Going to make my first game


Hello fine folks of Choice of games. I’ve been lurking around here quite a lot and played a lot of the awesome games this Community make! And of course the choice of games team :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve Always wanted to make a game, and after played interactive fiction games i figured this would be something i’m willing to do. So yeah now i want to make my own game here, i’ve checked out the choicescript language and it doesn’t look like it will be too much of a problem for me since i have coded in JavaScript for maybe 2 years now.

I want to make the game more ‘‘realism’’ focused, so not like magic or anything like that :slight_smile: The game will be heavily focused on stats. And i want to make an inventory system and maybe a kind of fighting system? if i’m able to pull it off with choicescript. I was maybe thinking of a heist kind of game? Bull i also want to hear what you guys would like to see. so please come with suggestions, thanks! :smiley:


Sorry to ask What is heist? Also if its realistic would be race and gender make different in game.


Heists, it’s like robbing banks and stuff like that (: And sorry i didn’t quite understand your question :stuck_out_tongue:


Could player select race, afroamerican caucasian latino …and gender male woman other? And if that matters in game. Like in real life there are many gangs based in race try to be a black in a white pro nazi group or white in a latino . Also being a woman changes way you are treated in underworld crime society.


Ah yes now i understand. I want to have races and i want to try to make it affect your gameplay depending on wich race you pick. Gender is no question, it will definitely be in the game (:


I like the idea of a heist game. Havent seen a realistic game here recently. I propose you could have different kind of weapon handling. For exemple, your character could be great with blunt weapons (from a hammer to a police baton and etc) and shoot perfectly with a pistol but really suck with blades and rifles. Just a suggestion though.


Sounds good


Have you ever seen taking Pelham 123 it would be cool if it was like that


Never saw that. I really believe in you though. You can do it dude! Make the best heist game ever! If you need a bit of inspiration, you can go take a look at zombie exodus: safe haven. There is a littel bank robbing scene if you choose bank robber background. You could specialise your character to be a mastermind (planing everything) Or being a hacker or an intimidator or maybe driver and such. Ever played Payday 2?


Also something great would be an *original* heist. The one taht got you into the buisiness. Something small like a corner shop or a local pawn shop. Somethign small and you could slowly work your way up to a huge hit.


Thanks for the great suggestions cyanide, and yes like i said i’m going to make the game heavily focused on stats so different gun handling and being able to specialise your character will be a must do :slight_smile:

I’ve played Zombie exodus: safe haven but i Always Went with the policeman background so i never got to read the bank robbing scene but i will definitely take a look at that now.
Yes i’ve played payday 2, i’ve drawn inspiration from both that game and the heist part of gta v and also from some movies.

I really hope i will be able to pull this off but it wont be done anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue: Got so many ideas and so little time, i just wish i could be able to clone myself so the clones could take care of my stuff and i could focus on the Writing. But thanks for believing in me! (:


Of course take your time. I just hope that this wont become another promising WIP that died halfway. Would be so sad to see such a good idea go to waste.


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