God Forsaken - wip - update#0.8(March/26th/19)

You are an angel forsaken by God. Honestly, you say this for dramatic affect, but it’s a good explanation as any.
You’re not really an angel from the stories that humans tell. Stories… That’s where it all began.
You’re an angel created in the image of man. One abandoned for being too human. For being able to make stories.
That ability turned about to be dangerous in the hands of a being that shared the powers of God.
So God packed up your siblings and hauled ass. Leaving you trapped in this single finite universe. Just you and a bunch of humans.

Blessed are those that are touched by the divine. Basically they are mortals that are born with super powers thanks to vestiges of God’s powers manifesting in them.

  • Human sexuality doesn’t apply to you, but you can love a male or female mortal if you wish

Isaiah/Elisea Salvadore. An Empath blessed hero. Your therapist. (gender choice)

Mathri Kiki. aka. Bonkatomic. A chaotic nuetral villain. Blessed with atomic powers. Your sidekick. (gender choice)

Adeline Cassidy. Invisibility blessed. Technician. (female (trans))

  • Deal with family issues! In more ways than one

  • Have fun pretending to be human! Make your career as a super villain, and work a second job as… a puppy caretaker? A stripper? Cult leader? Your choice.

  • Or perhaps you have darker interests in mind… Much darker…

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/respawntheory/god-forsaken/mygame/

The wip is at a early stage of developement at the moment.

Please leave reviews to help this story along. If you want your desires to be heard, now is the time to voice it!
What I’m looking for;

  • grammar, spelling, bug check
  • suggestions on rephrasing sentences
  • asking for whatever you wish to see or change

update 0.6 - story advanced (a wee bit), pronoun bugs fixed, stats screen updated
update 0.7 - skills and powers set, stats tweaked…
update 0.8 - just a few tweaks and narratives. Not worth announcing. Am writing combat scene atm.
Next update: Character Creation, Combat, Story advancement, Personality stats revised.
update 0.9 - psst. Okay, I didn’t mean to upload, but I accidentally updated Familiar into God Forsaken and had to reupload… It’s uh… a secret, okay?

I’ll probably update again soon, I just needed to put it out here for motivation.

the author name is a joke btw. fishing for the minority who gets it…


I would suggest that you change the name of the SHIELD to something else.

Copyright issues, ya know?


It is rather short, yes. But I like what you have so far, even though it isn’t much to go by.
I’m wishing you luck with this and here, take some of my energy for your semester because I feel your pain. I can’t share much though, because there isn’t much to give.

Loved the idea, would definitely consider buying when released! Pretending to be a human really caught my attention, I think it would be awesome if you found a way to input loads of different careers into the game that you can follow, although, I completely understand that this would be a very time consuming task! Keep up the good work :+1:

Oh right, did I forget to mention that I put that name as a placeholder? I’m taking suggestions on hero agency names.

Nice to see you, Dev! Thanks and I’ll try to make more content.

Thank you for your support! I’m not sure how much content I’ll devote to second careers, since this will likely be more a plot driven story where you’ll soon be forced to give up your disguise than a career developing game.


Is this a League, or a Governmental Company type deal?
If it’s a Government thing, I think something like a Mythological deity name would a pretty good name. They’d probably have something that is recognised for being strong and just.

Looks interesting so far; need more to fully develope a thought about it.

As for the Hero Organizations name how about some thing like this: G.U.A.R.D.

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There isn’t a lot here but I really like the idea. Not many games about “angels” turning into super villains y’know?


For what you have so far it’s really good, easily grabbed my attention. I’ll make sure to keep track of this, and good luck!


Love the demo! Looking forward to what my super evil angel is up to. :slight_smile:

definitely a unique concept. excited to see more!

I’m reallly intrigued by this idea and I like basically anything Super Villain/Hero and I like the amount you have so far and I wish you good luck.

Umu. It was good at details good work on that. (Know that it takes a while to fully comprehend what i am describing) Honestly it was a really unique concept mixing two together is a fresh start.

Welp I like the idea of being an omnipotent Villain and an angel that tries to adapt the human living also if the MC became a villain may we have some sibling who acts like a judicator? ~ ( UwU ) that hunts you because of your past actions maybe…

Oooh, it definitely intrigued me! I hope you can continue developing this, the demo was short but it only made me want to read it more! I’m hoping that I can give suggestions in the near future!

Do we have the same powers as God?

haha a villain by day, stripper by night, I have to try this game.

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Oh fuck, you figured out part of the plot. xD

Not anymore. God leaving left you cut off from its powers. But you are still the most powerful being in this universe.

Can we choose our gender yet or no

It’s more a government thing. I was thinking of acronyms, but I could make a mythological deity name work as an acronym…

Later in this chapter. As an angel, you can choose any form you wish when role playing as a human, but discussions of your actual ‘gender’ will come much later in the chapter.

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