Games games and moar games


Any good flash rpgs?


This is something I’ve enjoyed playing, though my Flash player recently has been crashing often.


yay armorgames!


Funny thing @yamamato i beat sonny 2 3 times xD



How about playing through as a different build, or playing Rebuild 2?


@yamamato i played rebuild 2 (i’m going to play it) and yes i used all of the builds.


I guess this is as good a place as any to give a shout out to the game “Godville”. It’s what we call a ‘ZPG’, or ‘Zero Playing Game’, but it is seriously badass. I know it’s mobile version is for iOS, but you can play it right off the website.


@Doctor thank you… this has changed my life not to seem annoying you got anything else you feel is fun?


I enjoy playing pirate king, reasonable game card point can be purchase at

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