Gamer rage/ MLG moments


Share your greatest feats or deaths what made you cry or completely destroy your system shar them all from the funny to the glitches to the moment where you blinked and the screen read game over what’s your favorite game or your worst nightmare


One time I was so pissed off I punched my laptop and fractured the screen.


To start I walked the path to high hrothgar lost my self in beauty frost troll falcon punched me off mountain lost half an hour of walking thank you auto save


I Got to the last level in Saints Row:The Third, My Mom Made me go to bed, and Cuz my friend had had cheats in my co-op campaign, auto-save was disabled and i was no longer where I was.


I was at the last mission of saints row and I kept getting bombed by the jets luckily my zombie gang members let me get a rocket off though it took a second playthrough


Hm… Well I learned the hard way in ARMA2 not to play with incendiary grenades near the ammo crates in base.

Also an important lesson for Planetside, if you’re piloting a Galaxy transport, don’t bail out while hovering over your entire squad after having just dropped them off.


Well the ending of Red Dead Redemption made me cry, but in a good way as it was thematically fitting, well foreshadowed, and executed masterfully. The Pinnacle Station DLC for Mass Effect 1 on Insanity mode caused me quite a bit of rage, and let’s not get started on the Mass Effect 3 ending. The entire game of Pathologic was an emotionally ravaging experience, but in the Greek tragedy catharsis way. The Path was also refreshingly meditative.

As for triumph, well I guess completing Mass Effect 1 on Insanity mode whilst doing EVERY single tiny little quest was rather gratifying, as was finishing the Pinnacle Station DLC. Kind of. Not enough to make the time it took worth it though.


The last 15 minutes of Mass Effect 3 ruined the entire series for me, I had spent around 80 hours to create the perfect save to export from Mass Effect 2. The 3 endings of the game were practically the same one, just different colours. I don’t think I’ve ever been so pissed off at a video game before.


@Bikkje, omg this! That was the most irritating ending to any game ever.


Hopefully the Extended Cut DLC will help.
They’re planning to release a MP Pack Entitled “Earth”


@zed, Mp pack?


Mp = multiplayer

So new maps, weapons and characters


Oh right, I don’t use multiplayer.



Multiplayer is fun but just wasn’t needed for the game. Bioware have released two multiplayer packs so far and this rumored ‘Earth’ DLC will be the third mp pack and give the grand total of 1 single player dlc. (I say rumored because as far as I know Bioware hasn’t announced it yet)


Curse you star child every time I play a vorcha I die consrantly and im a strategic kinda guy


What I want in MP is a hanar volus and the ability to change heavy weapon


Playing mass effect MP played as drell hid behind cover trooper poped out instant death didnt even move


One of the advantages of videogames in regards to storytelling is that there’s much more time for the player to get to know the characters and entrench them in the atmosphere, it’s probably why I get more emotional at videogames than movies.


You know the Dragon in Sper Smash Bros. Brawl? Once someone shot it at me. I didn’t even know it, but in the split second of reaction time it gives you, I saw and matrix’d it.


@Epicazeroth WHOA! What dragon?
Also, the most gamer rages I have had is on Minecraft. I hate lava. Also, there was the time when I learned that The Last of Us was not going to be made for the PC or the Xbox. Luckily, we have Youtube.