Gauging interest for 2 game ideas (UPDATE with more plot information)

You may be right about this but getting married to a demon and having demon babies sounds awesome to me but then again it could be something like the demon getting attached to the child and trying to genuinely help them reach their goals and staying with them until the end because not all demons are bad maybe the MC is a bad one, then again maybe not let the player chose which side they chose.

Both concepts look interesting but the second one seems to be much more complicated than the first.
I think you should make Burn Contract first and 100 Lives after it.

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Burn Contract gets my vote, but I’d play the other one too

A question regarding Burn Contract-

How much does biblical accuracy matter to you guys (or other game players you know)? I know a lot of pop culture that features demons makes up a bunch of stuff that wasn’t in the bible, and that seems to go fine, but I’m not sure if it actually does matter. There’s just a lot to research in terms of demons, and a lot of conflicting information, so I’m not sure how much time I want to spend on the research aspect alone.

Again, regarding Burn Contract-

Does basing the playable character (the demon) off of Mephistopheles of the Faust legend sound interesting? There are many interpretations of him, and I think it basing the different personality and motivation options available off of the legend of Faust would make it an interesting interpretation for people who already know of that legend, but I don’t know if basing it off another literary character would make it seem kind of stolen (although I would definitely take measures to make it only an inspired-by-the-legend thing and not just a game version of the story)

‘biblical accuracy’ Yeah, right. The only things that are in the bible regarding demons are that you shouldn’t summon them (either directly or indirectly) and that they can posses people (for reasons unknown) and can be driven out. Even the idea that the devil is called Lucifer and that he was cast out of heaven is not biblical. There is a lot of religious superstition about the subject though, so I guess you could use that. It just isn’t ‘biblical accuracy’.

(I’d say, just make stuff up. People seem to have been doing that since forever anyway.)


100 lives sounds amazing and very unique

This is core for me. Please work it in somewhere.

Just a question have you ever seen the anime Black Butler?

Also I could care less about the biblical accuracy of your demon.

Finally after going through your thread though notably the most support has gone to your romance game it seems you yourself like the idea of doing your demon game first which I’m very happy with.

I’ve seen Black Butler, and I read it when I was in middle school or somewhere around that age. I’m trying not to make it anything like the series, for the fact that I don’t want to make a remake.

I’m iffy about making some sort of written commitment to one or the other- it’s absolutely possible that I will make both at the same time or 100 Lives first. I’m making some very rough drafts of the first chapter of both games at the moment, and even after I finish those it probably won’t be completely clear to me which one I want to work on first.

Ah I understand. I’m excited for both of them. :slight_smile:

Wait a minute … Reading the name Beezlebub gave me a cool idea for the first game … How about making the MC a demon overlord or a powerful one like Beelzebub or the other bel/beel demons instead of a normal demon and making the kid who summoned them into an overlord? Or just start as a powerful/strong one and getting offended by how a little human summoned them (the kid would have high spiritual power and the demon would sense it anfmd decide to use them for thier advantage)

100 Lives sounds interesting! I am not sure how to phrase this (english is not my first language) but maybe the NPC could not have the gender of our choosing? Or at least not after the first life? So that sometimes the NPC has the right gender for the MC and sometimes they don’t. Maybe sometimes it could be the other way around, that the MC does not have the right gender for the NPC?

Your english was fine! I had already decided on the sexes of the characters changing with each life, and not being chooseable after the first one. So basically, the player may decide to be male in the first life and have their NPC be female, but in the next life they might both be female, or both male, or the player may be female and the NPC might be male.

I’m glad! Would the sexes be random for each life or would they be set? Would non-binary also be an option? I would really love to know what else you have planned for 100 Lives!

The sexes will be set for every life after your first one, but you and the NPC would have the genders from your original life. (Like if the NPC was a boy in his first life, he’d still identify as a boy even in lives when he was born female.)
I do want to make nonbinary an option! In that case, the first life will not specify what sex you (or the NPC) was born as, but the lives after will specify.

I’m glad to get questions about both series! It helps me identify aspects that I may not have already planned out, and it gives me a way to fill out the story with parts that people want to know about.

I’m considering putting up a file explaining the world for 100 Lives, as I’ve built it so far, and that would let people comment on aspects they want to know more about and things that I may have missed.

1000 lives does sound very unique, plus the whole demon thing seems to be going around alot. Of I had to choose, I’d say 100 lives. Or how ever many '0’s are meant to be after the ‘1’.

100 lives sounds extremely interesting especially if the MC remembers all of their lives

In that case, would the NPC have to deal with gender dysphoria? Would the MC have to deal with it? If the MC can remember all their lives, wouldn’t that be kind of lonely? Always meeting new people, learning to love them and then having to see them die (I imagine that there would be a lot of death because of the war?) and having to remember that… could the MC become insane from that? Would that be a thing? A sanity stat?

I really hope that you don’t mind all my questions…

100 Lives has a really interesting and unique concept and I hope that you will choose to write it first! I’m also looking forward to that file explaining the world a bit more!

Yes, yes, very lonely, there will be many deaths, and yes, there’s a plan for sanity (or hope) being a decreasing stat throughout the game. I really want to make the player feel the weight of their choices and the fact that there often are no “right answers” or happy endings for everyone involved.

We’ll see about what I write first! In the meantime, I got most of the way through writing the file: