Games you Recommend!


i have been bored out of my mind lately!
i feel like i have played every single interactive fiction game i can find (that is, until i find a new one)
but i just cant seem to find anything at the moment.

i have been wanting to make my own game but cant seem to figure out how to work the coding,
hopefully i will be able to one day.

BUT are there any games you recommend?
also What COG game is your favorite?
there are a few i haven’t tried just bc i don’t seem interested but if i get enough recommendations i will be more willing to try it.

i really like the game Alter Ego and wish there was another similar game but i cant find one i like. (thats not like the sims or a rip off, ive also played real lives and really liked that but it all gets repetitive)

i really enjoyed the new COG’s and hosted games that have been released within the last year,
The way walkers university was really good, champion of the gods and choice of the petal throne were good also. i liked choice of the firefighter also.
i also really liked its killing time and Hollywood visionary.
so if you have similar taste and have other games you think i should check out please let me know!


There are quite a few threads for game recommendations, and I’d even suggest a simple search of the forums for “recommend games”. Here’s a great one from our mod, FG:

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