Gamer rage/ MLG moments


More mass effect mp host left the gold match on wave 8 everyone else too so me alone against a fresh batch of geth troopers, pyros, primes oh my (put girl scream here)


Anyone ever play amnesia BOO!!


Oh yeah, Minecraft gets me a lot, too. First time on, I got stuck in a two-block hole and didn’t know how to get rid of blocks, so I had to restart. Then, I started digging and fell down a 50-block hole. Then, I restarted and got trapped in a river when I went into Inventory and drowned.

And the Dragon is in Multi-Player. You have to collect 3 Dragon Parts, then you can fire it.


You mean the Air Ride? Can you even dodge that?


I can beat anybody in Super Smash Bros with one character that’s sonic


I was playing minecrap, I am mining diamonds, now I had already lost everything to a creeper just that morning (blew up chest, fell in griefer trap) so I was hoping to get some of my diamond gear and enchant them back I had them. Found a big vein, twelve diamonds in, hit one of the stone blocks, lava pours through, kills me, I punch the computer monitor so hard I break my hand.


Hahaha awsome playin MW3 survival kid with mice pops up talks like pro carry then carry him all the way


I got Super Smash Bros 2 once I am surpised I did not break the gameboy(I died to EVERY THING IN THEIR !NOTHING IN THERE DID NOT KILL ME SOME HOW!)


Playing fallout was going good I played for good long tIme about to save game freezes and I cryed myself to sleep that night


I had Minecraft. But Mods changed my life. And they can change yours too!
Oh, and sonic has 4 specific moves, spin, spin, spin, and jump. PIT ALL THE WAY!


Not if you practice I pro sonic


Ever have that One day where nOmatter the game the one person in the match with a headset is so annoying you can’t get anyone else to join and if you leave some how he fallows you




Oh yea took on 2 geth primes with a krogin in gold


a game I rage at is lair ,so many multi tasks to do its impossible


You need a spoter


Playing mw3 with cusin he spends all money on Claymores and puts them all togethar takes out one spetznas


Yeah, I have had that. It’s so annoying. Plus, people say more annoying/inappropriate things on headsets.


Just annoying like boosting music threw the headset


Tried to get operation savage comando pack but ever lobby I made ir joined had nothing but beginners or people with high level but no krogen or etc or just jerks who wouldnt switch or leave the lobby when you ask nicely made a new bud though