Game Maker Currently £0.75 - £11.89 (deal no longer valid)


As the topic says, Game Maker is currently £0.75 - £11.89, depending on the tier you buy, at . Usually, everything would be worth $1885. If you’re unfamiliar with humble bundle and bundle sites, wondering if it’s legit, I can assure you it is. They support charity and such. Unfortunately, the offer is only on for another few hours.

For your money, you get the engine, the source of code of several games, some games, and the ability to publish to certain platforms, depending on tiers. If you own RPG Maker DLC as well, you may be able to use some art and sound assets from it, though check the licence info first.

I figured I’d mention this anyhow with being asked a few days ago if I was best using another program to make what I wanted, due to wanting to create a hub-based world for players/readers to roam via choicescript. At the time, I wasn’t aware of Game Maker (rpg maker might be too limiting for what I wanted). It seems flexible enough and easy (easy in comparison to other engines) to learn. Suitable for beginners from what I gather. Uses its own programming language and games like Spelunky, Hotline Miami were created with it, including Cinders, which is a branching visual novel (Solstice, which is included with the bundle, is by the makers of Cinders and also a visual novel).


Nice heads upz, thanks I goona check this out.