Goose Crash (concept)

A… debatably innocent sociopathic mage has abducted an area and what lives upon it to make a “theatre world” for their niece.

After being abducted without their consent (Redundant) everyone has been offered to be payed “after I’ve run out of stories”.

Aside from the usual stresses of sudden captivity (well it isn’t cramped at least) there’s also the problem of being in a different form for a number of those swept into this situation.

This would probably be best done by someone that actually has a collection of fables and fairy tales on their shelves somewhere.

It sounds pretty cool.

Interesting concept
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Just wrote my concept of the game on the other topic…)) I like your one, what game will it be? Online? Flash?

Undecided actually. There are a number of free tools I have some experience with.

What for example? I don`t want actually to create games, but always interested in such things and there are hundreds of different technologies and you can use it in absolutely different ways. I suppose Flash not extendable and not so productive technology as for me

Well there’s “daydreamer” (created by someone going by the name Fever dreamer because they were fed up with RAGS. It has the option to make your own achievements and you can make the achievements affect the game),
Ren’py (mostly used for graphic CYOAs but it can do sims and RPGs too. It can be used without image files but the default background is “transparent”),
Adventure Game Studio (can do far more genres than the creator intended but they seem fine with it. This was also the first one that I read the full tutorial for. Absolutely requires images.).

There are also some things that can be used for making old fashioned text parser adventures but I barely touched them.

thanks for interesting information)) Love this forum for the ability to communicate freely on any topic, and not only giving the advices or full guides))