Golden: Book One ~ [Updated June 14th 2021]

I hope you have a great birthday on the 27th. I do have a question about the MC. Does he have any supernatural powers?


A bit more about the MC in supernatural terms will be revealed in the next two updates of the demo :slight_smile: so I’ll give a non answer for now to avoid spoilers.


Ohhh. That’s a tease :joy: Can’t wait to see though :blush:


Of course, take your time to relax and take a break!
I hope you have a good vacation and a great birthday!

And once your break is over, if at any moment you want me to do more betatesting, just send me a message! I’ll be more likely to notice it fast here than by e-mail!


You shouldn’t kill yourself with writing six months straight without a break. And i’m hoping you’ll have a fun and safe vacation, along with a very happy birthday which is soon to come.


Fun as it can be when you’re motivated, working on the same project for half a year can be pretty taxing for the mind. So I hope your birthday and vacation will be relaxing and fruitful.

Now the second demo, really loved the dynamics between the two pairs. A seems less aloof than I remember which kind of changed the attitude of the mc that will go for their route? Still feels like B has the best chemistry writing wise, or perhaps I might be drawn to her attitude.
Last part of the demo Liv feels like a red herring tbh, it’s Tahara and the fact that the police keeps changing heads that worries me more. Also I hope we get to see more of Maurizio.


Thank you for the well wishes!

I’m glad you enjoyed reading the dynamics between the team. Readers are probably beginning to have their favourite ROs, so I assume you’re drawn to B’s personality - but it’s always nice knowing which characters people enjoy in terms of writing.


Golden Progress Update - 16th August 2021

Over the past four days, I’ve written 6.2k words, and to top it all off, I have finished chapter five! I probably could’ve given an earlier update, but I wanted something solid to update you all with.

I gave myself today as a deadline and I met it, so I’m super happy about that.

I like this chapter because you get to see the team’s friendship dynamic again, and I love writing the four of them together — and then later on in the chapter, there are choices that you can select to add to your MC’s personal stats. Alongside that, you get to see Erin Donahue’s article, and also increase/decrease your relationship stats with Melissa.

The chapter is just over 21k words. I’ve had a pretty insecure time with writing in terms of comparing mine with other people’s, even when it comes to word count. But every author and every story is different — each one will have different needs, and just because someone doesn’t like/hasn’t read your work, it doesn’t take away the fact that someone else loved it. So hopefully I can shake off this annoying imposter syndrome soon.

Tomorrow I will playtest chapter five, maybe send it off for editing too, or try to do some myself later in the week.


I’m hoping to start chapter six tomorrow. I have quite a few plans for it, and as the MC doesn’t interact with the team in chapter five, all the interaction will come in the sixth one.

I have a feeling that chapter six will be a big chapter, so I want to get started on it as soon as possible.


So, all in all, I’m slowly getting there. The next demo will have the rest of chapter five and the whole of six.

Thanks for reading this. Take care.


Total word count exclud. code: 113,451 (+ 13,443)


I can totally relate to that while writing, as I’m just thinking all the time “Is this good enough?” And “Will people like it?”

But what I really wanted to say is that your work is my top favorite of IFs. It has created a comfortable warm story. I also like the speed, not like “10.000 words in, now do you WANT TO KISS THIS RO?” As you give time to grow on them.

Keep up the great work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yesssss!!! Another awesome story I look forward to reading after it’s complete :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it shall be bookmarked along with the other awesome stories I’ve saved.


Sorry but how can i play chapter 5? It stops where Liv meets the MC

Thank you for your wonderful story :blush:


It’s a progress update, so it’s not public yet.

I think


Ah I see
Thanks :blush:

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Golden Progress Update - 26th August 2021

I finished chapter 5 about 10 days ago now. I playtested some of it myself and then I sent it off to @meijhana for editing. I say this in my emails to her a lot, but Sam has literally been amazing in helping Golden be the best story it can be. I’ve completed the edits she sent, and the positive comments she gave about the chapter were very reassuring, so I can’t wait for you guys to customise your MC’s a little more — either academically or personality/skills wise.

