Gods and Villains — A Superhero Dystopian IF

Seems like you played Wayhaven.


Team leader, stoic, tragic past, named Ava.

Im not talking about Archon by the way, Im talking about a Wayhaven character.

Maybe change the name, may sound a little too like a direct copy of that character (especially since Wayhaven is such a big IF).


I feel you. Ava was the first one I romanced in my first playthrough all the way into Book 3 and that was the most irritating romance I played. And I don’t even know if we’re a thing or not since she’s so determined to deny what she’s feeling while leading me on! At least with the other ROs I was able to be in a romance with them somewhere in Book 2 unlike with Ava!


Can we be the villain?

Read the Features part of the OP and you’ll find out :slight_smile:

I would never, upholding proper morals and not devolving into savagery is our duty as proper human beings.

I’ll call them baby then. Honestly would never call them dad or mom anyway.

Yay new boss

On one hand furry, on the other hand begging…
Wait the mc or cat?

… My future self went back in time to teach and date me? Should I get therapy before that happens?

Anyway now I should probably check the actual demo out…


Question on the power scale for the world are we top 10 or 5 or even number 1


Considering that the MC is the only person that knows and can access the Chaos magic, probably in the top 10 easily but we probably can be the strongest with more training and experience


If we’re Wanda level strong we would essentially be a multiverse level threat kinda crazy to think about. If we’re like that then we would have a crazy amount of magic powers to choose from and if we go evil then we will be multiverse of madness scary. insert doc strange like hero to challenge us.


Those movie kills were brutal kinda dark but I hope for something along those lines of we chose to be lethal to heroes or villains


To be honest, that movie was pretty stupid written by stupid people that didn’t have a proper understanding of the characters shown in the movie, like Reed Richards for example. Who in the fuck reveals what their ally’s power are to their enemy?

But that’s getting way off of the topic so I’ll save that for another time.

But regardless I do plan to be an absolute menace to everyone lol


How is that even a question since we have a unique power that no one has. Why do u think we were in the lab? They were doing freak experiments on us to learn more about it and we somehow wrecked the place even when we were trapped.

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Good point. Honestly it’s going to be awesome to see how a world described as similar to the boy’s will react to us especially if we’re a goody two shoes if it’s filled with people like the seven and vought-international I can see us as being targeted physically and reputation wise. Us and our team vs some homelander and seven types.


Hopefully the darker aspect of humanity having powers like that is explored after all the world probably would end up like the boy’s instead of something lighter like marvel plenty of people would be terrible with their powers we can barely trust humanity with cars let alone the ability to level building’s but hey we can come along and be the ultimate do gooder trying to combat and fix it :innocent: or mess it up even more :smiling_imp:


Boring! This only applies in real life : P


Always wanted to thread that fine line, would be fun, if you act righteous a voice in your head tries to be the devil, but if you act evil, it tends to be angelic.

I can’t wait for more of this~


The only problem for the mc would be working with the heroes since all the mental scars they have burned bridges to trust anyone. Besides the people we save might fear us over time due our power. It would be understandable if the mc turned to the dark side being treated like a freak and the bad guys are not always so bad


I just opened the demo link but havent played it yet as the Warning 18+ writting stopped me in my tracks for a moment so i’m just here to say that i think you should also edit or contact the mods to put a Adult-fiction tag on your game’s forum post seeing as the forum is accessible to all ages.

Other than that, the background story, plot and the love interests sounds SUPER interesting and looking forward to seeing the developments of this <3


Would that be considered masturbation or incest?:thinking:
And yes therapy would benefit people with such plans.



Can’t believe, you just HAD TO ENDED right as i was in the action of seeing Homelander maaaan! but i love this premise AND the theme??? The Boys and The MCU in the same universe??? Woah count me in! So excited for this !! :clap:t2::clap:t2:

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