Game of Thrones TV SHOW (spoilers)


Well, we still need confirmation on Tyrion…the Dragons did like him though


Don’t sweat it, he probably will.


More characters fall, frey meat pies, the old frey ass gets it, Arya is going home i assume after she hears about the new king in the North.

The white wolf has a tough job in front of him, I don’t trust little finger, I wonder if the mad queen really knows what she done, killed most of her enemies but blew up the most sacred church in the seven kingdoms and the leader of the faith. I imagine the people of king’s landing not being happy and she likely to lose more support than before. Poor Tommen he didn’t say anything and took off his crown then jumped. Tyrion is a hand again and Dany coming him with some of the best infantry, cavalry and fleet is plus three dragons to burn her enemies to ash


Just watched the final episodes of this season.

First off eat a dick Ramsey. Literally jumped for joy when he died.

Second of all, I always had a feeling Cerci was an unstable old bat but I didn’t think it’d end in Margery’s death!

Seems the “and everyone died” theory wasn’t too far off.


The fact that the show has been building up Margaery having some sort of plan or scheme only to kill her off in a second just to point out how “Cersei’s a mad bitch, yo”.

Or how Benjen Stark and his whereabouts has been a mystery for 20 years now and one that all the fans have been anticipating to find out, and it turns out his purpose is nothing more than to give Bran a horseback ride and disappear again? And it’s not like he told him anything significant either.

Or how the Northern lords would never, ever pick a Snow over a full-blooded Stark to be the new ruler of Winterfell and the North. First off, Jon did not win that battle, Sansa and Littlefinger did. Secondly, for all they know, he’s a deserter of the Night’s Watch and not just any deserter, but the deserting Lord Commander which is like 10 times worse. And thirdly, yes he’s a bastard. This is a world of injustice. Now suddenly, everyone is willing to overlook Jon Snow’s bastardy because everyone has turned good now. Hell no. I mean, all this could have been explained had the show bothered to include Robb’s will, but they didn’t for some reason.

And not to mention the horrible whitewashing of characters. I know this is a show and it shouldn’t be looked on the same as the books, but butchering is butchering.


She did have a plan, she just didn’t account for Cercei throwing caution to the wind and murdering dozens of nobles.

Her death served a much bigger purpose than that. Without it Tommen wouldn’t have killed himself, likely destroying the last shred of Cercei’s sanity and paving the way for her to become the Mad Queen.

I’ll agree Benjen was much more than fan-service but they really didn’t have anything special for him to do. He can’t go through the wall and as far as we know there’s nothing of particular note for him to tell them.

Jon is the last living son of Ned Stark, a hardened warrior, a leader of men, and honorable to the core. It’s unusual but not improbable considering all that Jon’s done.

Jon fought beside his troops in that doomed cavalry charge, he was one of the first into the fray when Smalljon Umber attacked them from behind, He led the attack on Winterfell’s gates and personally caltured Ramsay Bolton. He may not have won the battle but considering his actions during it, it’s no wonder he gets most of the credit.

Jon has proven himself to be a man every bit as brave, honorable, and just as his father and brother. It’s because of the man he chose to become that he was crowned king, bastard or not.


But that’s exactly what my problem is. What you just wrote would fit Lord of the Rings, but not this setting. They would never see the man he chose to become, they would see a bastard traitor. It’s not so much of it being bad per se, but just not fitting the story and the world portrayed. Jon Snow is brave, honorable and strong, but he’s a bastard and a Night’s Watch deserter. And they would notice the latter much more than former. Tyrion Lannister is clever, capable, and led his men into battle when the king cowered, but all everyone sees in him is a misshapen monster. Brienne of Tarth is brave, honorable and a good warrior, but all everyone sees in her is a big ugly woman who ought to stop playing with men’s toys and get back in the kitchen. If you make rules about how this world is cruel and unjust, don’t go breaking them. And you can’t really say it’s because “Northerners are morally better” because we have seen numerous times how that’s not the case.


