Getting personal with personality

For my game, Of Dungeons and Dragons, you the MC play as a monster who has to hide their identity so they don’t die and build trust with your team so they don’t kill you whether you tell the truth or they discover.
The monster races are Incubus/Succubus, Githyanki/Githzerai, Drider, and Kobold. I had in mind what the races themselves present themselves along with their skills. Thus I thought of different personality types the races have. However, I wanted to know what others thought and want in a game when it comes towards personality.
For example, the MC’s Drider would be shy, or stoic, or cautious, due to their clan or fellow driders’ don’t like to be with other driders and prefer to go solo in life. In this scenario, would you be fine and have fun playing with this MC, or would you like to be able to develop their personality along their adventure, or would you rather create your own personality?
I’m all ears to your responses, experiences, and wishes, if you would like to know more or you feel something is missing, please let me know, every little bit goes a long way.

Do you have a demo of your game?

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