Game of Thrones BOOKS (spoilers)


Lol! I will say I am seriously glad the man sticks whose who and belongs to which house in the back of each book, because it was complicated enough when we had just the Stark Stuff and the Wall stuff and the Dany stuff in Book 1, before they got Rob’s bros and the Red Lady and the Knight of Onions and the Bolton Bugger and so on… :wink:

Game of Thrones TV SHOW (spoilers)

Oh yeah, love GoT. Eagerly awaiting Winds of Winter. I have to admit, the series is a bit confusing at times, but still very enjoyable.



If the GOT books don’t end with Dany and Tyrion both crawling bloody and desperate towards the Iron Throne with everyone else dead around them I’ll be very sad. :stuck_out_tongue:


No! Not Tyrion!

I’m okay with Dany dying because she’s turned into a naive Queen when during the earlier books (from Book 2) she showed a lot of promise. But please not Tyrion! He’ such an awesome character. Witty, funny and has bigger balls than the rest of the Seven Kingdoms combined.


Oh you only meant crawling bloody and desperate and not dying. Carry on. Carry on.


You play the Game of Thrones or die? Anyway Dany and Tyrion (and probably Jon if he’s not actually dead or a zombie so I hear or something I don’t watch the show) should be the last two standing in my opinion.


I can’t discuss on that thread, spoilers from the show.

Literally, I read 13 posts and I got a spoiler. A MAJOR spoiler.


Was reading the first few posts and was surprised no-one gas mentioned GoT before @derekmetaltron.[quote=“derekmetaltron, post:32, topic:17443”]
The A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones) books… very slowly. Seriously I got 7 of them on Black Friday 2014 and I just finished Book 2.

Really? That slowly? I read one every week, I loved it so much. Unfortunately, I never finished the 5th one cause I had to return it to the library, then I moved, and it wasn’t in the nearby library, and I’ve been dying to finish it ever since.


I’m easily distracted! Maybe I’m reading something else on the bus, or planning something, or sometimes I’m even on my ipod playing those crazy game apps from some random site called Choice of- wait. :wink:


There is a major fan theory about why it will be Dany, Tyrion and Jon in the end based on hints and prophecies that have been dropped so far. It isn’t a lock at this point, but it’s highly likely. Those three certainly do appear to have the most potent plot armor as things currently stand. That isn’t to say that everyone else will necessarily die, although the show does seem hell-bent on killing as many of them as possible.

Sorry about that if I was the one that dropped the major spoiler. Was the issue having ep details discussed before you watched the ep? Or the discussion of potential future spoilers based on highly probable fan theories that can be deduced by those with elephantine memories combined with strong motivation to connect the dots? I’ve kind of been torn on how openly we should be discussing the latter. Technically they’re fan theories, not spoilers, but a few of them are so likely that their probabilities approach 1 (ie. 100% for the non-mathematically inclined) and I tend to act like they’re fact not merely highly likely supposition.

You can say that again. It’s like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hose. The info comes at you so hard and fast that it’s impossible to keep up without either taking notes or continually flipping to the back of the book to check who is who. I don’t mind, I like the challenge, but I can understand how that would put a lot of readers off.


The spoiler was that it was revealed that Stannis killed his child , without it already being told in the existing books.


Ah, that one wasn’t my fault. breathes sigh of relief I’d have felt bad if it had been something I’d said. Yep, the showwriters got defensive over some of the criticism they received over their handling of that scene and revealed that they got it from GRRM who planned on putting it in the books. On the plus side, the show and the books have diverged so widely this season that that the show is unlikely to spoil anything that isn’t already a popular theory among book fans. It really depends on how up you are on the major fan theories. If you aren’t, and don’t want to hear them, than stay away from the show. I expect a huge spoiler related to Jon’s parentage to get dropped in the very next ep, but long time book and show fans up on all the theories are looking forward to confirmation of the highly regarded theory.


It didn’t seem that hard to follow to me.


The major characters weren’t, but minor characters could zip in and out, and then not appear again until two books later, and sometimes they shared names with other minor characters, and there were lots of them. So it could get confusing without a glossary or notes.


Who I want to be King/Queen:

  1. Jon Snow, but probs dead.

  2. Tyrion. LOVE that guy.

  3. Daenerys. She’d do a pretty good job of being queen, I suppose.

  4. Stannis. Not out of dislike, but more that I liked other characters better.

I’m pretty sure that’s it, except for the Lannisters, who can go suck my dick.


Of those you listed, two of them don’t seem to have personalities for kinghood (Jon seems too honorable to say 'well, shit, I’m barely or completely unrelated to the throne held by nobody named Stark, better call meself king.) (Tyrion would probably just want to be hand, because gods know nobody in universe likes the dude (But Bronn).). Stannis would be the absolute worst kind of person to be king. You’d basically have to burn KL to the ground and start over for him to be happy.

Dany would be the best bet, but she’d still be under the wing of whoever her hand is for years, as she’s lacking in the experience department.


If one particular fan theory turns out to be right, 1-3 might well end up ruling together as a troika. The Targaryens often did things in three’s, and Dany is very much a Targaryen. She also has three dragons. The theory builds a case for Jon and Tyrion as her two co-rulers.


Dany is the most obvious choice. Why else is so much book time given to the grand-daughter of the last Targaryen to hold the Iron Throne when she has never even stepped foot on continental Westeros in the entire series?

Now the elderly Maester Aemmon who used to be a Targaryen Prince himself before he joined the Night’s Watch said to Sam: “The dragon must have three heads … but I am too old to be one of them. I should be with her, showing her the way, but my body has betrayed me.”

THAT is a very interesting statement, especially when you take into consideration the twin prophecies of “Azor Ahai” and the “Prince who was Promised” mentioned in the books, which may or may not refer to the same person. and the very real question marks hovering over the parentage of both Jon (who was his mother? why would Ned humiliate Caitlyn by claiming Jon as his own while still refusing to reveal his mother’s identity to anyone?) and Tyrion(Why did Tywin keep saying he wasn’t his son? Was it only because he was born a dwarf? It was mentioned in the books that the deposed King Aerys Targaryen II had been known to lust after Tywin’s wife, and it was supected they had once been lovers. Did he get a chance to act on that lust again before Tyrion was born when he came visiting? And did Tywin suspect something? ) Some have concluded that they both may be of Targaryen royal blood themselves, which would potentially give them an affinity for dragons and the ability to handle Dany’s other two…


I remember a Dance with Dragons told us Jon was conceived on Ned’s way to the Three Sisters, by the daughter of the captain of the boat that took Ned to the Sisters. Or something similar enough anyway.


Yup, that’s the story that Lord Godric tells Ser Davos. If it’s true, than Jon can’t be a Targaryen. One wonders why an honest, honorable to the point of foolishness man like Ned didn’t simply admit that then.


Out of shame, so Caitlyn couldn’t discreetly get revenge, so Jon wouldn’t think about running away to his mother, etc.