Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)


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Yeah @Evan_Dean_Nathanael is right, sometimes in life, you’re just not the kind that the buyer is looking for haha.

Also, shout out to a fellow Singaporean!

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What was she looking for in particular? Someone clearner and sexier? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Perhaps hahahaha. Or maybe she was just window shopping, y’know how it is

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Oh wow you’re a Singaporean too? That’s a pleasant surprise XD (There doesn’t seem to be many of us around here sadly):joy:


Congratulations! I’ve been watching this project from the beginning (mostly as a lurker since I didn’t make an acct until fairly recently), and this is definitely one of my favorite WIPs!

(sidenote: Agapios is bae)

A little disappointed with myself for not being aware you needed beta testers + volunteering myself to be one, but you have a great group!

I really do hope you get published! Throwing my money at this for sure :money_with_wings:.

Go Asians!


Hi @nauhziy. Sorry that I have to bring this to your attention, but I’ve just read the demo of your game and can’t help but notice a lot of similarities to a game I wrote in 2014 called The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost.

First off, I want to say that your game is far from a carbon copy, the majority of it is completely unique (and extremely well written). Throughout the first chapter, I didn’t see any similarities at all and the majority of the third and fourth chapters were also completely unique, but the second chapter of you game (the chapter that takes part on the slave ship) seems almost identical to the second chapter of my game.

I’ve taken some screenshots of both games to show the comparisons:


Both games contain a scene on a slave-ship where one of the slaves tries to break free and the protagonist has to choose whether or not to help them.

Price of Freedom:

The Gladiator:

Both games contain a scene where the protagonist meets a girl/woman who doesn’t speak their language very well, but still tries to befriend them:

Price of Freedom:

The Gladiator:

Both games contain a scene where bread is thrown to the slaves in the hull, and the protagonist gets to choose whether to give the bread to one of their friends or keep it for themselves:

Price of Freedom:

The Gladiator:

Both games contain a scene where one of the slaves on the ship strangles another slave to death, and one where sailors come down to the hull and drag women up on deck to rape them:

Price of Freedom:

The Gladiator:

Also, in the third chapter of both games, there’s a scene where the slaves are being sold in the market and a female character expresses concern at the idea of being brought by a “pleasure merchant”

Price of Freedom:

The Gladiator:

I’ve also noticed a few similarities with a couple of characters in the game. (Nerinas seems quite similar to Rhode and Gisila seems a little similar to Lula.)

Basically, I wanted to talk to you first about this, since, like I said before, while the second chapter is very similar, the rest of the game is completely unique and I really enjoyed playing it. I can tell that you put a lot of time and effort into it. Also I don’t want to give anybody the impression that I’m trying to sabotage the CoG contest by trying to “get rid of the competition” or anything like that. You’ve worked way too hard on the game to have your chances ruined by one chapter.

That said, I am going to have to ask you to edit the parts of the game that were influenced by my game, since I am planning on submitting an updated version of The Price of Freedom to Hosted Games, and I obviously don’t want people to read your game first and think that Price of Freedom is a rip-off of Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum.


Didn’t realize you wrote that it was amazing!!:star_struck: Will there ever be a part 2?

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Yes! I have been working on a part 2, but I put that on hold to finish The Lawless Ones (As soon as I’m done with the artwork for The Lawless Ones, I’m getting back to it.)

Also, the updated version of Innocence Lost is pretty much complete. Just have to edit a few errors and make a WIP. :blush:


Wow can’t wait for it! It was literally the first game I played on chooseyourstory.:grin: Will the updated version be on there?

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It already is actually, though I haven’t published it on the site. Here it is.. There’s a lot of changes been made. More background for both your own character and for other characters, as well and giving the character 5 stats instead of 2. (So far the only difference between the CYS version and the Choicesript version is that, in the Choicescript version, you get the option to play as a girl.)



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I’m at work now, so I just skimmed through your message but I will try to understand what is happening and give you a proper reply once I’m done!

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Fair enough. I’m going to bed now anyway. (U.K. timezone. Passed my bedtime.) :yum:



So I took a look at your game (the original and the updated one) and it’s crazy how there are so many similarities - there’s a Taurus and Cato too, in the updated one, which is crazy and cool and scary at the same time. And there is a conflict/bet between Titus and Cato (which is like Brutus and Cato in Gladiator) In fact, they also made a bet in one of the chapters in Gladiator That said, I wish I knew about your game earlier! I definitely enjoyed it a lot.

Before I go on, I just want you to know that I totally understand where you are coming from, and I hear your concerns fully. It would pain me if someone else had a game with such similar story elements. That being said, I must stress that I did not copy your game, and many of the similarities were coincidental, which I believe come from the similar subject matter and our perspectives being similar. Still, I can understand that this is really hard to believe (I can hardly believe that this is happening either), but hear me out.

