Game of Thrones TV SHOW (spoilers)


Good thing he didn't confront her before she brought Jon back... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



But then he didn't know, either. I felt for him when he saw the stag.


We all need a Davos in our lives. :triumph:


He still has a wife and a few sons left, I hope we see them!


I thought he only had one son in the show.


I thought he only had one son in the show.


Oh.. well that's depressing. We shouldn't see his son then. :worried:


I think it only mentions the one but does it explicitly state that he doesn't have any others?


Since 3 other sons were at the Blackwater, and Devan squired for the king, their absence can be assumed to mean they don't exist in the show, like Aegon and LSH


Dude, just imagine having like like 4 of your sons dying for a failed cause. That has to be eating him alive.


Gotta imagine that's why he's throwing himelf in so hard with Jon. Gotta make it count.


In the books, the loss of four of his sons (and, iirc, he still didn't know if Devan, his fifth son, had survived) was largely what convinced him to commit to a suicide mission in killing Mel. He was so depressed and defeated that losing the rest of his life was worth it if he could kill the Red woman, whose lies were responsible for all of their deaths.


He still has two other sons, Stannis and Steffon. It's possible they exist and simply haven't been mentioned, though we can only speculate at this point.


Why wouldn't they have been mentioned, though? There have been 5 seasons with Davos in them, 2 of them while he was in the North, as far away from his family as he could get. If he hasn't even offhandedly mentioned his youngest sons then they don't exist as far as the show is concerned.

Remember, the show is willing to remove the existence of Victarion Greyjoy, Lady Stoneheart, Aegon VI, Quentyn and Arianne Martell, Willas and Garlan Tyrell, Harold 'The heir', and dozens of minor characters. There is no reason to believe Davos has any sons left because the show hasn't spent even one second mentioning them. At this point any mention would only confuse viewers and make Davos seem like a terrible father who hasn't cared about his youngest sons in years.


Your right that it makes more sense for them not to exist, and logically they probably don't. I'd like to assume they do though, if only because Davos has already lost enough with the death of Stannis and his eldest child and I'd like to think he at least has a family to go back to, assuming he survives the wars to come.


Speaking of prophecies and stuff, what do you guys think of the theory that Tyrion is the other dragon head? What with Jon Snow and Daenerys being the other two dragon heads.

Is it plausible that Tyrion has Targaryen blood?


Totally. The Mad King was...well, mad. So is entirely plausible that he raped Joanna (Tyrion's mother) and impregnated her. And Tywin must have had known it at some extent, considering how much he despised Tyrion.


@Personaddict07: Barristan Selmy once mentioned that King Aerys Targaryen was lustful towards Tywin Lannister's wife Joanna. And Tywin said to Tyrion that mens laws gave Tyrion the right to bear Tywin's name and colors because Tywin was unable to prove that Tyrion wasn't his. Furthermore in the books, Tyrion's hair color is also lighter than the honey blonde of Jaimie and Cersei, nearly Targaryen white. There's also Tyrion's fascination with dragons and the fact that he survived his meeting with two furious dragons. So when Tywin said that Tyrion wasn't his son, there may well have been more to it than simply embarrassment over having a dwarf with a penchant for whores as a son.


Come to think of it, I was always curious about Targaryen hair. Is the silver white hair dominant? Both Viserys and Dany have them. But Jon Snow does not. (Quite obviously why since if he had it then that would raise questions if he really was a Stark)

Or are some genes more dominant than others? Like Baratheon black hair should be dominant over Lannister blond. Does it follow that Stark black hair and Lannister blond is more dominant over Targaryen white?


Well Targ hair seems to be recessive, since more often than not Valyrians who marry non-Valyrians tend to have children without the silver hair or purple eyes. In fact, the only reason Targs still have purple eyes by Dany's time is luck, as any Targ without those two traits ends up dead or disinherited (Baelor Breakspear and Duncan the Small, as examples).


I doubt Tyrion is a Targ. Him being Tywin's son is a bit poetic, as Tyrion was the child who inherited his father's brain. And Tywin saying Tyrion isn't his son isn't some hint that Tyrion's a bastard, it's Tywin, who is now dying, telling Tyrion he no longer sees the dwarf as a son in his eyes, as Tyrion is his killer.