General christmas discussion


Hopefully that tital is ok :slight_smile: . So yeah, this is a thread to discuss Christmas, generally :stuck_out_tongue: . So everything from present ideas, secret santa ideas, decorating ideas(especially if you decorate a bit differently like me :stuck_out_tongue: ). Maybe if you want to share some Christmas pics(today would be good , what with the snow and all) any Christmas plans and traditions etc.

So I guess I’ll start :stuck_out_tongue: . So what stage is everyone at? Personally I’ve got my advent calanders already(you’re never too old! :stuck_out_tongue: ), have bought all my presents except for two people who I’m struggling with, as I buy presents throughout the year to avoid feeling the burden of the cost all at once, so I can put more time and thought into the presents, and to avoid the last minute Christmas rush of course. What about everyone else?


We still have a whole month to go :stuck_out_tongue:. I still have to go through Thanksgiving before I even start thinking about Christmas.


lol, I’m in the UK we don’t have that here :stuck_out_tongue: . Plus shops have been stocking Christmas stuff for at least a month :stuck_out_tongue: and the Christmas lights have been on in my city for nearly as long, and the Christmas market where I live will be opening soon too, as well as a Christmas wonderland thing near where I live. So maybe it’s just where I live, but here it doesn’t seem early at all :stuck_out_tongue: .


My mom is already blasting my home with Christmas songs early in the morning :sweat_smile: From where I’m from,Christmas stuff are being put on the shelf by many shops now and it’s still a few weeks to go before Christmas :joy: Well, I’m preparing a list of present as I write this :stuck_out_tongue:


Here, we go through Thanksgiving before we start touching all that Christmas stuff. Only like, around the beginning of December do we start putting up all the decorations and stuff. As for shopping, I just wait till it’s already near christmas, you know, for the discounts and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


I started listening to Christmas songs in August :joy::joy:


Well now, that’s too early. Can’t wait for Christmas season to begin I see.:joy::joy: If I hear another Christmas song, I might go mad :grin:


In the Philippines, the Christmas season starts during September and generally ends at January. Malls have been playing Christmas carols since September 1, which was pretty funny last October because there was Christmas music and the decorations were for Halloween, haha.

We also have the distinction of having the longest Christmas season in the world, by the way.


Meh, not a fan of Christmas media at all(tv shows, movies, music etc, too cheesey, over the top happy and jolly :stuck_out_tongue: ). The Christmas before last, weirdly my family agreed to watch tears of the sun on Christmas day, one of the most depressing films ever lol.


The only thing I like about Christmas is the food. Noche Buena is one of the most anticipated meals of the year, asidr from fiestas, birthday celebrations, and Media Noche. Puto bumbong is in again, and I live right next to a church so, yay, many bibingka and puto! And hot chocolate, yum!


i haven’t gotten presents for anyone yet ahhh. i’m mostly just hoping i don’t get deported before christmas gosh do i love america


Discussing christmas this early? Oh my oh my… oh well, as long as we wont have christmas songs all over the radio I’m fine


It’s strange. In the UK this is now properly into the run up to Xmas since we don’t have Thanksgiving in the way. Xmas stuff starts appearing in the shops at the beginning of September.

Whereas it seems others start a bit later.

Hrm, here’s a video drawn for Tripod’s song, Fabian, a tale of another Christmas Reindeer. (Language warning.)

Edit: Going to add some more Xmas tunes.

I love Trans Siberian Orchestra for listening to at this time of year. Particularly Christmas Eve in Sarajevo.

But I’ll go with any of the Xmas light show versions of Wizards in Winter too.


I don’t entirely share that sentiment, but I had to put it up out of love for anything Scrooge McDuck. I only share that sentiment when it’s a snowless Christmas.

This is entirely too soon to be thinking about Christmas. Even the start of December is way too early. For myself, Christmas should start a week after the Finnish Independence day, which is on the 6th of December. Unfortunately, as of late, Christmas decorations have tended to start going up before first snow falls down, which just makes things look miserable - and living in Norway now doesn’t help since first snow here comes right around Christmas eve if it is to come before New Year’s at all.

However, I would like my great contribution to this thread to be a solemn promise of fisticuffs with anyone whosoever dares spread false information about Santa Claus living on the north pole instead of Korvatunturi.


There was Christmas decor up while my family was buying Halloween decor. It’s never too early for Christmas :yum:


Like what @LaReveuse said, we celebrate Christmas early. Have been talked to look for gifts for friends and parents are helping plan the family reunions and parties.

I admit that what I’m looking forward to is the food that is going to be served in them.


I have a cousin who leaves up his Christmas decor all year long.

I mean, it’s hung up all over the place (roof included), but still, that counts as Christmas spirit. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Christmas lights are all up on my city’s main street. The Christmas shops have appeared too. All the stores have full blown Christmas sections too. And I spotted at least one store that had a Christmas display in its window.

At least the music hasn’t started, yet.


Yay a Christmas thread! I was looking for a good place to start on the forums and so happy I found this. I love Christmas. In our city, the lights have already appeared on the major streets. Our postal system is expensive and tends to get clogged up, so we need to plan our mail around now (at least for packages) and try to ship them off early December. Our city also have some insane house decorations where the whole house and yards are littered with stuff, some manage to look good while others are way too tacky. I will try to get some good photos this year.

@FairyGodfeather Wow Sept is super early! We live in Canada, and it’s amazing how fast the retailers are at swapping Halloween candies and costumes for Christmas merchandise. Up one day and gone the next. But even then it doesn’t happen until end of Oct/ early Nov. It’s nice to feel a bit festive early though - something to look forward to in the cold wintertime.


Huh, it’s like my family just decided to skip Thanksgiving…