Game of Thrones TV SHOW (spoilers)


It's made pretty clear even in the books that legitimate daughters come before illegitimate sons, so it isn't just a show thing, is it? Speaking of sucession, though, who's after Tommen now, with Stannis and Shireen gone?(pretending Tommen is a real Baratheon) We don't have any Baratheons left on the show, do we?


Yup, you're right on that. :slight_smile:

Arya's friend Gendry if he were legitimized by his father or another King, but he hasn't been legitimized, and that's extremely unlikely to occur. So if Tommen dies, with Stannis, Shireen and Renly dead, so too does the Barratheon line unless there are some distant cousins kicking around that haven't been mentioned as yet.


Poor Gendry - is he still in his boat somewhere? :laughing:
Although, with all legitimate claimants gone, Gendry (or at least an interested and powerful faction using him as figurehead) could make a claim regardless of whether he was legitimised. Not technically how things go, but it's happened in the (irl) past.


I have no idea. :laughing:

Yep, might makes right as the old saying goes. And once he's King he could legitimize himself. It would be a bit of legal sophistry, but it wouldn't matter if he or his backers had enough loyal swords at his/their command.


you're forgetting about Benjin, He's across the wall but he is the most mature heir to the lineage ans Ned's brother right?


In Westeros a ruler's legitimate children, including his daughters, come before any siblings.


Dang, that would have been interesting.


This is really why they should have kept Trystane and Myrcella alive, even with Arianne at the helm rather than Doran, since the show is set on girl-power, House Martell would have gained the throne by default whenever Tommen slips up, an event that seems more likely than not to occur eventually and they'd also gain House Baratheon through her.
Dorne would have won with barely having to fight at all, of course that discounts Dany, but even if they cede the throne back to her, they'd still have house Baratheon in the bag.


Maybe but with Bran's condition he might not be able to father any children so I guess the male line is doom. I guess the other houses be swearing loyalty to house Stark again. Wonder what going to happen to the Bolton's castle or those dogs


There are plenty of crippled men with spinal cord injuries who have fathered children, so while it's certainly possible that he's impotent, it's far from a given. And regardless of his ability in the bedroom, he's still the rightful heir. If he doesn't produce any children it may well be that a child of Sansa or Arya inherits when he passes on, and then the family name may well change, but that has no bearing on his claim.

As for the Bolton castle, the victors are within their rights to give it to whoever they choose, or even keep as a secondary home for themselves. Ramsey's dogs I expect will be gotten rid of, too many bad memories of them ripping people to shreds...


I not doubting his claim but pointing out he might be the last in the male line. I guess getting rid of those dogs be a good idea, hopefully they won't kill them but release them into the wild. And I wonder what little finger going to do now


Does that makes Sansa The Queen in the North, Lady of Winterfell and Wardeness of the North? :grinning:


If you believe wildling tales, then the Stark male line was extinguished under Brandon the Daughterless (iirc).

...Except for the Karstarks, who are descendants of house Stark.

So if Bran can't have kids, the only male with Stark lineage who can continue the male line of Starks is Harold Karstark, who sided with Ramsay at the BotB.


That title was abandoned upon Robb's death and the subsequent surrender of the North. If Sansa managed to rally the other lords of the North she could theoretically crown herself queen but with Littlefinger's scheming and a certain truth about one of the Stark children that I suspect will soon be revealed, I'm not sure she'll go that route.


Loved the episode. Spectacular scenes. You could see where they spent the money! 9/10

Sansa is still married to Tyrion right? So does that make him King of the North?


I don't think it was ever officially annulled but it was overridden when she married Ramsay. Also, even if they were still married, he wouldn't be King in the North since Sansa isn't queen, at least not yet.


The sailors don't know if the dragons are trained. They do know that they are faster than heir ships and can destroy them with a single blast of fire. The ships inside the bay cannot escape until the ships furher outside have turned and sailed out. But the crews of the outer ships should realize hat if they make the first turn they will become prime targets for the dragons. The choice they have is not between a good and a bad outcome but betwen an outcome that will most likely result in horrible deah and captivity which means probable enslavement but not neccessary deah, and like most people they chose the outcome that gives them the higher chances to survive, and in this case it is surrendering.

Yet people have surrendered in the past knowing that they will be enslaved. Dany doesn't kill everyone who gets in her way. No matter what they were told, the men on the ships probably know that she left many former masters in the cities she conquered alive.


Neither are king or queen of the North. The Northern territory has been reclaimed by the crown and is now a Lord Paramountcy once more. It's a Lord Paramountcy in rebellion, but it's unlikely anyone is king or queen in the North so long as the vassals of the holder of Winterfell are unwilling to go to war for Northern independence for the second time in five years (Last time ended in the deaths of at least one member of almost every noble Northern house, and many Riverlander houses.).

Not to mention their marriage was never consummated, and Sansa's marriage to Ramsay was directly against the orders of the Crown, so one could argue that Sansa has never been legally married at all.


I still think Sansa is married to Tyrion. The marriage was never dissolved. And the subsequent "marriage" to Ramsay does nothing to invalidate the marriage to Tyrion.

I'm calling Tyrion as some sort of Lord of the North before the show ends (in 2018?)


Tyrion was convicted of murdering the king, and Sansa is considered an accomplice. Their marriage (which gives any children the right to both the Westerlands and the North) would be annulled immediately. There is no way Cersei would have risked letting two wanted criminals have a trueborn child with the legal right to both the North and the West.