Ghost Simulator (WIP / last update July 5)

Oh yes, I can see my mc doing this .


I kept Ollie from drowning to death in his own vomit. I don’t know why I did that. I guess I always expected that I’d be the thing to kill him. Now it seems that I’ll have to beat ethylic coma to it. Also, they’re giving him plain water? Wouldn’t some juice be better? Come on, you guys, your dad’s a nurse. You should know this stuff.

I’m growing increasingly uncomfortable with having to sit through these people’s inane conversations. Get your own place and take the family and girlfriend drama there, damn you! And they just keep swearing like sailors all the time. So vulgar.

(Fine, fine, I’m not really a Victorian ghost, I know — but I was dressing all refined up in my fancy manor. I have a right to be a prude. It’s true to the character. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Samantha is at least working on that poem, so that’s something. Not that I trust her mental abilities greatly :roll_eyes: (even when I’m not purposefully messing with them :smirk:), but she might still crack it sometime. We do have all the time in the world, after all.


Would be nice to be able to compliment Sam writting or at least encourage her with wishper. Maybe as a way of tuning down terror? With the other characters too, like telling Amber her she’s doing good or telling Becky after the fight that things will be ok. Dude i’m just…gay ghost crushing on your mom…


Could you please ad a option to change the stats when you skip to chapter2. There is no aave system and if I play it through with out skiping I can get everyones fear to atleast 100 or 60 but when I skip its really smal.Same goes with belief.


Oooh I love being able to bring Sam her anti-anxiety pills! It feels like an apology on my part, I’m glad it was added ^^ Also don’t remember if this was here before or not, but being able to give advice to Amber, telling her to turn Ollie on his side when they return from the party, as it is safer, was also an option I love! My benevolent ghostly-self approves!
Also love all and every whisper(/combo) where the ghost can be sassy as fuck. I saw the sassy whisper option when Sam and Michael are fighting and laughed


Sass master!


Oh I just love tormenting Samantha. Others are good too but her fear is best


wow this game is awesome, I’m making it my mission to make the whole family believe in me

An interesting point of inconsistency is that when you don't have Dreamwalker, you shouldn't know about the Morphine, as pictured here.


Umm Olie seems to hate the MC why? I just want to be friends with everyone. I guess I’ll have to prove it. Also I nearly drove Samantha mad, just by attempting to communicate with her, I just want to have friends! Is that much to ask?


Figuring out the pacing for gaining their trust is half the fun in the challenge, I think. :slightly_smiling_face:

For now, it seems like you’ll have to do things in small doses; little things that get noticed, but don’t cause serious distress. Samantha seems to be suffering from a sort of ‘loss of faith’ that limits her ability to be truly open-minded at this time, so anything coming on too strong with her has a fairly high likelihood of backfiring. :sweat_smile:

As for Ollie, I think he could warm up a little if we ‘encourage’ him later about his girlfriend. He’ll probably need the emotional boost so that he can figure out how to be the man she wants, while still being himself. He certainly doesn’t need weed to do so, and I figure that’s what he’s got to do to make it right to her. Honestly, though; she may not forgive him, which is entirely up to her, and it will be her loss if he does get strong enough to stop messing with the wacky-tobaccy. With or without her behind him.


ok but am i the only person who really wants to know what becky’s issue with weed/drugs in general is before i can support ollie getting laid into and conceding to her asking him to search his room for taking a single hit with this friends, like

being able to whisper ‘do not blaze it’ as a ghost is maybe my favorite choice in a choicescript game, period…but both me and my OC are stoners so I also kinda wanna encourage him. without it destroying his happiness! is that crazy? not saying that becky should change instead of ollie but… idk i’m just not into relationships that are about changing each other, no room for ifs, ands, or buts and that’s how theirs comes off to me–for now.

we are a freshly-awakened ghost, after all, so it’s not like we’d know their exact dynamic yet and there’s a bunch of chapters left for my mind to be changed. i think maybe because Sam and Michael’s dynamic is rather clear so early on, i’m scrutinizing Ollie and Becky a lot

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Would you like to know why?

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I think if you have Possession during their fight, you can find out more about Becky’s problem regarding drug use/abuse. Also, considering how Oliver’s friends seem to be peer pressuring him into doing drugs, when he seems hesitant to do so, would be a legitimate concern either way.


Hey @Nerull, just played the game and I found it really fun, I enjoyed being a quiet observer character and I’m glad that I wasn’t forced to constantly make my characters presence known.

So yeah, neat game!

In regards to actual feedback and what not it would be nice to know what time period our character is from, though I am guessing that’s part of the mystery, since it appears that we are fairly modern but we can choose to look Old Victorian, so just curiouse to if that actually effects our ghosts origins or not.

But besides that little continuity thing I honestly don’t have any other grievances with the game so far, as it’s still early days and what not. Hope you keep up the quality my dude!

Also just curiouse, but what will the general tone of this game become? Will it potentially get quite dark as you drive people slowly insane, accidentally or willingly, or are you aiming to keep it fairly light hearted with a bit of edge here and there?

Sorry if any of this has been answered already, 194 comments are a lot to sift through ;p


Actually, the bit about the timeline has been asked before:

It was hell to hunt down this quote, though, so not that I blame you for asking.


Oh sweet thanks for that man <3
Now my dream is to have a debate about how technology is bad for you with the two siblings, go full on Grandad “Technology scares me” mode.


Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this WIP. I can’t wait until we get to actually interact more directly with the Brooks’ once their belief is high enough. And I especially liked the Poltergeist/Apparition power combos that let you sort of mimic being alive and physical by appearing while holding something. I hope we get more of that in the future. Imagine a ghost passing you the salt at the dinner table, or helping you in the kitchen.


December 8 update: Chapter 2 fully available, added cheat mode

Some specific pathways are still unavailable—they will come out with the next update. Some scenes might have only a few choices, too, but I will keep adding more pathways as I develop the game further.

That was a good suggestion. Now you can modify the values through the cheat mode :slight_smile:


In Chapter 2.

Look at what you’re saying. Are you book more important than your family?"

Is your

So… you’re mother’s a writer, then. You never told me that.


this is where your love one is buried. This is where she lies.