GAME OVER (Fresh idea, wondering on your thoughts...)

I was trying out a bunch of new things, when I came up with this:

Just started on this, so there’s not much to it yet, but here’s what happens:

You lose an arcade game to your rival Chris (surname) who is after your (choice: girlfriend, boyfriend, ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. The steady gf would be the same person as your ex, only that your relationship would change according to what you picked. If you picked she’s your ex for example, the relationship will be pretty awkward at first. Same goes for boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. Alternatively, if you pick girlfriend the guy in the story ‘boyfriend’ or ‘ex-boyfriend’ will be your friend. If you click ex-girlfriend he will be your ex friend since he’s now dating her etc…)

Anyways, the main plot revolves around a game. Not just any game, but an advanced stimulation which you got sucked into somewhere at the game’s beginning. In it, you will play as another race, or stay human. Race will raise or lower stats at a minimum, while professions will raise or lower them greatly (Profession example: Hacker, Droid Master (can change name), Brute, Mage, Gunner etc.)

You have to pass through all the levels in order to leave the game. But it will be tough, very strategy based.

You’ll have ‘tokens’, which are used for 2 things: In-game money and a chance to replay the level. If you’re out of tokens, the whole game will restart and your save will be lost. (So you’ll have to chose wisely. :))

Chris got sucked into the game as well. As did one of his ‘fans’, along with your gf,bf,ex and your friend alt. ex friend.

Your actions, your personality as well as your word choice with them will result in a certain relationship raise or fall…


Love or hate it, i’d love to hear from ya’ll. Also, if my wall of text gave you some additional ideas on what I could add to my game or how the setting should go, I’d love to hear from you as well! ^^

MORE INFO: The game (which you play) would be Cyberpunk (Sci-fi.) And it would take place in an alternative universe.

I also have an idea that the stimulation was made by space elfs or something (I love elves XD)…but…let’s not go there yet.


Also, your friend (ex friend), Chris and gf/bf etc will also live inside the game with their new race. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been seeing this idea recently, not sure where but i would love to play a game like this. The concept is great but it’s too early to have expectations about it as it’s too short for now. So i can’t really comment on the plot.

What happens when you lose the game? You die in real life or just lose the game?

And is the simulation considered a bad thing? So that would make space elves bad, unlike usual elves?

I would love to see the proffessions and what it can offer. So it would be a lot better if you can put a little introduction to them in the thread. And what about characters? Is it more based on relationships or winning the game?
(Too many questions!)

It seems you’re gonna adjust the stats nicely but still i can’t tell certainly. I’m looking forward for more :slight_smile:

If you lose the game (the main idea was that you die), but actually I think it’s better you just go back to level 1.

It will be a harsh game. Where your choices have consequences. If you’re out of tokens you get sent back to LEVEL 1 and have to replay everything. Not just the game, but your relationship as well. Since you semi loss your memory and think to yourself “Wasn’t I already here…?”

But yeah. That’s my idea for now. :slight_smile: (Can change)

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Woo, that seems nice. You might just let us continue in the same level in the game but drop the player level so it would be worse than starting again, just an opinion. Either way it seems nice.

The stimulation is a bad thing if you want to go back to your Real Life. xD Depends on your characters perspective. They may learn to love it, may not want to leave…

Let’s not talk about space elves just yet. XD Or ever!

It’s still in very early development so I can’t comment to much on the professions yet. However! If you’re a hacker, you’d be able to hack inside and change some codes to your advantage (Hopefully. it depends on your hacker level VS the difficulty of the level. So you’ll need to add certain stats in carefully as well. (You’ll be able to add stats once you pass levels, yes)

It’s about relationships more then winning. Or rather, it’s about the characters. And your character.

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The game itself may be frustrating though. XD Don’t you just love the old Dark Souls…? XD haha!

So it will be like a roguelike game? No chekpoints? :disappointed_relieved:

You can save your game. But if you lose all your tokens, you start at level 1 again, yes.

At least, this is my idea on it at the moment.

It can change…though. Actually, I have an idea…Iron man mod! If disabled, the game won’t send you back to level one, but instead just sent you back at the begging of the level you failed to complete. (or save file)

Gotta love the toggles. It’s still early dev, so I haven’t thought of that much…but you just gave me this idea and it sounds great! After all, the more casual players should just enjoy the story. :slight_smile: It perhaps wouldn’t be fair to make it this hard for everyone.

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I love you guys for responding, honestly. It inspires me, gives me fresh ideas! :smiley: So, thanks! <3

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Android? What does it do?

The concept seems cool can’t wait to see more!

(also there’s a bad label error when hitting “Play Again” button)

Did you mean Grand Aera Online (GAO)? Its kinda similar to this.

You have a power over droids. Can set them up to help you in combat, disable them and such.

Awwww…there’s a similar RPG to this one? XD You sure? XD I’d be lying if I said i didn’t consider the possibility of something similar existing, but I HOPED it wasn’t an choice script RPG…so, please tell me it’s not? Lol. Nah, tell the truth. :slight_smile:

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Oh damn, just googled it… :confused:

Is it very similar or…?

LoL it’s on the forums you don’t have to Google it… It’s similar-ish not exactly its full on fantasy RPG with elves, mages, rogues, dwarves etc etc (with different labels) but storyline is way different

Common thread is the MC and Co. Are pulled into a game.


Hmm…well, hopefully, I’ll pull off something entirely different.

Though the idea that they’re ‘pulled into the game’ will probably stick…Or maybe I should come up with something a bit different? Hm.

Thanks for telling me. I’ll check out that RPG more thoroughly later, and decide on what to do with my own game. :slight_smile:

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Seems like you’ve already put the distinction there, so no worries :+1:

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Like space elves and alien abduction :alien:?

HECK YEAH! :laughing:

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Gotta love elves! XD :smiley:

Space elves especially! They’re like elves. But from space! :smiley:

They have cyber limbs and pink/blue hair …What’s not to love???


Being transported in a game isn’t a stolen idea and I like how this is going so far except with Chris trying to steal our gf/bf. Hope we can kill him.


I checked the demo again, i like the most of the stats but i don’t think the opposed pair of willing should be stubborn? I can’t see relevance there. Maybe go with “reluctant”? Sorry for being such a word choice prick but it’s an important detail in a game :slight_smile: