God of the Red Mountain (WiP) (Update Sept. 22 2019)

You are a spirit born of the Red Mountain–though you’ve run away from the surface world long ago. You’d be content to stay in the spirit world, too, if not for the mountain god who suddenly comes looking for you. You’re recruited to be that Divine Being’s retainer, but for what purpose? And what exactly is your end goal?

Based on East Asia myths and folklore, you play as a powerful, nameless spirit searching for a purpose. In this world, everyone is connected to each other, and the more you are known, the more powerful you become.

However, your journey is not so smooth. Powerful, malignant beings known as Foxes terrorize the two worlds and you have been corrupted by them long ago, so it’s only a matter of time before you fall from sanity yourself.

How will you save yourself? Or will you allow yourself to fall?

Here’s the demo!: https://dashingdon.com/go/2946

**On the update (Sept. 22):**

First half of chapter 2 done!

Small rewrite to west path.

Some stat changes and edits (nothing major)

  • What kind of spirit are you? Choose between ten choices! (5 plant and 5 animals).
  • Return to your mountain homeland or remain in the spirit world!
  • Prepare for the ever-approaching wave of Foxes, malignant monsters that threaten to corrupt both worlds.
  • Build friendships with a wide cast of characters, and perhaps fall in love with one of them.
  • Become a god of your own making, or remain a nameless spirit!
  • Qiu: Quail spirit, retainer of the God Min He. Wears a dark blue robe with orange/red patterns. Seems both too careful and too careless.

  • An: Peony spirit, retainer of the God Min He. Wears a flowing pink robe with yellow patterns that never seems to get dirty. Coy, maybe, but also sweet.

  • Min He: God of the Red Mountain, and a goddess of change. Wears windblown gray robes. She seems more…grounded than you thought she would be.

  • Kaski: The Bear Deity that watches over the Red Mountain. Wears dark robes that are often tied up for free movement. He’s gruff but supposedly warmhearted.

  • Xinyi: Human psychic that lives in the village. Wears dark green robes with a red cord around his waist. He’s friendly and nice and all that but he smells…different.

  • Hiemi: The Lotus Deity of the Mirror Swamps. Wears a white shirt and dark trousers. For someone who talks as quickly as she does, she gives away very little.

  • Spider: Nameless spirit who lounges around from place to place. Changes his robes often, but they always have bright yellow patterns. You don’t think he has an ulterior motive for hanging around, but then again…

  • Go Ro: Minor god of healing, branch of the High God Ki Run. Wears light blue robes with ink-stained sleeves. Chun insists that he’s just shy, but he’s still kind of an asshole.

  • Chun: Witch that scours the countryside looking at Fox damage. Wears black robes with silvery patterns. She’s eccentric but also a bit…solemn.

Author's Note

Hello, hello!

As said in the interest check, I’m a newcomer to the forums though a longtime player of CoG games. I’ve had this little story stuck in my head for years and since it’s pretty fleshed out, I thought, why not? Also, yokai and East Asian myths are very fun to explore, so I thought I’d share that joy.

I’ll try to update my progress as often as possible. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as me!




Light swearing, violence and blood, mentions of cannibalism, suicide
That’s all that should be present, but I will definitely update this list if it gets any worse.


27/7/18: Demo Uploaded!
2/8/18: Redone pacing of prologue, included first half of chapter 1, did some editing all around. Also added saves!
16/8/18: Branching added to chapter 1. Hiemi and Mountain route finished for chapter 1.
28/8/18: Prologue updated. Spider path uploaded. Naming ceremony redone. Stats somewhat fixed but not quite done.
20/5/19: Lootts of edits, Friends. Added Chun and Go Ro. Updated prologue (again). Stats are still being reworked, but relationships tab is refined!
25/7/19: Customization Update!
22/9/19: First half of Mountain route for chapter 2, rewrite to west path in chapter 1


well ive played it and so far i enjoyed it and i can see a lot of potential for it



Will definetly keep an eye on this one :wink:


Your description and language fit the “spirit world” theme perfectly: it’s evocative and gives a sense of the ethereal while the setting descriptions ground it in the natural world. It’s rare that a game makes me feel that I am in the story, and you’ve done that perfectly.

The ability to become a plant spirit is definitely intriguing, as a lot of games are either focused on animals or humans when it comes to spirits. However, I think that the Foxes could use a bit more description or explanation. Are they fox spirits, or something else entirely?

The story also jumps around quite a bit and while the headers mostly remain clear, I’d suggest grouping the flashbacks so that the tone doesn’t drastically change from moment to moment. The two flashbacks that go back 50 years are also a bit confusing since they’re broken up by a scene in the present.

Overall, it’s really enjoyable to play through and I’m definitely looking forward to what’s coming next.



This should be a separate sentence.

Generally, the format of dialogue tags go
"Dialogue," she said.
Periods are changed into commas, and the pronoun doesn’t take a capital letter. There are several more instances of this.
I didn’t choose to attack the Fox yet it says that it won’t stay dead for long.


It was a pretty cool read, can’t wait to see the rest ^^


Oof you’re a godsend, thanks for catching all those mistakes, I’ll edit those in soon. And I’ll see if I can implement your suggestion about the flashbacks. I was a bit hesitant about doing it this way myself, so I’ll try to see if I can make that whole sequence a bit smoother.

And for your questions, the nature of Foxes will be explained in story (next chapter, actually), but I can tell you there are no natural foxes in this world. Without giving too much away, corrupted spirits begin a transition to turn into a Fox, hence the strange chimeras you see outside the inn. I’ll definitely see if I can make the physical descriptions more understandable though.

Thank you for your words!

And thank you everyone else! I’m so happy you guys like it so far! :smiley:


I’m curious if it will be possible to play as a white tiger spirit in the future if this follows Chinese mythology. Dragon, phoenix, tortoise, tiger.

I’m not saying all of those or anything, but it just seems weird that not one is mentioned yet(At least for now) when they play such a critical role to Chinese mythology.

At any rate, it’s just me being nitpicky and thinking outloud.


oh snap lol you caught me

There’s a reason. I have a great, great love for Chinese dragons so don’t worry. Granted, though this story is inspired by Chinese/Japanese/East Asian myths and stories, it is a world that’s also completely separate. So these great beasts may play a different role than you would expect.


Awesome demo. The concept is really cool, love playing as spirit. Only played as a nice tho can’t wait to do a evil play through. The writing is great to it really pulled me in.


Thanks! And you will definitely be able to play a more darker/evil spirit later on, I just wanted the spirit to be sort of innocent or carefree when they first awakened. Writing from a darker perspective is new to me though, so please bear with me!


Oh man! The demo is great! I hope there is more sides(?) we can choose from! I played again to choose that choice where we could be a little girl. That scene crack me up.


:grin: Don’t get me wrong I like playing a innocent little spirit lol. Can’t wait to see what happens to big sister tho :thinking:.


Definitely one to keep an eye on!

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Fantastic demo. You really came through, and I do adore east asian spirtiualism and folklore so I will watching closely!

I’m very curious about the existence of the flora spirit. Do they exist in say, one particular bunch of flowers? Or do they spread their consciousness to their own kin? Like a hivemind?

Regarding lore dumping, I feel it is nary an issue! You peppered much of it into dialogue that it feels very natural, might I also add that it is a rather seamless transition as well?

I usually dislike lore dumps as it does little draw us into that particular scene, but the big sister exchange was wonderful. No need to worry aha.


I’m actually super passionate about flora spirits because the original MC was a red lily spirit (he’s still very near and dear to my heart), so I’m glad you asked.

Flora spirits are born from a plant’s subconscious, be it the collective thoughts of a field or just one bloom. As such, they don’t belong to any one flower or tree and can take over any of their unawakened kin. They are also parasitic, in that they can expand their subconsciouness over an area of their own species if they wanted to. The range of that area is limited though, based on the spirit’s strength.

Flora true form = resting in a body of their own kind. Stronger spirits that can maintain their human form, like the MC, can get away by turning parts of their bodies into leaves or blossoms for energy, but weaker spirits need to have that home and rest.

While we’re on flora, most of them dislike both remaining in their true form (it renders them immobile) and transforming completely (flesh and blood is uncomfortable), so half-transformed plant spirits who leave their skin as bark or cellulose are very common.

Thank you so much for your kind words! If you have anymore questions about the world, I’m very happy to answer! :smiley:


Thats super interesting actually. I assume once their corporeal form is destroyed they either shift consciousness or if no kin is in their radius they would die?
We already worship huge ancient trees, so i can also definitely see humans worshipping out flora mc!


So in a sense they would take the form of a dryad, or the Asian equivilent?


Just played the demo, and it was really interesting. I love the concept and the idea to play an actual spirit. The “foxes” were also very intriguing from the short glimpses that you’ve given so far, and I’m curious to see where this will be going. Can’t wait for future updates!

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Yup, while fauna will die to a fatal wound, flora might be able to escape if they had their kin nearby.

@D4nkViking flora spirits are basically dryads, yup!

@biscuitsntea thank you! I’m glad you had fun :slight_smile: