God Forsaken(2019/March)(on hiatus)

In the scene about the therapist hope?
May i suggest u add a more gray or less bothersome option? Cold but more nonchalnt
Like “Its refreshing, even if its not true”, "its a nice belief, but u are already past ( this shitty, might comeup with something better later).


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I’m confused…how are we the most powerful if god cut off our powers?

Can we kill more than 10 people?

Well, I thought of this: W.A.R.D. - World Agency for the Righteous and Divine
Idk if it fits what you wanted. Feel free to use it though, if you like.

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You are the most powerful one in the universe you are currently in. You retain your angelic powers, but true devine power; the power over reality, is something you no longer have. More on the lore later in the story.

In your whole life, or in the story starting from the 21st century? Either way, yes.

That does sound pretty awesome! I’ll consider it.

Sure! Let me know if you come up with more. Keep in mind that your personality alignment (seen as text in stats) lends three different types of narrative from time to time.

Oh, don’t worry about that. It doesn’t really affect the game too much. More a page breaker than anything else. It only adds you a few points to one of your three personality alignment stats. The shrugging emoji gives you +5 on winkwink, the second one a +5 on iceice, and the bear one a +5 on blushy.

Depends on what you define as god. But putting semantics aside, yes.

As funny as the emoji responses are, I personally find those sort of things frustrating to decipher, and I’m pretty sure they can’t be translated by text-to-speech software. :worried:

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Can we play god over the universe we are in?

So is the Mc going to have some overpowered ability cuz he is the strongest in that universe?

Your favourite park is a mess. Benches crumbling apart and vendors overturned. You hope the ducks are alright. You had plans for those bastards.

Actual lol. And now I’m picturing the MC spending an afternoon sinking ducks, a la Crowley.

As for powers, one possibility would be to really lean into the “angel” thing for giggles and convenience, like Clark Kent telling people to their face that he’s Superman. Except the villain persona is modeled on what humans think angels are like, not what they actually are. The MC gets to roll their eyes at mortal superstition (feathers? really?), while the public gets to roll their eyes at that over the top villain with way too much time and money on their hands (seriously, how big is their sfx budget?).

Relatively underpowered. Read end of post.

Crowley from Supernatural?

I was considering that! Even put some blurbs and barbs for when a user types in certain angel related villain names maybe…

Crowley from Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Still a demon (“an angel who sauntered vaguely downward,” thank you very much), but quite different otherwise.

I’m sold! :+1::+1:


I find a bug, umm my MC is a tech villain and have retractable claw fist…(? can’t remember), and then when I choose


Stall and talk. Maybe you can convince him to leave without complicating things.

It jump out

startup line 436: Non-existent variable ‘claws’


Thanks for that! Please tell me if you find anything else (:


I don’t care much for the religious side , but helloooooooooooooooooooo…SUPER HEROES! :joy:

And it sound fun and ridiculous names and stuff ! So yeah Sign me up for MOAR! :grin:

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Thank you (: I’ll get back to it as soon as I’m done with midterms

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Okay, this was awesome! Even if the demo was short, I really enjoyed the MC and the different options for characterization, not to mention I’m pretty curious to learn what exactly happened in the past.

Also, I’m absolutely going to be a troublemaker and a stripper. Any game that allows you to be a villain and a stripper at the same time is bonkers (in a good sense).


Thanks! It’s good to hear that since said ‘different options’ is driving me up the wall right now.
So. Many. Different. Scenes.


:grin:This look like it well be fun, can’t wait to see more of this.


Yes yes yes YES. I love this so effing much!!! The characters, the concept. Holy hell I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I literally sobbed when I finished the demo. Great work!!!


Oh my, what a praise 0: Thank you. I apologise if I’m quite late in updating it; I was a little too ambitious when I made so many customisable options, but I don’t want to do wrong by it. I love the concept dearly as well ^^

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