Game of Thrones TV SHOW (spoilers)


People do lack respect for Tyrion though. His father at one point had some modicum of respect for Tyrion, or otherwise he never would've given him the position of "hand ot the king". Tyrion's whoring around with women like Shae is what made Tywin reconsider his respect.

That doesn't refute anything though. We clearly see that Dorne has a decent fleet from the ending shot.

I recall them both taking a large amount of ships with them.

I'm confused at what you're saying here. He said that it was necessary to build ships specifically to get Dany. Euron doesn't have as many ships as you might think.

The show has moved off on it's own direction from the books, so who knows? I think Dany would win a confrontation though, considering she has 3 dragons and a large fleet. Dany already promised to win back the iron islands for Yara, so a marriage is less likely, and a battle is far more likely to happen if Euron is sufficiently as crazy as he is in the books.

Which is why it's a moot point.


People lack respect for Dany because she's a woman. People lack respect for Jon because he's a bastard whose last name is Snow. These snap judgments can be surmounted for Tyrion just as they can be surmounted for Dany and Jon.

True, sort of. With Jaimie (supposedly) trapped by a vow of celibacy, Tyrion was the only hope of continuing Tywin's line, as disagreeable as the thought was. He didn't want Tyrion getting emotionally attached to a whore when he should be impregnating a respectable high-born wife like Sansa.

Dorne's fleet will matter as much as the show writer's desire it to matter, and not a whit more. And we have yet to see Highgarden's fleet. For all we know Euron will catch Dorne by surprise and sink her entire fleet. We can't assume anything at this point, because the show writers will do whatever they think will make for the most emotionally charged story, and easy battles for the heroes do not make for an emotionally charged story.

If Yara and Theon had an equal or greater sized fleet why didn't they simply go after Euron and kill him? Why is it that they were the ones who fled?

I think the show was a bit confusing because Yara's fleet was never really shown, and the number of ships Dany needed was a bit unclear. The size of Yara's fleet in comparison to the fleet captured from the Masters also wasn't really specified.

I promise you, Euron isn't going to simply disappear now. Mark my words. He will be back. It's pretty obvious to me.

And Euron will likely have the Dragon Horn and an even larger fleet. It's not going to be an easy fight. She will probably win, but it's not guaranteed. It depends on whether the show writers will be content to simply give her a tough fight, or they want to up the seuspense by dealing her a significant setback to make her work hard over another ep or two to turn things around.


I watched that scene again and it is said they lost their best ships not all or most. My bad. I doubt that makes things much better for Euron given those are the best ships and they're allied with Daenerys.

It can't be that narrow if they're sailing from Slaver's/Dragon's Bay. I'm not good with geography so you might be totally right on this one.

I wouldn't be either but when the Lords of the North were proclaiming Jon as their King that Royce guy, the one that is taking care of Robin, was present. He seemed to be a supporter of Lysa and I doubt Robin would roll over and let Littlefinger make moves against the North where his cousin is. Robin's death confirmed? :stuck_out_tongue:

In the scene where Yara and Daenerys form an alliance it is mentioned they brought 100 ships with them.


So Guys what do you think about Arya/Jon's ship?


True. Nevertheless Euron said "that won't save them", because Euron intends to build a far larger fleet. And given how fast and loose the show has been playing with time of late, I suspect those ships will be ready very quickly.

They never need to leave the sight of shore for the entire trip however. They're going to start at Slaver's Bay and sail south and westward around the ruins of Valyria, and then north and then northwestward along the southern edge of the continent of Essos until they hit the Narrow Sea. Once they hit the narrow sea they can either land at Dorne or sail northward another 600 miles or so and go for King's Landing if they prefer. The dragons will always have land nearby where they can bed down.

Littlefinger is slick. He wouldn't hesitate to make Robyn think day is night and night is day if there was gain in it for Littlefinger. The problem isn't Sansa you see, it's Jon Snow, he's a scurrilous bastard who has usurped Sansa's rightful inheritance and is keeping her prisoner against her will. We must rescue her by defeating her evil bastard brother...

Yes, but I don't recall it being mentioned how many ships were captured from the Masters, so the ratio of ships and the size of the entire fleet is unclear.


No. No. NO. NO. No.

Just no.


Seconded. A lot. This is wrong.


I know is very weird but it was part of the "original" plan for game of thrones and the books keep drilling in the head of the reader how much they miss each other and Jon snow comparing Ygritte to Arya and Arya missing Gendry like for 1 or 2 books but forggeting about him in ADWD but she can't get rid of needle the "smile of Jon" and finally that Gorge RR Martin was asked about this and he didn't denied anithing.
So I really don't know what to think it seems like a real posibility.


According to who or what source? This is the first I've heard of anything like this.

Of all of her siblings, Arya had the closest connection to Jon who understood her best. As for Jon, it's arguable whether his closest connection was to Rob who is of a similar age or to Arya whose firey spirit he admired and nurtured. Jon was the one who believed enough in her to give her Needle. In fact he commissioned it, and had it sized just for her.

Both have strong, fiery personalities. The personality comparison was apt.

She idolizes Jon like a young girl does a big brother whom she loves dearly. He was the only one who understood her and believed in her when she was a rebellious little girl who preferred playing in the mud and pretending to be a warrior queen instead of putting on fine dresses and pretending to be a great court lady like her sister Sansa. It was Jon who gave her her most cherished possession, the one that has saved her life numerous times, Needle, and every time she looks at Needle she can't help but remember him fondly and wonder how he's doing.

Personally it sounds like a big stretch to me. I'd need to read or hear the exact quote from GRRM to believe it. The two of them certainly feel a connection, but I haven't seen any evidence whatsoever that there is a romantic element to it. For heaven's sake, she was little more than a child when last they saw each other.


Basically GRRM had an outline around 25 years ago where there is a tyrion-jon-arya love triangle. It wont happen, but it's an interesting tidbit.


Interesting. It sounds like the incest angle was moved from the Starks to the Lannisters, as I doubt Jaimie would have murdered Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella to become King himself unless they weren't his children.

I can't believe I missed that outline when it was leaked.


It is a big stretch what I'm saying is that there is a posibility that he didn't scraped that idea here you can see alot of posible foreshadowings and in the outline it was supposed to be an imposible love until the end when is reveled the true parents of Jon and Gorge RR Martin had planed to make a 5 year time skip but retracted.


So I've seen this discussion a bunch lately, so I'll ask here:

Who do you think is Azor Ahai reborn, Jon or Dany?

Dany fits nearly every sign (born amidst salt and smoke, woke stone dragons, blood of Aerys and Rhaella, beneath bleeding star), and has since the end of book 1.

Jon, on the other hand, fits only a few: Born beneath a bleeding star (Dawn, the Dayne sword, which was covered in blood) & blood of Aerys and Rhaella.

It could be revealed later that Jon was born amidst salt and smoke somehow, but he hasn't woken any stone dragons.

So who do you think it is? How will they be revealed?


Jorah - according to Film Theory


Could be both. Or neither. I wouldn't rule it out that they're to share those responsibilities. Jon has all the practical knowledge to drlefeat what's coming, while Dany is gonna wind up solidifying shit down south. Probably just in time, too.


I think it's both. It's an ancient prophecy, the exact details of it were lost in time so it could be possibly. I mean, I know that the tittle of the series, A Son(g) of Ice and Fire, would point to Jon rather than Dany but she has got the dragons, which will be a defining factor in the Night That Never Ends; however, Jon was brought back by R'hllor, so his role it's just as important...Unless one of them dies before the war against the Night King comes to an end, I will support that it's both...

What? Aerys and Rhaella? You made a mistake here, right?


No, Azor Ahai comes from the blood of Rhaella and Aerys. That means it would have to be Rhaegar, Aegon, Rhaenys, Jon, Viserys, or Dany.


Oh, sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. I know that some witch said something to Rhaella's father and that the prince that was promissed is to have the blood of the dragon, but what I thought you meant is that Jon was their direct son. My bad


There are prophecies about Azor Ahai reborn and there are prophecies of the Prince Who Was Promised. These are usually conflated together because they are generally thought to refer to the same person by Melisandre. Nevertheless it may well be that this is another mistaken assumption on Melisandre's part, and Azor Ahai and the Prince Who Was Promised are not the same person, but two separate persons. Furthermore, the word prince in Valyrian, as pointed out by Maester Aemmon, is gender-neutral. Thus the prophecy could just as easily be referring to a Princess Who Was Promised as a Prince.

My biggest issue with Dany as Azor Ahai reborn is that unlike Azor Ahai she's no warrior and has no skill with a sword. So how is she going to wield the Red Sword of Heroes, Lightbringer against the Darkness? Is she just going to stand there with it and automagically cause all the undead to flee or maybe crumble into dust? I think it more likely that Jon will use the sword to go to town on the undead and much bad-assery will ensue...

There is also the issue that when Melisandre asked the Lord of Light to show her Azor Ahai, instead of the expected images of Stannis, or even Dany, she kept getting pictures of Jon Snow instead. She assumed her scrying was somehow tuning into the wrong channel because Jon has no royal blood, but now we know differently...


Speaking of Melissandre- I particularly loved the scene with her, Davos, and Jon. I personally find Davos to be the most honorable man left in Westeros at this point. Poor bastard just keeps getting the shit end of the stick, and he finally gets a bit of his own back. I was glad for that.