Game stays the same after changes to the code


Sometimes when I make changes to the game’s code, then go to Firefox and hit ctrl-r to reload it, the changes I made are not reflected.

For example, just now, I was playtesting my game and it gave an error because I misspelled a label. I corrected this, reloaded, but it still happened.

I cleared Firefox’s cache, but this didn’t help.

I even made a change to the very beginning in startup.txt, but it also didn’t take.

Anyone else experience this problem?


Is this happening to a version of the game saved on your hard drive or have you uploaded the game somewhere?

  1. A common mistake I personally make is to make a change, but fail to actually save it. (It’s surprisingly easy, especially when you use something like Sublime or Notepad++.)

  2. If you’re using a hosting service (that is, you’re putting up on the web and testing it from there), it may take a while for the hosting service to clear its cache. (e.g. It regularly takes ten or so minutes for updates to Neocities to take place.)

  3. Make sure you’re overriding the cache when you reload. Ctrl+R and F5 can reload information from the cache. Try Ctrl+F5 and/or Ctrl+Shift+R.


Umm… well…

You’ve to go to the compiler page and do the ctrl-r / F5 there. And redownload the new game.

The compiler page is the one with “Extracting js data:, searching scene files” and “Click Here to download your new game”


Ctrl-F5 did the trick. Thanks!

(The reason I didn’t reply to this thread before was that I’d forgotten the exact situation when this occurred and was embarrassed about not being able to answer the questions. LOL. This time, it happened locally while testing my game with the python simplehttpserver in Opera (on Ubuntu). I think the last time it happened was either locally or off my server.

I’ll keep this thread updated with times I experience it again.)