Game of Thrones TV SHOW (spoilers)


I think this is the part where Baelish shows his true colours.

Have the Wildings killed, Jon Snow imprisoned and marry Sansa.

Then he'll be the Protector of both the Vale and the North.
If Sansa doesn't agree, there's always the option of killing Jon.

Or for better plot twist, have Sansa in Baelish' shoes instead.

Sansa becoming a villain.

Joffrey is dead. Tywin is dead. Ramsay is dead. GoT needs a major villain.

The Night's King and High Sparrow can't be those because they're too boring.

And Baelish's character is slowly falling into obscurity.With just two seasons left, his character plot needs to be resolved soon.


Okay. since the episode only just ended in NA, I'm keeping all of my excitement in spoilers regarding each main character:

1. Jaime's verbal smackdown of Walder Frey was spectacular. That old, arrogant fuck deserved it and so much more.
2. His final scene with Cersei just foreshadows the book's valonquar prophecy so hard. I can't wait till S7E2.

1. Thank the Old Gods and the New she rejected that creepy old fuck. Hopefully this won't bite her in the butt later.
2. I'm surprised she wasn't named Queen in the North, being the last living legitimate Stark (As far as anyone knows).

2. Also, King in the North Jon Snow, given that title by Lyanna Mormont, who has become one of my favorite characters in just 3 episodes.

Olenna/The Sand Snakes:

  1. I still hate the Sand Snakes, but seeing Olenna verbally beat them down was spectacular, and Varys' entrance was a thing of beauty.


  1. The breakup was sad but expected. Someone had to lead Meeren, and it wasn't going to be Grey Worm.
  2. The final shot with her new fleet, all of her council, her three dragons, and that amazing music could not have been better done. I loved the Dornish and Tyrell flags especially, it was an excellent touch.


  1. Frey Pies followed by some Inigo Montoya shit on Walder Frey. That was well deserved and long awaited.


  1. In a matter of minutes she killed 3 main characters and a half dozen side characters.
  2. I'm 80% certain she's going to get more fire crazy as time goes on, thanks in part to her whole 'burn my son's body' thing.
  3. Wonder how many minutes she'll be queen before Jaime fucking strangles her. Any guesses?

So there's going to be comments regarding how some characters went from X place to Y in a matter of two scenes, but I thought this episode made it pretty obvious that there was a load of time between scenes.

All in all this is one of my favorite episodes of the series, beating BotB by a wide margin.


The parallels between Cercei and the Mad King have been becoming increasingly apparent, finally culminating in her complete mental breakdown this episode. I got a feeling her story will end like Aerys's, trying to burn down the city and being killed by Jaime.

Also, RIP Tommen and Margaery, we will never see their like again.


CERSEI FUCKING LANNISTER I AM SO PROUD. But worried, because, let's face it, she probably won't survive the next season, valonqar and all that. At the same time, I'm sad about Margaery. Tommen deserved it. Jon is an ungrateful little shit who a) banned Melisandre and b) took all the credit for being useless while Sansa got nothing. Arya will kill everyone. Daenerys...I hope she forgets about men and marries Yara. Also, R+L=J everyone saw that coming, Jon Targaryen it is. Anyway, this season was epic and this finale was perfect. All the awards.

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Before this episode I liked her, now I'm hoping Jaime murders her. She's no better than the Mad King at this point, hell, she might be worse.

[quote="bellamyb, post:273, topic:9642"]
Tommen deserved it.

That's pretty harsh. He may have been a shit King but he was just a boy thrown into a situation he wasn't prepared for. He certainly didn't deserve been driven to suicide by his insane mother.

[quote="bellamyb, post:273, topic:9642"]
Jon is an ungrateful little shit who a) banned Melisandre and b) took all the credit for being useless while Sansa got nothing.

Melisandre was a child murderer, she's lucky Jon was merciful and spared her life. He's also the reason the Wildlings joined them and formed the bulk of their forces, so not exactly useless. Also, Sansa didn't wind up empty handed, she got her family back, something she's clearly happy with.


-Margaery!! No!!
Why did she have to die? No!
I shall miss that plunging neckline of yours!
And your sultry voice.

-Daenarys take it away! Dragons, Bloodriders, Dornishmen, Unsullied and Ironborns.
Good luck Cersei!

-Goodbye Pycelle. You old playa.

-Angus Filch, should have stayed in Hogwarts.

-Mellisandre! No! Why, Jon? Why? You could have at least made some shadow babies!

-High Sparrow, good riddance!

Arya Stark! bows


Uggh, Dorne is back. On the plus side, the scene with Elaria was very short. I didn't have to grit my teeth for very long.

