Great vs Generic Anime


As someone who isn’t necessarily the biggest anime fan, this was pretty eye opening, plus I think it provides some useful insight when it comes to storytelling in general.


As someone who is a big fan of anime and storytelling in general I was glad to hear AA made a video on this subject.


Great Teacher Onizuka! (GTO)
Neon Genesis Evangalian,
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood…

Some of my favourite anime of all time :smile:


Hunter x Hunter, LotGH, Cowboy Bebop, Kaiba…


I thought those scenes were from the original FMA anime. Hm.


I’m unsure, I haven’t watched either for a long time but brotherhood is closer to the manga story than the original. <- which is why I prefer it.


So curiosity got the better of me and I had a look. Here you go.


I prefer the original. I read the Manga, so I don’t really need to see Brotherhood.


Brotherhood had better animation, if you appreciate that sort of thing.


I like watching Anime that goes unknown by the masses, most of the time, in my opinion, they’re usually the ones that are pretty original in story. Animes like Xam’d, Kiba, and a childhood favorite, Duel Masters.

I’m not saying Duel Masters was original but not a lot of people liked it and I felt like it parodied Yu-Gi-Oh.


I remember Duel Masters. Not a fave of mine, probably because I preferred Yu-Gi-Oh. Sometimes the ones liked by the masses are okay too. I’ve learnt not to knock it till I’ve tried it. I didn’t like Pokémon when it first came out, but then I watched a bit and got hooked lol. I get what you mean though. After watching so many, you get easily reminded of other story lines.

I try to stay away from the mostly unknown ones because I hate getting to the end of a season, feeling excited for the next one only to realise there will never be subsequent releases as it’s just not popular enough… :scream: :sob:


Yeah, an anime called Dead Man Wonderland did that to me, I think it only had one season which answered all the questions given but there was still more to do, sadly there won’t be a season 2.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, nost anime that’re loved by most people tend to be good, original maybe not but still good.

FMA is pretty damn good, and Bobobo lol.