Good Strategy Games


I’ve been thinking about buying a game and can’t think of any good ones. Got any ideas?


If you’re ready for a bit of a learning curve, I would suggest Crusader Kings 2. It’s different from other games out there but well worth it. I only play it casually and I have close to 200 hours on Steam. You might want to also try it for the Game of Thrones mod. It’s pretty well done.


I played the demo and it seems quite interesting.


Crusader Kings 2 definitely. Europa Universalis series and Total War series (except Rome 2) are also worth taking a look at. Victoria 2 is also a good strategy game, but it focuses more on economy than anything else, and as such can be a bit difficult to really get into.


I’ve played eu3 &4 but hated 4. I’ve never played the total war series. Is it true that you can command battles in real time?


Yes, and if your machine can handle it, the real-time battles can be really massive at times. It’s pretty awesome.


I highly suggest any Total War games ( i would wait a bit before buying rome 2, still a great game though) I would suggest Shogun total war or empire total war.


Medieval total war 2 is pretty good two especially with the kingdoms expansion which you can mod to lord of the rings


If there is a steam sale I would recommended Civ 5 the complete edition. I wouldn’t get it you can’t afford the complete edition honestly. Vannilia Civ 5 is just missing to many good features, that G&K and BNW add.


I still play Age of Empires II


How come Command & Conquer was not the first to be mentioned? Sure, it’s old but it’s absolutely fantastic. I recommend the first decade of C&C games, the ones that came after are okay, but nowhere near as good. Except for C&C4 which is absolute garbage.

I also recommend checking out the Mount & Blade games, had a bit of fun with those.