Cersei's pettiness will be her downfall. She could have blown up the Sept of Balor at any time. By blowing up Margaery, Loras, and Lord Tyrell himself, in addition to the High Sparrow, she's just made a mortal enemy of her only remaining powerful ally, House Highgarden. So House Lannister now stands alone thanks to Cersei. Poor Jaimie gets to watch it all crumble.

I'll miss Margaery.

I don't think we have confirmation on the R part of the R+L=J theory yet, just the L part.

Arya's vengeance upon Walder Frey and his two eldest sons for the Red Wedding was entirely appropriate, even cathartic. The human meat pie-baking was a bit gruesome however. HBO Arya can be a bit scary. Arya's next stop will likely be the Red Keep. Watch out Cersei, Jaimie and Gregor.

Sam's arrival at the citadel is very late. Much like with the Arya plot, but even more so, it feels as if they dawdled too long, and now are trying to make up for lost time. There is no time for him to seriously train.

Melisandre getting banished wasn't surprising. According to the usual rules of television karma, she hasn't even begun to pay. So I expect that she'll be called upon to sacrifice her own life at some point as per the Redemption Equals Death trope, because that's how things work on television shows.

Poor Daario, kicked to the curb by a gal who wants a crown more than she wants him...

Given that the show writers handed the Iron Throne to a woman (Cersei), handed Dorne to a woman (Elaria), handed Highgarden to a woman (Lady Olenna), and appear to intent upon handing the Iron Islands to a woman (Yara), on top of GRRM handing the dragons and invading army to a woman (Dany), I can understand why they balked at giving the North to a woman (Sansa) as well. Had they handed Winterfell to a woman as well they could have simply renamed the show to "Game of Queens". :smile_cat:

Oh, and who does everyone think Dany is going to marry? There is a decided lack of eligible men among the Great Houses of Westeros these days. Jon as King of the North is probably the most eligible, but if the R part of the R+L=J theory is confirmed, then that would be incest, not that incest has ever stopped the Targaryens (or Lannisters)...


I care less about R+L=J being confirmed, and more about Varys being a magical merman. He swam. He saw. He ship-hiked.

It´s one thing for the Manderlys to make a few Frey pies as a group effort, but…did Arya kill all of the Freys and make them into pies all by herself? Impressive. Also, I wouldn´t be surprised if she runs into Mel next season…

Olenna´s interaction with the Sand Snakes was very satisfying.

Lancel, Pycelle, Margaery, Mace, The High Sparrow, Tommen…I don´t think the show´s ever killed so many major characters off in such quick succession. That was satisfying too, and shocking. I hadn´t expected Cersei to do it so soon. She shouldn´t have let Olenna get away though. The Tyrells of the show seem to be finished now as a House, but that doesn´t mean Olenna is powerless.

Gregor and the Septa…that image is going to haunt me. Disturbing stuff. Thanks, HBO.

I doubt Jon and Dany will get along. Dany doesn´t like Ned, and wants the whole of Westeros to be hers. Jon is focusing on a bigger war, and won´t appreciate Dany adding to the problem, and trying to take the North. This may change if Dany helps them against the White Walkers, but I don´t see this as a definite.


First Trystane, now Lancel and Loras (and Daario too if the action is going to be in Westeros from now on). They’re seriously killing or writing out all of the cute guys. :cry:
Better hope they at least bring Gendry back next season.

Dany starts to remind me of our own @poison_mara at times, to be honest. :smiling_imp: :sweat_smile:



Second reaction well played Cersei...........almost. Seem like a very Cersei way to "fix" a problem, with all the forethought and subtly I've come to expect from her. Killing (almost) all of her political rivals at the low, low cost of her last surviving child. Also did anyone else's heart break for poor Tommen? A king but never the master of his own destiny, constantly being treated as a prize to be won and fought over, and not as a real person. On top of all the manipulating and conniving he had to deal with he also lost his wife and his mother in one fell swoop. I'm not surprised he did what he did, however this has only made Cersei more dangerous as now she has nothing left to lose.

Like many other fans not surprised at all by the Jon revelation and was honestly just waiting for them to get it over with.

Was not at all expecting to see Arya's appearance but good on her! A little gruesome even by GoT standards but nothing the Frey's didn't really deserve. Anyone else really want to see the return of dynamic duo of Arya and Sandor?

Actually managed to forget that Sam existed so I guess its good that the show reminded that he's not dead in a ditch somewhere. Anyone think that since we now have a whole bunch of female leaders that Gilly might be the first female Maester?

Mixed feelings about Melisandre's exile. On the one hand she committed horrible crimes, without flinching, in the name of faith and her god. On the other hand her recent humbling has made her a much more likeable character and she seems to, finally, have genuine remorse for all the people she killed, including Shireen.

I guess I always knew we would return to Dorne as there was never any real resolution there. Though I hope the Queen of Thorns herself is the one to end Cersei. FOR MARGAERY!

