Ghost Simulator (WIP / last update February 12)

In chapter 3.

Show up by the bed, offering your hand. “This is how I look like. And I will help you.” (Apparition)


The code for the italics is visible in game.

The option: “Disturb Ollie’s sleep throughout the night.”
Is selectable even though poltergeist is not one of my powers.

The above option needs: *selectable_if (poltergeist) added to it.

Search for your Your bones..

Remove the bolded word and full stop.

The Your bones. is still hidden inside the wooden box.

Change the sentence to:

Your bones are still hidden inside the wooden box.

Inside, she drops the photograph oh her desk.


Under label samanthaChat . In the choice: “Finish interacting with her.”

After the whispers cease, Samantha studies the room with the

The end of the sentence is missing.

impossible to define what lies beyond the door without any sort of lightning


I tried this out just as I was going to bed, for a lark, thinking it’d just be something light and funny where you could go ‘boo!’ at some (maybe cartoony) characters and have a laugh to relax at the end of the day.

Turns out that an hour later and I was trying to comfort Samantha while she was deathly terrified of me and anything I tried to do to help seemed to make it worse, trying to communicate with Amber to help her mom and her own relationship, trying to save the marriage, trying to approach different characters in various ways to see if anyone could be open to communicating with me, trying to solve the mystery of MC’s death-----and then I was staring at the PLAY THIS AGAIN Y/N screen with the bluest of balls.

Pleasantly surprised, lovely characters, a lot of organic happenings that respond quite minutely to what you do (must be hell to code all those!), 10/10, will play again, pining for next update, etc.


Just finished playing the latest update! I have loved this ever since it was first posted, especially because I have the freedom to do whatever it is I want with the family. It feels oddly liberating to own such power. I have dedicated my ghost life to be as helpful as possible, helping them to clean the house (even though they’re the ones living in my house) and supporting/fixing their relationship. Similarly, I have also gone to give them the trauma of their lives. Both are a very enjoyable experience. Thank you for such an excellent gem! Looking forward to the next update. xx

Found a bug here in Chapter 3. Apparition is not my MC’s power.