Games to buy for ps4


Was looking for either games like total war or open world non mmo skyrim or fallout 4 for PS4.


Does Bloodborne count? Its basically the only game on consoles that makes me want to buy a console at the moment.

It is technically an open world with its level design after all. Not sure what you mean by “non massive multiplayer online” because the majority of console games (pretty much all AAA releases) fall under that category.

Did you mean light-RPGs? Because that’s what FO4 and Skyrim are.

You also won’t find anything like total war on consoles because strategy games are either nearly impossible to control via game pads or just incredibly frustrating in every way. Plus not a popular enough genera to get console releases.

Would suggest MGS V, Witcher 3 and Just Cause 3 as open world games though.


I’m still waiting for Final Fantasy Vs XIII. Obviously it is a a Fantasy RPG like always, though it really looks pretty and also seems to have a nice storyline.
When it gets released, I will probably get it :3


Open world ? Witcher 3 of course.
One of the best games I have ever played.


Best game (or at the very least RPG. Then again I don’t think any good RPGs came out this year.) of 2015 that’s for damn sure.


I guess that’s what I mean. I’ve only recently got back to playing games. The last console I had was a GameCube.