Hey guys, are we still doing spoilers? I JUST finished the season 6 finale, episode 9 was AWESOME, and episode 10 was good but totally a cliffhanger. Anyways, HBO revealed who Jon Snow’s parents were, I’m not sure if you guys saw…

Link to HBO’s cool infographic!


Bastard or not, Jon has three big advantages over Sansa:

  1. Jon is male in a patriarchal society.
  2. Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell, acknowledged Jon as his son when he was born.
  3. Jon is a formidable warrior and a battle-tested leader in a society that lionizes both.

The letter of Westerosi law is that true born daughters should inherit before bastards, but that assumes that there is someone powerful enough to uphold it, and right now the North is in open rebellion so nobody gives a F about Westerosi law. A military leader is needed and that Jon is.

It’s not exactly fair to Sansa, given that Jon ignored her warning and nearly lost them the battle, but most of the other lords aren’t aware of the details, only that he fought courageously with his men, so the overall perception is understandable given the culture.

I should also note that as a child and young teen Sansa was a highly selfish and self-centered brat, and that her return to the North was as the hated Ramsey’s trophy wife. She hasn’t had much opportunity to show the North how she’s grown into a worthy leader as yet. So I can understand the other northern lords not wanting to take a chance on her.


Neat. So if the finale wasn’t as totally clear on Jon’s paternity as it was on his maternity, that info graphic confirms it. It’s kind of humorous that Dany is Jon’s aunt., and that Jon is “legally” the heir to the Iron Throne, not Dany. Their first meeting should be quite interesting.


Neither of them knows though. I mean, Bran might tell Jon, but why would Dany believe it anyway?..By the way, you are wrong about Jon being the rightful heir . By line of succesion it should be Dany. Jon might have the blood of the Dragon but he is still Rhaegar´s bastard.


Jon is Rhaegar’s only surviving child, and bastards inherit before aunts from what I recall.


Hmm…and for Targaryans in particular, there is a precedent that the throne can not be passed onto a woman if a male of the line lives as per the Great Council of 101 AC. Of course none of this matters any more than the law that places Sansa before Jon in the line of succession for Winterfell. In the end it will be determined by which of them survives until the end, and if they both survive, then it will be determined either by mutual agreement, or force of arms.


Nope. Bastards don’t inherit at all unless granted the land by the acting ruler, or by the wish of the family (if, say, every other child from that family is dead and the bastard is the only one left, then the parent of said bastard could ask to be legitimized.).

The only exception is military might.


With Westeros descending into chaos and no functioning legal system that extends to the entirety of the 7 kingdoms, the point is pretty much moot. Neither Cersei nor Elaria have legitimate claims to their thrones either. The rulership will be determined by force of arms, or insofar as Dany and Jon are concerned, mutual agreement.


Actually, according to Westeros´ rules, a bastard may only inherit if the father has no other trueborn children or any other next of kin to follow after him. But if Jon were to be legitimized…not the case tho…Come to think of it, he is no longer Jon Snow is he? The Tower of Joy is in Dorne so he would be Jon Sand…Shit, that sounds awful.


We don’t know that Jon is actually a bastard. Rhaegar may have taken Lyanna as a second wife making Jon his true born son.


Either way, Cleganebowl is still on. I’m hyped.

In all seriousness, though- with most of the Westerosi armies pretty well wrecked at this point, Dany’s gonna have a much easier time of things with the entirety of the Dothraki and her various other military forces she has at her back. Plus three dragons lends a lot of gravitas to her claim, too.


@Verand makes a good point. Rhaegar may very well have married Lhianna since they were a love match, and that would put Jon 1st in line. The Targaryen’s were known for polygamous marriages.

@Blackknight64 Agreed. Based upon the season 6 finale, Dany certainly appears to have the strongest military at her command, south of the Night King, and the Night King will have to go through Jon first to get to Dany. So I don’t really see Jon and Dany coming to blows.


Totally, he might as well have married her. But till that is said, if ever, Jon has no claim over it. Not that he cares, I doubt he´d be interested.