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Hello everyone, this is Farkran of Divinegames.

We are fond of gamebooks and text adventures like you, and we decided to develop a gamebook creator which is complete, captivating and most importantly easy to use!

How often did you look for a editor and found only incomplete, overcomplicated or extremely limited programs? Our tool will be exactly the opposite: you will be able to use all the common features of a gamebook such as branching paths, but in addition you will be able to add and remove text dynamically through conditions, you will be able to set and use variables (such as character name, attributes, items, currency, experience and much more) and last but not least you will be able to export your book in a cool looking HTML page. All of this without need to know any programming language, because the program does it all by itself.

With your help, this project could come true :slight_smile: support us on indiegogo:

If you are interested or if you have any question, contact us at

Thank you for your attention!


Well I looked at the video and I think it seems like a good tool if someone who doesn’t know jack about coding wants to write a story.
I hope you manage to finish your goal because maybe I could take a whack on it too :stuck_out_tongue:

Altough I won’t probably donate until I see some more dosh in the goal pile, I think I might buy it if it ever gets made or pre-purchase it if you scrape enough money.


It looks - ok - it’s nothing particularly special at the moment though, there are far better (and complete) WYSIWYG game makers out there already, I wish you the best of luck but can’t say I’ll be donating unless I see something particularly innovative or groundbreaking.

Also, this looks kind of bad, advertising that on here, since it could effectively steal business from CoG, just a thought…


@CJW Eh, it’s aimed at a slightly different (and I think somewhat more niche) market.

It’s a commercial program too, while CS is free, so I doubt there’s going to be a lot of business jumping from CS to it, unless that business was already intent on leaving CS in the first place.


CS is free for personal use, yeah… But for anyone half-serious about it from a business point of view, it’s not (split profit = payment, essentially). I’m not really fussed myself, I’m just saying it might irk the CoG staff, especially if he only registered to post this, then again, it might not. Who knows.


Yea, there is still payment, however CoG hosting games means the writer doesn’t have to worry about hosting costs, about submission to Apple/Microsoft, nor about a million other little things that they would if they did it themselves. Plus they have technical support which actually has a vested interest in their success and a centralized community helps to promote the smaller works.

On the other hand, a commercial product which does the same thing has no real interests to help their clients, as their product is already sold and they don’t make any more money from it (and, in fact, they arguably have a bit on a interest in seeing their clients fail if the creators of the program are also authors using it). Plus that means hosting the game yourself, which includes prepping it for any platforms other than PC, submitting it to Apple/Microsoft and paying for any and all possible costs out of pocket before hand, plus obtaining whatever means you intend to use to make money (advertisements or a large enough crowd to turn a profit for charging).

As for what CoG (specifically Jason as he’s really the only CoG employee that frequents the forums) thinks, I don’t know, but I’m sure he’s looked at the post by now. There is a benefit to them doing this though. If someone jumps from CS to there, they might mention CS to other members who are (IMO) significantly more likely to make the jump the other way.


We just posted an update on our campaign site, answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

You can view it here:


We posted another update on our campaign site, including screenshots of the basic features.

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