goto_scene + labels not working?


I have had this problem before and have had to find creative solutions to get around it, but I was wondering why I can’t do the function *goto_scene with a label. In the guide I’m pretty sure it says you can add a label, but whenever I do something like this It doesn’t seem to work:

*goto_scene Chapter5 Label2

Here’s the code that doesn’t seem to work:

"Whoa," ${companionname} ${csays}. "That wasn't so bad." 
*goto_scene chapter7fightends Flurrydies

and the error message says "Cannot open web/mygame/scenes/chapter7fightends flurrydies.txt

Any idea what went wrong?


Works fine for me in testing. Only three possibilities I can think of -

  • Your version of CS is not recent enough
  • That exact scene file name does not exist in the \scenes folder
  • That exact label name does not exist within that scene file


It must be the version of CS…Could I update mine by replacing all of the files except my scenes in the Choicescript folder?


@CitizenShawn This probably isn’t the issue, but is your label capitalized? I’ve heard that can cause issues sometimes if it is.

Edit. And yes you can update it by doing what you said.


Thanks fantom, Vendetta!

I’ll see about updating, and perhaps capitalization was the problem, but I’m not sure. I’ll let you know if that seems to be the case.

Edit: Capitalization was not the issue, unfortunately. Perhaps it’s Firefox or my ChoiceScript files. I actually had an old ChoiceScript folder on my desktop from who-knows-when, and that’s what I started writing my story with, so it doesn’t surprise me. I just didn’t assume that it would have changed that much.


99% sure that’s an old version of CS there.


Haha okay, thanks CJW! I’ll update it eventually. It seems to work well enough without the label feature right now, and at the worst it’s just a few extra lines of more specific codes. Good to know things are still improving!