Grammar / plurarisational help needed

Hello, dear grammar lovers.

I am working on a new currency’s name for a country that is similar to a German/English, civilised but feudal society.

Some currency names came up, but it is very difficult to decide what it should really be.

The list of currency names that I thought of and need help pluralising would be

Tahlin, plural: Tahlen (Or the other way around)
Tahlin, plural: Tahler (Or the other way around)

I’m really not sure which way the whole thing goes…
Should I just use “gold”?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Why not just treat it as uncountable?

So like Tahlins? I feel like it would be more fantasy like if it wasn’t.

German and English pluralisation is quite different, but since it’s a feudal country, I’d assume it could use currency conventions from Feudal Europe: Mostly, the Latin Denarius (pl. Denarii) and the German Pfennig (pl. Pfennige).

I would, however, suggest just combining all your options:

A single Tahlin.
A countable amount (How many Tahlen do we have),
An innumerate quantity (How much Tahler does it cost).

Shorthand: Tl 50.


Your reply has been infinitely useful sir/lady. I thank thee

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I like the idea of keeping it Tahlin for singular and plural, with the only way to tell is through word usage/sentence structure, and context.

A Tahlin came knocking on the door and wanted to sell me a newspaper subscription.
An angry horde of Tahlin were threatening to overthrow the capital.

This way you can have fun writing sentences where the player does not know if it’s singular or plural, maybe because one character is trying to talk to another character in secret.

Sounds interesting in that context!

I’d go with Tahlin, plural: Tahlins to keep it as simple as possible. Unless currency is that super important where it needs multiple unit names.