Google opinion rewards


Hey all, just thought I’d put this out there for anyone that can’t buy games on the the google play store. I joined this about a month ago and it doesn’t seem to have any strings attached that I can see. They surveys don’t pop up every day and I don’t think I’ve had one pay more than 50c but then again I figure 10-20c for spending 10sec answering 1-3 questions while you’re waiting for the train isn’t bad. (They often seem to be things like have you been to this store, when, rate the experience or of 5. Easy stuff). Anyway, might take a while to save up for some games but seems to be a free way to do it. (Disclaimer- I have nothing to do with this app beyond downloading it a few weeks back. Seems legit to me but have a look to see if it’s ok for you.)

I've got an idea about paid storys

Ah, survey-with-reward thingy I see.

What is the name of this app, if I may ask? ._.


The name is Google opinion rewards, but unfortunately it’s​ unavailable in Indonesia :cry:


I really enjoy surveys so maybe I should look into that - thanks @Jacic!


Yep Google opinion rewards (sorry don’t know how to link from the play app, should come up with a search)

@SabrinadizaLS that sad they’ve locked it, must have to do with where they’ve got access to surveys to give out. Maybe check back at a later date, I saw they added a few countries in the last update.


I see, maybe it does just matter of time. Anyway thank you for the information, I probably won’t know if not because this :slight_smile:


They don’t send surveys to me very often so it can be a very slow way to generate credits. With the price of CoGs, I would probably have mine written before I would have credits ready.




Be aware that that app does also collect usage/browsing information off your phone. It is a genuine Google app, but that’s how Google does things.


Wasn’t aware of that, but tbh I’m not searching anything I care too much if they track on my phone. Dosent surprise me, google likes tracking you and if they’re trying to target surveys it’s in their interest. Anyway, last month I got about $3.50 from it with very minimal effort (probably only a few mins doing surveys in total) which is why I suggested it. I know it’s not a lot but if it makes games cheaper for people to buy (it lets you do particularly credit, part payment too) why not :slight_smile: . Might also be an option for those without credit cards, but yep isn’t a quick option to get lots of games unfortunately but still better than nothing (haven’t come across a better option yet)


It’s actually pretty good but mostly people who travel often will get surveys more often


Well, most, if not all, app on our devices collect these “info”. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, per se, just don’t put unnecessary stuff on your phone.

Or should it the “necessary stuff”? :thinking:

Anyway, don’t feel bad or afraid of stuff like “personal info thievery,” @Jacic. The worse thing I can imagine is that your phone battery drains faster.


I’ve earned 20 quid from this in two years which has all gone on games from here. Takes no time and we’ll worth doing. Answer honestly and consistently and you seem to get more. Also helps if you keep location access on for Google.


I’ve been using this for a couple years now. It does collect your data, but let’s face it, Google is already doing that anyway. Might as well let them pay use for it. Plus the sooner you submit to your Google overlord the better. You can get quite a bit of money if you bend the truth a little. My Uni is next to a hotel and Google always ask me if I was there, and I said yes every time.


Too bad it doesn’t work in my country…


I’ve been using it for about a year and I’ve earned around R$15, which would be around 4~5 dollars. It’s not much, but I also don’t get out of the house much and my city is not that big. I noticed that when I make a trip to bigger towns the app tends to send more surveys.

Also I always answer truthfully, and most of the questions start with “have you visited X, Y or Z lately?”(places I usually never went or just passed by) followed with “please rate your experience/how many times you do X during period of time Y.” I think if you lie and pretend you’ve been everywhere you might earn more money, but I have some decency.



Google uses some test questions. Like have you been here when it knows you haven’t. If you answer dishonestly frequently it rates your answers as less trustworthy and you get less questions.