Golden: Book One ~ [Updated December 29th 2021]

Golden Progress Update - 12th January 2022

A progress update at a regular time, woo! Go me! Thanks for the kind comments and lovely support on the last update! I really appreciate it.

I started my internship again after the holidays, so back to reality, unfortunately.

Overall, there isn’t too much to tell you about. I’ve just been writing away, coming up with ideas and seeing where they all fit in each route. I’m definitely at a stage where I’m happy with the stuff I’m writing, and knowing I’m finding it enjoyable allows me to keep my imposter syndrome at bay (sometimes!!)

Chapter 9 is coming along; it’s a chapter where the MC learns a lot of information about the supernatural world but you also see the team in a less bonded/playful dynamic - imagine, supernaturals have feelings! And you also find out who the team work for (← no, it’s not an agency).


Write, and get to the coding parts of chapter 9.

Actually take breaks when I need to.


Total word count exclud. code: 227,695 (+1,655)


That’s something that a lot of writers struggle with, so you are not alone in that.

Are you writing? Yes. That means you are a writer.

And a fantastic one at that. I’ve been impressed with Golden, and I’m fairly certain that others who frequent this thread are of the same opinion.

You’re doing a great job!


Work up!

Been there. In reality, I mean. Can’t really recommend it. Good graphics, but there’s loads of griefers. Also, I think you can’t disable perma-death?

We’re happy with the stuff you’re writing, too!

These means you’re good. Have you ever heard of anyone who sucked at something having imposter syndrome? Of course you haven’t. Imposter syndrome only happens to skilled people. Like being handed a bigger shovel.

Wooo, content.

Double woo, self-care!


Addition to the update I just posted.

I wasn’t going to mention this because it’s not totally if related, but here’s a self promo anyway.
So, if you’re interested, I’ve created another writing blog on Tumblr because I (potentially) want to create a physical novel, I think it’d be quite cool and I had an idea for it. The synopsis of it is in the pinned post on the blog, and I’ve been writing it for about a week now. (Here’s the blog - @milaswrittenworld)

Potential novel word count: 7,400 words & 35 pages.



Remy has been looking for someo- I mean SOMETHING to sink her teeth into…

Remy lounges on the couch, smirking at the premise & progression of the story. :smiling_imp:

Remy, stop being greedy. AND QUIT THE THIRST. :unamused:

Remy raises an eyebrow at me & chuckles behind her cocktail. :smirk:


I’m happy that you’re growing in your development so far this past year, and I hope that you achieve all the goals you set out to do. Because you’re damn good at what you do. :relieved:


I can’t wait or character’s reaction of knowing that he or she might be put on The Hit List

Thank you so much for these lovely compliments! They really do make writing worthwhile :blush:


secretly plays demo the entire time im at work

I may have almost died from my boss 3 times but it was worth it :triumph:

I officially love this demo and all the characters in it (well liv is still under investigation but they might be cool if they don’t stab me lol)


Melissa straight up hurt my feelings/ignited my annoyance about getting mad at me for the reporter tho lol

Like what do you want me to do lady damned if if you do damned if you don’t :sob:


I thoroughly enjoyed the demo for this. I didn’t see any major problems, only some minor stuff that could be improved. Firstly, I was wondering if you could add an option to romance Tristan, since they’re a character who wants to connect with you and you’re given the option to talk to, but there’s no flirting options. Secondly, please use the “saunter” less. When I see the word, it implies that the characters are carefree and relaxed, so I can understand it for certain scenes or for certain characters, but it just seems to replace the word “walk” at times when it’s unnecessary.

It’s a really good story tho! I’m looking forward to the final product

I’m super happy that you enjoyed reading through it!

Tristen will not be added as a romance option. The MC won’t get options to flirt with every character they talk to. The only option you do get is to have him as an ex, and the reader/MC gets the choice as to whether their relationship ended on good terms or bad ones.

There are only four ROs in-game (highlighted in the FAQ post in the original post at the top) which are A, B, K and P, and it’ll be staying like that.

I will take this on board and try to do so!


I actually didn’t notice an overabundance of saunters, though that might be because I got inured to that sort of stuff playing Wayhaven, where every other sentence someone says is “barked”.

On the upside, you’ve written people that people want to get on with. :laughing:

But yeah, keep it tight. Otherwise, in three posts you’ll have people clamouring for you to let them date the gargoyle.

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Gotta love the positives!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This game is so underated. I am amazed by it, and can’t wait until it’s released. I’m a bit sad that Tristan isn’t an RO. But all is well, Asher can keep me occupied.

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I mean, mila still has to write a big bunch before it goes on the pipeline. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Give a girl some time.

It’s not like Relics of the Lost Age, where schliemannsghost has already made progress on game 3 and 2 hasn’t BEEN PUBLISHED YET, COG AND I’M NOT BITTER ABOUT BEING DENIED AMAZONIAN SNARK, COG! NOT BITTER AT ALL!

Because I like to check these things and overanalyse feedback, in 227,000+ words, I’ve used the word ‘saunter’ 96 times - so not too terrible :sweat_smile:


Cant leave it at 96 , go for 100.


I can’t believe I didn’t reply to this earlier, and if I did, I can’t find it haha - but thank you so much for your lovely comment!