Gap Year - (WIP)



After graduating from college, you’ve decided to take a year off and chase your dreams. But a gang of jewel thieves, a demolition derby, and no end of romantic partners provide distraction and danger! Better keep your wits about you, College Grad!

8/10 - First update is live! Adds about 400 lines of code and 1800 words. Let’s find out what happens on the train!

(it is with mixed feelings that I must inform you that Steven has not returned in this update, but will in the next!)

8/11 - New update!

8/14 - Updated, broke through the 5k words threshold (to 5552, exactly). Edited the title to accurately reflect contents. Title itself is very much a WIP


Not bad start cant wait to see where this goes.


Care to give a summary about the main plot?


I found one mistake:

  • missing you .A black boot kicks away the remnants of the door as a group of masked men with guns enter the car.

It’s should be “you. A”

That aside, are there will be RO?


So… what’s the plot of this demo? So far, It looks quite interesting.


Good call, I’ve edited it into the first post.


Well, that was a quick tone shift… :grimacing: Is Steven going to make a comeback, or is he just there to provide a distraction until the plot starts?


Is this a short or long story


Ooh, so can we start down the path of becoming a gentleman thief there, I wonder? :thinking:
I liked curse of the black cat and in general I like stories that let me be that specific sort of criminal.







This looks really good and interesting! I can’t wait for more, I must know if Steven is okay!


I like the concept, though I concur with the others in that I hope Steven makes a comeback. Otherwise, keep up the good work! :slight_smile: I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.


He’ll be your next dead boyfriend @ParrotWatcher. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah. I don’t consider him an actual “boyfriend” yet. Plus there might be far cuter guys elsewhere in the story. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Story is updated! new choices! new paths! a resolution to the train conflict, maybe! No Steven, though, if you’re only in it for Big Steve. He’ll be back tomorrow.


Another couple minor updates are live (Steven is back!) – I’ll be moving into larger, less frequent updates soon, I promise. Just training myself to update on the site once I have something to publish.


This looks interesting! I don’t think I often see college age games around here. I’m also curious to see what mayhem our MC accidentally got themself into.

Questions: Can we still meet Sierra/Steven even if we don’t sit next to them? Is the old man we can sit next to just a random NPC or someone we can meet again later on? And does our more specific dream jobs/roles play a part in the story or is it just flavor text / filler choice?

EDIT: btw i got this. i think the text got cut off too early or something.



Great questions

Yes, you’ll have the opportunity to meet them, among others, later (or not, but it will be another obvious choice), Old man is a nonspecific NPC that probably won’t appear again–I’ll be rewriting this (and most other scenes) and will sprinkle in a bigger dose of character, Choice of job has heavy influence on both how problems are solved and minor branches within the story, as well as three completely separate paths at the end (storyboarded for ~5k words each). The skeleton of the story is similar across all three.


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