When I started working on this game, I prepared quite a bit in the months before writing it by reading a ton of articles and journals, playing related gladiator games (and realizing that there weren’t many), watching documentaries and all the movies/tv series like Spartacus and the Gladiator. It being my first time, I was quite cautious to make sure that no one else had done this before by asking on the forum and googling “gladiator interactive fiction” or “gladiator game”, which didn’t really yield much. I had no idea there was another gladiator interactive fiction out there.


Now, I did talk to quite a few people (friends/strangers I’ve met at writing groups / my siblings / anyone who would listen really) and a lot of them contributed a huge chunk of ideas and scenes I would never have thought of myself. And I would say that most of the chapters have been influenced as such. I.e. I talk to someone and they give me suggestions and help me with my plot. So I am guessing someone had played your game and then told me about the scenes, which I then unwittingly implemented in my game cause I thought they were great ideas.

Of course, I don’t have any evidence to back this up. But the pleasure house scene was initially supposed to be a (disclaimer) rape scene where the MC gets raped by the sailors. I know, not the best idea. But I spoke to Eiwynn about this way back in May 2017 and asked for her opinion, and she told me it was a terrible idea, so I toned it down a little. This was originally inspired by texts I had read about slaving ships and the terrible conditions there, and I wanted to write this into the game as a raw, visceral expression against slavery and against abuse. But I figured I didn’t have the skill to do that, and the audience wouldn’t really appreciate it. Here’s the proof just so you know I’m not making this up.


A lot of the characters are based off my experiences in the army, and a lot of the scenes come from there as well. Nerinas was actually based on Amanirenas, a one-eyed queen who fought the Romans (you will realize that Nerinas fits her description with the one eye and fangs Wait, I can’t rmb if the fangs were my creation or not. But yes.) and her personality was based off many of my drill sergeants back in the day. Some of the fights (like those in the ludus) were based off gang fights in school and stories I’ve heard from military prison.

I think we both wrote this with the idea to show a more human side of gladiators - especially after the way it has been celebrated in the media to the point where people only see the glory. This is also why I decided to put in aspects of race, language and some slight discrimination which would make the player think about what it meant to be free. I think Price of Freedom also came at this from the same angle, and the same subject matter definitely didn’t help. These photos aren’t great, but I planned out the story on a notebook… so yeah. And these were the final outlines (I know they look terrible and very un-final, but they are) that I came up with.


Also, I would hate to think that Gladiator could be a discredit to your work. And I would hate for anyone to think that I copied you, or vice versa. And just to prove a case in point, I do make it a point to ask for permission when borrowing ideas or code, for example the inventory system (which I ended up not using):


I guess where I’m trying to go with all these pictures is to try to prove to you that i did not copy your work, even though it really seems like I have taken ideas from your game. I did not know of it until you told me about it, and I really hope you can trust me on this. It is never my intention to take credit for someone elses work and I’m so terribly sorry it appears that I have done so. This is as much a shock to me as it probably is to you.

Now, I know this is really hard to believe, and when I read your game i can’t believe how similar the scenes are, almost to the point where I feel like we got our ideas from the same places. And I can definitely understand where you are coming from and your concerns, many of which I share as well. I would also like to apologize for any distress I may have caused and I am definitely open to discussing which scenes to change (and how, if that’s okay, so as not to clash with your story).

If you’re up for it, let’s discuss this over dms, and I’ll be happy to make changes to prevent a clash of interest! I hope that sounds reasonable to you!


Uh… To be completely honest, it is kind of hard to believe, but for argument’s sake, I’ll say I believe you. If we say that any scenes in the second chapter of the game that were similar to scenes in my game were ideas given to you by your friends, I will still have to insist that you change them.

Obviously, if a budding young author was stuck for ideas for a novel and one of their friends suggested, “You should write a story about a boy called Gary Porter and his friends Donald Measly and Harmonica Stranger, and their adventures at Warthog’s school of Bitchcraft and Lizardry” the book would have a pretty hard time getting published, despite the fact that the author had no idea the story had already been written before.

Still, I’d be quite happy if you just made the changes to the parts of the game that seem overly similar. That was all I really wanted in the first place. I guess all I can say is, when you’re writing your next game, don’t take any suggestions from whichever friend recommended the bread scene to you. :yum:


You wrote that game? What a coincidence, I played it just a week ago, was bored and browsed for stuff. It was excellent. Didn’t know it was you who wrote it!

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i think you dont have any right to forcé someone change completely scenes because they are similar to what you have writed, for that mather then no writer can ever do spin off of Arthur legend, gladiators, etc etc

there may be similarities but that doenst mean is a rip off, unless names , lore and all that was the same your completely off with your remarks to demand that of him :wink:


@Avery_Moore @nauhziy Guys, just a request. Can you guys discuss this personally over DM’s because I really dont like where this is going. Feel free to ignore it but I think this matter should be discussed personally and not involve the community.


@Sanjay i think this should really be something that they should discuss with @jasonstevanhill , he is the most experienced when it comes to those type of things :wink:


That is only if the situation escalates. But I think both of them are fine people and can sort it out without anyone to mediate.