Game of Thrones game idea (idea pitch)

What about a Game of Thrones CoG game where the MC is a newly made Lord or Lady and you get to form your own noble house. You get to pick the colors and the words of your House.


It can’t be Game of Thrones exactly, unless GRRM gives you permission. You could make a game based off it as long as its not Game of Thrones

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It’s called a ChoiceScript game. (Or a game written in ChoiceScript.) CoG is the name of the company behind ChoiceScript and the name of their official label. Things you see pop up on the forum are (mainly) prospective Hosted Games, which is CoG’s secondary label for amateur writers. (like me)

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@Markel1970A You have now started three different topics with fan-game ideas. The only person to be able to create these games is YOU!!!

I’m locking this thread. Feel free to post your ideas on Game Ideas For Authors unless you plan to actually make these games yourself.