I didn’t know there were achievements!

So can we have a walkthrough please?

Also, most of the “its” should be “it’s”

@Samuel_H_Young My bad. It’s not its.

@StarWarsMaster I will think about the walkthrough but the game is not exactly that linear.

The point of milestones is to let you know that there is more to the story.

Here are a few tips.

I would be remiss if I did not point out that there is a glaring typo in one of the promotional screenshots on the Chrome store: “Just then you see too cars arrive”.


@BAPACop Thanks for pointing it out. Will make the necessary changes.

Can u play as a girl? Jw b4 I buy it…

Sorry. But the MC is a guy.

I am in the process of reading it and so far I find it a fine piece of interactive fiction. Is there a reason there is still not a demo on the site?

On a personal note, @Samuel_H_Young and me seem to be under the weather of a few acts of policeman cruelty, so if you make is enjoy it, that would be an achievement :slight_smile:

Not exactly a choice by choice walkthrough but I hope this gives an idea of how the game progresses.

My experience so far…

The first time I play, I make a negotiator, and putting me into a situation where I can’t negotiate my way out of in the first confrontation, so I end up being forced to shoot the hostage in the head. End game. Next time I play, I concentrate on knowledge and try and make a bit more of a pacifist. I manage to trick the kidnapper and shoot him. Woot! This time, I get out of prison, try to get my gun (but I’m told its not there) and run into some thugs. I try and avoid them because my character’s not a fighter and I’m forced to fight and die. Ok. I guess I have to make a fighter.

This time I make a straight up fighter named Fisto Klaw who spends all his time at the gym, except weekends when he goes to the gym and special occasions when he goes to the gym and the shooting range. He’s dumb as rocks of course. I win a prison brawl, but the first gang fight I get into I die anyway. Ok. I guess I was unlucky.

At this point, I am very frustrated, and I make another straight MMA’s in his spare time and hope the random number gods favor me. No such luck, I get my ass kicked in the first fight again against the prison dude, and when I’m forced into the fight I die because I have 0 health. ARGGHHH.

I try one more time, max strength, avoiding EVERY FIGHT and walking into the battle with 100 health and a max strength, but I still lose. WOO

I try again, choose all strength, and avoid all the fights so I have max health again and I still die to the first fight.

So I’m thinking I’m either the unluckiest mofo on the planet or something is bugged with the random fights.

I’m also noticing the enemies aren’t showing any “Tells” when I fight him. I’ll try a reset on my phone and give this game a more obejctive evaluation and see if that doesn’t fix the problem,
(Edit: Turns out its based on smarts)

Considering this has happened before I hit the game’s first save checkpoint, its a little discouraging.

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@Fugitive_Unknown For someone who didn’t enjoy the game, you sure played it a helluva lot. Your character names “This Game Sucks” and “F*** this Game” aren’t cute and isn’t healthy for the community.

Edit your post.

I paid my money for it. It seems logical I would try and actually play it multiple times rather then just give up on it, despite frustrations.I like to give games a fair shake.

I edited my post to omit the names of my characters once I started to get really frustrated though. You are spot on there, and I appologize for including that particular childish outburst of my growing frustration.

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What is the password for the laptop? Hint is Hair.

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Please take one more look at the hint given in this post. The answer is given in the comment section.

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The answer is not in the comment section :frowning:

What stats do I need to romance the leader’s daughter?