapter 1
  • Changed some of the wording for the gender options (specifically concerning trans women and cis men) to be less confusing (hopefully. im still accepting feedback!!)
  • You have a name now! That you can pick! Isn’t that nifty.
  • Some vagaries about your mysterious past…
  • Updated the content warning list (PLEASE READ THIS IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME PLAYING)
  • Other stuff, probably!

As of August 23, 2019
Hey there y’all! Rest assured that Chapter 1 is in development, and the demo will update once at least half of the chapter is finished. Since school is starting for me again very soon, that’ll probably take awhile, but I’m chipping away at it! Slowly but surely!

As of November 11, 2019

  • Added the first Meet Trace scene; Bautista, Devin, and your own lonesome’s scenes coming soon!
  • A few bug fixes
  • Some more vagaries
  • Semi-updated content warning list (if you need anything added here, let me know!)
  • Other things

As of Janurary 03, 2020
Happy New Year!!!


  • Added Bautista’s Meet Trace path
  • Added a spicy new non-binary option for Nazeri! Say hello to Amir!
  • Spicy, spicy secrets :eyes:
  • Fixed a few grammar and pronoun issues and probably caused even more. Such is the nature of ChoiceScript
  • Updated the content warning list to include Mind control/invasion and Drug and alcohol abuse [READ THIS IF IT’S YOUR FIRST TIME PLAYING]
  • Some other stuff, probably!

As of January 15, 2020

  • Added the last Meet Trace path
  • Fixed some continuity and pronoun errors
  • Started writing Chapter 2!!
  • I’m free!!!

Chapter 1 is officially concluded (im free!!!)! Thanks everybody who’s followed so far, with hopefully many more chapters to come! On another note, updates will slow considerably come Saturday, since I go back to school then and have other obligations. I’ll be steadily chugging out chapters though, and updates will steadily trickle in over the semester!

As of May 8, 2020

  • Added a small chunk of the beginning of Chapter 2
  • Some tenderness. Some romance. A little bit of yearning.
  • Secrets secrets!

Hello everybody!! I hope you’re all safe at home this quarantine season, and I bring you a small treat! We’re getting into the bulk of Chapter 2 now, and now that the semester is over I’ll have a helluva lot more free time to do stuff and things. Like write!

As always, randomtest simply has never worked for me ever, so there will probably be some buggy pronouns and weird syntax. Put them below in the forum and I will get to them… Eventually. Word count as always is “uuuuuhhhh.”

As of May 30, 2020
Happy birthday to us!! It’s officially Greenwarden’s first anniversary today, which means two things: an update, and a post!

First up, the update:

  • Began fleshing out certain scenes with Bautista and Trace in Chapter 2.
  • Wrote the scene leading up to how the player is going to search Warden Forest.
  • Added the option to randomize Bautista, Nazeri, and Trace’s genders, which should speed up playtesting.
  • Fixed some grammar and pronoun errors.
  • Happy anniversary!!

Secondly: as some of you may have seen, I did a poll on what The Masses wanted for Greenwarden’s anniversary, and the majority of you said you wanted snippets! I’ve compiled four snippets of varying lengths, some from Book 1, some from Book 2. You can find them over at [this Tumblr post] (

Have fun!

As of June 30th, 2020
The start of monthly updates begins… :eye: :eye: Next update coming July 30th!!


  • Finished writing Chapter 2, began writing Chapter 3 (coming in the next update)
  • Fixed a few pronoun and grammar errors. Noticed a few more but I’ll get to those later
  • Encountered a bug where the relationship page doesn’t update to acknowledge that you’ve met Trace if you’ve randomized RO genders. Will also get to that later
  • Discovered that randomtest actually works if I use CSIDE and not try to test it straight from the ChoiceScript folder
  • Cry with joy!
  • We have a word count now!!
  • Begin playing with Twine Harlowe and Twine Sugarcube to see if I can successfully port Greenwarden to Twine if I have to.

As of July 30th, 2020

  • Began writing CH. 3
  • Fixed many, many pronoun errors
  • Make some very minor progress with Twine

AS OF AUG 30, 2020
Small update this time!! Not much to mention about it.


  • Fixed a bug causing Nazeri and Trace to not show up as met characters if you randomized the RO’s genders
  • Added scenes related to your preferred search choice in Chapter 2

After this, everything falls into place…


  • Continued writing Ch. 3
  • Added a new scene to Ch. 3 to hopefully make it feel more cohesive
  • Added new scenes to Ch. 3 featuring Nazeri and Devin
  • Revealed some secrets
  • Started pre-planning for closed alpha

OCT 30 2020
Unfortunately no update this month! Midterms pulverized me forever. However there will be an update in early November that fixes (or attempts to fix) some major bugs that people have reported since the last update!

Sorry folks. Have fun in the meantime, and remember to socially distance and wear a mask!

As of NOVEMBER 30, 2020
Another smaller update, but with some important things added to the game to hopefully make it more inclusive!


  • Continued writing Ch. 3
  • Added the option to go gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian, and vegan at the diner
  • Added the option to go by different pronouns as cis and trans men and women (this goes out to the he/him lesbians and she/her gays!!)
  • Small details…
  • Continued pre-planning for closed alpha.

As of DECEMBER 30, 2020
Happy Winter Holidays!!


  • Continued writing CH. 3 (its coming to an end… SOON I prommy)
  • Added a scene to chat with Nazeri after getting back from Devin’s place; Bautista’s scene will come in a later update.
  • Even more continued planning for closed alpha
  • Started messing with the idea of changing the gender system. Watch this space

As of JANURARY 30TH, 2021
(technically February 1st, but school started and I forgot. Brain fried, apartment cold, world cruel. RIP)


  • Revamped the character creation system. You can now choose your pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/them, custom) and top surgery, HRT, and gender dysphoria independently! Hopefully this feels more inclusive, and less like being interrogated.
  • Added part of Bautista’s hotel chat scene in Chapter 3.
  • You can smooch Bautista now!
  • It might not end well…

FEBRUARY 2, 2021
After some very kind words and suggestions from friends and fans, I’ve decided to go back to the old character creation system!

I’d also like to take this moment to say I’m sorry, because in an attempt to be more inclusive I hurt people who really saw themselves in their MCs and appreciated the outspoken, explicit trans rep in the game. Taking away that explicit rep did more harm than good, which as a content creator is something I strive to avoid.

So there’s a small mini update this morning! The old character creation system returns with some (hopeful) improvements.

The closed alpha will officially start as soon as Chapter 4 ends!! More information coming soon. :>

As of MARCH 30, 2021
Hey all!! Sorry for the achingly slow updates lately – real life is trying to suck out my life-force and blood, and I’m stuck in the middle of the semester. World cruel, apartment hot, brain fried, RIP.


  • To kiss or Not to kiss? You can now choose whether to mack on Bautista at the hotel or not, hopefully with flavorful consequences.
  • Fixed a bug where trackers who chose not to train with Devin still had marigold flowers to take care of.
  • Since that scene is done, I can focus on wrapping up Chapter 3 and move on to Chapter 4.
  • Chapter 4 is the end of the open alpha, and I have plans in the works for that.

JUNE 30, 2021
Wahoo!!! We’re back!!! Sorry for the major inconvenience – I still don’t feel neurotypical, but at least I’m in therapy now. Slowly getting back into the swing of things now that The Unfuckable Times are over!


  • Moved to Ch. 3’s semifinale – a few more scenes after this, and then we’re a go for Ch. 4!
  • Currently, only people who agreed to train with Devin have a scene this month.
  • Next month will hopefully be bigger and better!
  • I’m planning on rewriting the first 4 chapters to feel more cohesive. At the moment, I’m not entirely happy with the story’s flow, and I’d like to add more southern gothic elements. Watch this space.

Hello everybody! Sorry about the delayed updates, but I do have a major announcement to make in regards to Greenwarden’s future with Choice of Games.

I won’t get into the nitty gritty here, but essentially: due to some issues I have with Choice of Games’ content, engagement, and contract policies, as well as their administration, I will no longer be hosting Greenwarden on CoG. I’m instead going to port it to Twine and host it on

I realize this is deeply upsetting to fans who have been here since the beginning, but I’ve been planning to do this for a very, very long time and I feel like now is appropriate. At the moment, I’m deeply unsatisfied with the way the demo reads. I made a long and involved post over on the Tumblr, but essentially I think I’ve grown as a writer and I want the demo to reflect that.

The current demo up on DashingDon will stay on DashingDon, but will no longer be updated.

Thank you all for sticking with me for the journey! I’ve deeply appreciated all your support, comments, and feedback over the past three years. Here’s to hoping Book 1 gets done before 2320!! :champagne:

The game has a Discord now! Check out the link below!

Check out the official Discord! | Play the demo here! | Chapter 1 Poll


Saw that game yesterday, played it a few times, and I really liked it!
Interesting characters, the writing is really good, I already like the MC and am excited for more! Plus, I love that the choices for the Look really seem to matter, and every hair length has its own small text.
Spotted no writing mistakes, but maybe I just didnt noticed them.
Looking forward to what this Story becomes!


Platiunum should be platinum
Blonde should be blond if male

Love your writing. Very intriguing. Love to see where this goes.


Cool. I’ll be keeping an eye on this WIP.


i love the story hope you keep on going


Wait, wait wait! That’s a gender thing? I always though it was an american vs european english thing. Wow, I learned something today!


oh dunk i didn’t see the typos, thanks for catching them! and for playing :heart:

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thank you!!! i’m glad you like the mc, they’re fun to write :heart:


Welp here we go. I’m hooked. Very rarely is there a W.I.P where I love all the characters, but this is one of those rare occasions. I also like the…attitude…the MC has. Self deprecation at its finest? I think so. I’ll be stalking this thread like a great Pigeon from the beyond.


Not much to say besides for the fact that I really love what you have so far (I especially love it when the MC isn’t a blank template but is pre-formed, to an extent ofc, and being an asshole is hilarious and fun!) and I really appreciate all the various variations you put in. I’m looking forward to the next chapter :slight_smile:


Ah it ended so quickly I let out a world-weary sigh. I love all the characters so far and am definitely looking forward to more!


Ok this is the best I’ve ever seen for trans options. The usual “I was born a girl but was really a boy” never sits quite right with me, but this was amazing. Being able to look in a mirror and choose to see scars straight up gave me gender euphoria. Well done, I’m all in. Thank you.


Great story so far looking forward to more.

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Can’t wait for the update~

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@fiddles im already so invested! please give us the next update soon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wow! The prologue is amazing. I can’t wait to read chapter one.

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role two don’t go lone in woods
role three if you plan save someone when on ground bleed every bad don’t save he or she it is a trap
role four don’t go back were hell hole is even if you really feel take it on
those are rule save your ass in horror movie or show


Ah, I have found my main RO! >:)

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OHOHOHO i’m excited to hear >:)c who’s the lucky buddy??

(you may also be pleased to note that there are two more ROs coming up in the next chapter WINK WONK)


Take out my time machine.

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