Golden: Book One ~ [Updated December 29th 2021]

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This game was so much fun!


So glad you found it enjoyable!


Golden Progress Update - 15th March 2022

I was supposed to post this update yesterday, but my life and mental health is… terrible right now, to say the least, so I didn’t get around to it.

On the bright side, the much brighter side, I managed to get some writing done (thank God I have a fun escapism!). I’ve finally gotten through the MC and the chat with their parents scene about supernaturals! Ugh, it felt like such a long slog to get through, but it’s done. I think it’s because I really enjoy writing scenes with the ROs, obviously, but I’m glad I can add in these bits in for realism.

Next, I’ll get to inserting the MC more into supernatural life, they’ll be back with the team and of course, have the opportunity for more friendship and/or flirt points, more one-on-one situations etc. Fingers crossed I can start writing that over the next few days.


  • Move on to the next scene in Golden.

229,866 (+ 932) — please don’t be disappointed in my word count! I edited the outfit options in both the choices and text so they’re a lot more vague and got rid of over a thousand words, hopefully this will allow you as readers to headcanon their MC’s outfits in a smoother way than before.


I hope you feel better soon. Make sure to make taking care of yourself your first priority!


exactly the WIP is not as important as your own wellbeing


YOU are more important than us. Take care of you, we can wait.

That said, thank you for the update!! :+1:


@milaswriting i fully agree with @FutbolDude21586 . Your wellbeing is more important.


Just wanted to say that I really do appreciate those of you who have sent me well wishes for my well-being, it means a lot to me <3 writing really has been a great escapism for me and I’m glad to have it as an outlet, especially as people continue to enjoy the stuff I write.


@milaswriting escapism is good for everyone. Reading WIPs and interactive fiction has helped take my mind off losing my pet and (thankfully) i haven’t been crying as much due to keeping my mind off it. This WIP being one of them because its so good. So please take care of yourself and get back to it when you are feeling better.


@milaswriting We’re glad that you are getting better, and we want you to take as much time as you need to keep yourself safe. In this crazy world, you can never get too much self care. :hugs:

Remy nods & grins with her whisky as Riese smiles behind her glass of wine & Ravyn raises her cup of ale.


Hello! I know I’ve been a bit MIA on here, but I hope you’re all doing well!

I’ve been working on my Patreon, my new IF, and just trying to take care of myself in general so hence the lack of updates. Do know that I’m still working on this story though <3

It’s A’s birthday today (happy birthday to my favourite demi-god(dess)! And I wrote a short story called ‘Favourite People’ for them that you can find on my Tumblr. I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think, the link to it is below.

Favourite People — A’s Birthday Drabble.


Golden Progress Update — 5th May 2022

Hi, helloo! I feel super bad because it’s been ages since I’ve given any type of update about this IF. I promise it’s not dead, on a hiatus or anything like that — I have been working on it.

I’ve found out that I’m a planner when it comes to writing. I can’t start a chapter without knowing what’s going to happen in the next one. I think that’s why chapter 9 has been difficult for me to write, because chapter 10 was practically non-existent in my mind. I originally had each chapter handwritten out, but a lot has changed since I wrote those notes, the story has gone into a different direction (for the better, I think) so future chapters have been altered.

I went back to chapter 8 , did some editing, changed text, dialogue, tried to make choices flow a lot more and be more readable so hopefully you’re able to see that in the next update.

My progress on chapter 9 has been good, maybe not as much as I or you would like, but progress is progress. With the beginning of the chapter being very story based with no choices (but drama!), I had to make sure there were a lot of options to choose from in the next few scenes following it, even if the choices only had 2 or 3 options. Now I’ve got a plan, I can definitely move forward and write much more.

I have one more MC and Jared scene to write, it’s pretty short so I should get through that tonight — and then we’re back to meeting the ROs again. It’ll be a somewhat serious conversation as it’s the first time the MC has seen the ROs since the whole scene in the detective’s office, and the MC will be able to get a few supernatural questions answered.


  • Start ROs’ scenes

Total word count exclud code:

  • 231,125 (+ 1k)

I really like the story so far.I hope you still update it. My MC is channeling their inner Fallon Carrington. Especially in interacting with my dear parentals and LIs except to bff Jordan.

Thank you so much! This story is definitely still being written, in the next few days I’ll be providing a progress update.
Fallon Carrington was a big inspiration for the MC so I’m glad you’re enjoying it!


Golden Progress Update — 17th May 2022

I finally got to flirt scenes (I’m sure you can tell by now that these are my favourite to write… cough soft!A cough ). These flirt scenes are completely separate from the one on one scenes later in chapter 9, so there’s still a way to go but a lot of content to enjoy. I’m glad that I’ve managed to stick to the plan I put in my last update.

I love finding little bits where you choices carry over to a certain scene, like the ROs remembering your actions/words and stuff. Additionally, your MC gets a lot of their burning questions answered too. The content from chapter 8 will continue to chapter 9, so the mood overall is still a little down so… your MC and the ROs are together in deep shit but that brings people closer so it’s okay :slight_smile:

I’ve made the decision to only release chapter 9 instead of chapter 9 and 10 because, chapter 10 is a fat one and because well, it stresses me out a lot less lol. It makes my mind stop wandering and thinking, ’ oh, I need to finish this quickly so I can get to chapter 10.’ I’m also conscious that it’s been a while since a demo update.

Thanks for being patient and bearing with me. With everything going on in the world at the moment, hope you’re staying safe.


  • Finish A’s scene
  • Start team + MC scenes

Total word count exclud. code:

234,046 (+ 2.9k)


Finally, we find out if gargoyles burn!

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I see.

Belay that, I’m told this is METAPHORICAL burning. Maybe next time.