Damn Daenerys is cold. Feeling nothing but impatience for a man who stood beside you for so long. I suppose its understandable because no one could ever replace Drogo in her eyes.

Jamie has come a long way from the guy who crippled a young kid for life. You can definitely see him beginning to enter a crisis of conscience. All of his children are now dead,and the last death being a direct consequence of Cersei's actions. I would not be surprised if the Kingslayer is forced to come full circle and kill Mad Queen Cersei. Regardless of what happens next its clear, to me at least, that Jamie has lost faith in Cersei and will soon be reevaluating the price of his devotion to her.

Lady Mormont is officially my new favorite character. She manages to single-handily reunite the Northern Lords under the Stark name and she only 10!

I'm not sure how much of a prize Jon is to Dany. The Northern Lords have once again proclaimed a King in the North, which is tantamount to open rebellion. While Jon might not be seeking a crown the other lords would be wary to bend knee to another outsider especially to an unknown Targaryen.I also imagine that Dany would like to be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms not the Five or Six Kingdoms. Additionally if his true parentage is ever discovered Jon becomes an immediate threat to her power.

Tyrion might make a good political match, loyal, hard working, and would have a claim to the Westerlands, considering Kevan and Lancel are dead and Jamie was in the Kingsguard.

Assuming Jamie survives Dany's conquest he might also make a good match all the same qualifications as Tyrion and is at least moderately popular withe the court. Though Cersei would have to be out of the picture first.

She might entertain Euron's attempts to marry he if only as a way to catch him off guard and make her move against him.

Unfortunately with Trystane and Loras dead Dorne and The Reach have no one to offer atleast in the higher noble houses.

There is also Petyr who will do anything to advance his political standing. Hopefully Dany would see that poison apple coming a mile away.


Who is Dany? I read only first book and was so boring that I never play show or read more the STARKS WERE SO LAME AND BORIN HYPOCRITES... AGHH I HATED THEM i was chering Daneris and Cersei and that so cool... BOOM 1000 pages about stupid starks and their bastard I hope get frozen in that lame wall!.


Eh, Tyrion being her Hand likely means there’ll be tension for one episode before Sansa, Jon, Bran, and Tyrion have a reunion. The Northern Lords may not like it, but I doubt they much liked the dragons of Aegon’s time, either.

Also, Ser Barristan and Tyrion both have opened her eyes to the monster her father was, so any bad blood she had with the Starks should be gone.

The ToJ was directly where Lyanna and Rhaegar went when he kidnapped/eloped with her. The only other person it could be is a member of the Kingsguard, and there is no foreshadowing for that.


I agree that that the circumstantial evidence certainly points that way. Implication isn't quite the same thing as confirmation however.


I wouldn't call the book version of the Starks hypocrites, so much as honorable to the point of foolishness, and that honorable foolishness is exactly what gets Lord Ned Stark killed. And that's also why the rest of his family suffers so greatly. Jon and Rob also start out with the same flaws as the man who raised them, and that's not at all surprising given that they both idolized Ned. It also isn't surprising that the same political cluelessness that killed Ned also killed them.

Sansa starts out as a self-centered fool rationalizing what she sees to fit her fantasies. She is the Stark I liked least in the books.

Caitlyn and Arya are the two most ruthless of the Starks. Arya is my favorite character in the books.


So many mark out moments in the season finale. Too bad so little actually make any goddamn sense.


Care to expand on your complaints? Everything seemed to make sense to me.


Holy Shit. That´s how I would describe the episode. 10/10 man. I knew Jon was a Targaryen, I have been saying so for years. I didn´t expect him to become the King in the North though, I was gladly surprised at that one (Lyanna Mormont fucking rules). For weeks I have been saying that Cercei was gonna blow them all up and I was right! The Mad Queen. The scene with the Martells and Olenna was great, I did not see their alliance coming. And FINALLY, after of years of bowing to her, Dany is making her move...One think that I was really curious about though, where the fuck was The Night King? I thought he would arrive to The Wall to be honest...Oh well, he is coming that´s for sure.

P.S: Tommen must´ve felt terrible.


I must be the only one who thinks that the transition from lyannas baby to Jon was a bit TOO obvious. I've got a feeling the baby might not be jon and this is a fakeout. Don't forget Howland Reed is still about so it might actually be Meera.

Honest question how did the R+L=J theory actually start? Until I heard the theory I never even considered it.


Well, Robert´s Rebellion started because Rhaegar Targaryen "kidnapped" Lyanna Stark...And once the war was over, Ned came back with a baby. His sister´s death was always a shady thing, and in one of the books it is mentioned her last words were "promise me, Ned". So...that´s when it started.


Now that Jon is legit a Targaryen I guess that trinity thing between him, Daenerys and Tyrion will actually become true.