Gaza Strip


So After Seeing News About Gaza Strip Bombarded I Decided To Ask Your Opinion About Gaza Strip What do you think


I think you cant ask political questions in this forum


There Are Politics Forum


I think Israel should just bomb the Hamas. You can’t fire missles into a country and not expect to do nothing. Besides that, there are more peaceful options to protest against something, but violence should not be a first resort.


@MaraJade You’re welcome to talk about politics in this forum. As long as you follow the rules, which are basically to not direct inflammatory language at other members of the forum community.

@ItalionStailon I completely disagree. In my opinion, and in the view of almost the entire rest of the world (outside of the US and Israel), Israel has been oppressing the Palestinians for half a century. As someone pointed out today on Twitter, when the Palestinians try peaceful negotiations, they get their land taken away. When they resort to violence, they achieve things.

Mind you, I’m a pacifist, but I understand why the Palestinians act do the things that they do, and I think Israeli and US governments continue to be on the wrong side of this issue.

Lastly, after the last time I ventured to express my political opinions on this forum: this is my personal opinion, and not the position of Choice of Games. The two should not be conflated.


same with me im seeing white phosphorus rounds dropped to civilians what can i say that is a massacre


I would say that I doubt anyone here (including myself) really have enough knowlege on the whole thing to really be correct. This whole thing falls under the everyone is right and wrong kind of debate.

If you know much about how Israel was founded after World War 2 then you can at the very least understand why Jewish people feel 1. a desperate need for a homeland, and 2. a very very very very ancient claim to that area.

I try not to pick a pro Israel, or pro Palestine side since I think both sides are wrong for some reasons, and right for others. As much as people love to talk about Israel being evil, and how the US shouldn’t back them, its a very real possiblity that if Israel fail, millions of people could die. Im not saying it would, but could. The Muslim nations around Israel have made it very clear, and with high public support that Israel should be wiped off the map… Its easy for most of us safe in our nations to be critcal, but if you lived in a small nation surrounded by larger groups all yelling for your head, you would probably be a little over agressive as well.

Now this doesn’t mean I don’t see the other side, and I do think the cruel treatment of the Palestinians is horrible, and that both sides should be able to work together. To simply say whenever the Palestinians try for peace they lose land is a little over simplfied. I mean From the side of the Jews living there, a Palastinian wanting to shake your hand might stab you with the other. (not my view, just saying from their side). Talk to people who served in places like Iraq, Vietnam, or other conflicts about how hard it is to trust anyone in a age of suicide bombings, and finatics on both sides.

In all I just find it wrong to say one side is right, and the other is wrong… It is a very very difficult situation to resolve without either genocide, or the mass exodus of a people. We can all just hope that a new generation of people will let old scars heal.


Dear lord how I miss the Ottoman Empire. This is what happens when monarchies are toppled: you end up with unstable republics and genocidal free-for-alls. The sooner the Arab world is united under a centralised government the better, be it through conquest or hegemony. The same goes for the Persians.

Nevertheless, 'tis not in the interest of Israel to maintain this apartheid. The Palestinians are defeated, true, but so long as they are cornered they will fight back. Continued oppression would just motivate the surrounding nations to try and collectively pull a Hadrian and drive the Jews from the land; an endeavour which would benefit nobody.


of course this a matter of pov you could say hey hamas bombed us lets bomb them or hey israel bomb our civilian lets bomb them back but the israel’s violate the international rule it’s mass genocide sytematical killing try searching we will not go down on youtube what you see is atrocities genocide this is deadly


Not to be mean, but I only understood about half of the last comment. Are you saying Israel is commiting mass genocide? I will admit they are harsh, and a lot of innocent people die in the back and forth bombing, but mass genocide is not happening. Maybe you meant something else?

And about the video, isn’t it a little biased to attack one side for its war crimes, but not the other? I have to defend Israel a little on this argument, as the world is so fast to call them evil, and point out every war crime, while the nations around them commit the same crimes, but still get support. Don’t say we hold them to a higher standard, because sadly the world doesn’t work like that.


@jasonstevanhill While peaceful negotations might result in some land loss, there are better ways to vent this anger then firing missles into a country, like protests. History favors those who achieve great successes through peaceful measures, from Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr. Both of them lived in times where they were oppressed, and yet they were able to keep their movements peaceful. How come the Palestinians can’t do the same?
@Drazen Just because you have a monarachy, doesn’t mean you won’t have genocide. Remember the Armenians in 1915? The Ottomans slaughtered millions of them.

No matter your opinion, lets just hope that the Hamas-Israel Ceasefire works out.


yeah i meant some systematical bombing at civilian areas


@ItalionStailon Perhaps that the Sublime Porte was on the brink of collapse was a factor. Nevertheless that is rather inconsequential, since I could just as easily point out the abuses that took place during and following the overthrow of the Tsardom, or of the good Shah, and I could further point that my argument “If X, then Y” is not countered by “Y, but not X”.

Lamentations over the loss of the greatest Mohammedan state, that point was tangential to my main argument.

Also: “Gandhi […] lived in times where they were oppressed” - Rank balderdash.

Also: “[…] They were able to keep their movements peaceful. How come the Palestinians can’t do the same?” I think segregation, persecution, and large scale bombardment might have something to do with it.


@Jdunlap2035 - WW2 nut here, though I’ve only briefly ever considered the Israel/Palestine thing, but it was never going to work out. The British withdrawal from that area may have been considered impressively mis-managed, but I think they were excellent in political savvy as it was a ticking timebomb, with the creation of Israel.

But I digress, I don’t really have the knowledge about it in-depth. It’s a half and half situation and of course, I’m not going to listen to Jews/Israelites and Palestines about the the issue on basis of bias (usually). Got a good (neutral) book for me? =D

@ItalionStailon - Poor example with Gandhi… History favors the bold and charismatic, those who take action (whether right or wrong) and it leads to great deeds (whether successful or not). People might remember select bits of ‘victory/change through peace’ but the majority of history was victory and change through violence and conquest. Also; Sun Tzu; land is of the state, to give up land is to give up the state (paraphrased), and it’s extremely difficult to do anything in terms of peace when the International community isn’t fully behind a particular cause. Israel has always been on bouncy ground because of prolific (though not exclusive) American support.

The problem will never go away as long as the politicians of the world have other things to deal with.