I finally started chapter 6 too. I did some serious coding for it. I spent a whole day writing out the coding. I couldn’t get it right the first time and just felt super dumb, aha. But it’s all good now. I can’t wait for you to see it in action.

In my head, there are about 4 or 5 parts to it and I completed the 1st one today. There’s flirting, friend points to be gained (or lost depending on your choice), the brief mention of a certain demon and… a fun idea (we can thank B for that :D)

Jordan shows up in this first part too. With so many characters, including your MC, in this first part, I was really sceptical about the writing and giving everyone enough time to talk. And then also the ideas I had too, there’s the opportunity to make your MC introverted or extroverted depending on your choice.


I’ll be starting the second part of chapter 6 tomorrow. You’ll finally be introduced to Tristen, so the relationship you chose with him will be seen in-game when you interact with him.

The second part will probably be around the same, or a little longer than the first part.

I really am excited to write Tristen and show his personality because he’s a pretty important character in this series.


Thanks for reading. Take care.


Total word count exclud. code: 115,970 (+ 2,519)


First of all congratulations for your amazing story!!

Secondly, when we will be able to play the fifth chapter?

Thank you very much

Hello! Thank you for your kind words.

The next demo update will have chapter 5 and 6. Even though with chapter 5 you’d get an extra 13k words of content, it didn’t seem like enough for an update on its own, especially as you don’t get to interact with the ROs during that chapter at all.

I want to give a pretty substantial demo update, one that’s enjoyable to read and definitely increases the average playthrough word count. Writing this does take time, but I do have a date pencilled in for when I want the demo finished and sent to beta readers.

So far, I’m on track with that deadline! I’ll always post updates on here and on my Tumblr, so always keep an eye out for those.

But yes, I can promise that an update will be out very soon. Hope this answers your question.


You are so kind! :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your reply, you 've been most helpful :slight_smile:

Golden Progress Update - 31st August 2021

I finished the 2nd part of chapter 6! It was a lot more fun to write than expected, especially if you’re on the enemy route with Tristen — but that doesn’t mean that going on any other route with him won’t be enjoyable — especially later on in the series. There are certain parts of the text/dialogue that change depending on this, too.

Alongside finishing the 2nd part, I’ve put in some additional stats, both visible and hidden ones. In terms of writing, the 2nd part ended up being over 1,000 words more than the first one, which is cool.

This 2nd part is definitely more of an introductory scene for Tristen, but no matter your relationship with him; he, your MC and Jordan end up having a conversation about what’s going to happen in the 3rd part of chapter 6. The choices at the end of this 2nd part also add to your MC’s traits, so, hopefully, it’ll be nice for you as readers to develop your characters a bit more. You get the see a glimpse of the friendship Jordan and Tristen have, too.


With the 2nd part done, I’m hoping to start writing the 3rd part tomorrow (or even tonight, lol, it’s 12am!) — and that’s the biggest part of the whole chapter! It’ll be a lot of writing for me, lol, but definitely entertaining with all the RO interactions :smiley: I’m hoping to add a little more customisation for your MC too, we’ll see how that goes. There is a certain choice I’m excited to add, mostly because I haven’t seen it in IF often for the MC (I could be totally wrong but, y’know).

Depending on how big the 3rd part ends up being, I may give mini progress updates on it so you’re all still informed.

So far so good, I’m happy with how it’s all going so far.


Thank you for reading. Take care.


Total word count exclud. code: 119,911 (+ 3,941)


Im actually curious to see what’s happening between Jordan and Tristan. On my playthrough, I’ve decided to have Jordan as an ex and hate Tristan. Be cool to see if they are actually hooking up and the MC gets insanely jealous even if they are going after someone else :joy:

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Can’t tell you how many times I read this demo and still be surprised as soon as this book coming out you already know I reading this 30min and then imma cry and read it all over again cause that’s me torturing myself✌️